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Medical Negligence Is Not Your Fault

Are you still in pain?

You may not be alone and you may have cause for concern. Medical negligence is the 3rd leading cause of death in the US. There are 80,000 to 100,000 deaths in the US annually as a result of an error in diagnosis. 195,000 patients die in hospitals each year because of preventable mistakes.

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Are you not recovering from your medical procedure?

One of the most infuriating and frustrating things in life is to undergo an intense medical procedure, only to have it not work out and not know why.

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Is your doctor ignoring you?

Many doctors see dozens of patients a day & you may feel like you’ve been lost in the shuffle. A negligent doctor may dismiss you if your procedure is complete, or if they fail to understand the severity of your symptoms. Don’t let your doctor dismiss you. Make yourself heard.

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Do you think your doctor is giving you bad advice?

You may not ever feel or be the same again and your suffering could be the result of medical negligence or even malpractice. If so, you may need an experienced & successful medical malpractice lawyer like Jordan Merson and his team at Merson Law.

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It is estimated that 1 million people are hurt due to medical malpractice each year.

Could this be you?

Contact an experienced and successful Medical Malpractice lawyer like Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law.

Get the help you deserve.

You Deserve Justice. Get The Best Representation.


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Types of Medical Malpractice we Litigate

Medical malpractice is a general term for a wide variety of specific events. The laws and regulations pertaining to different types of malpractice varies. A medical malpractice lawyer can help you claim financial compensation for your injuries, which can help cover medical expenses, reimburse you for lost wages, and even compensate you for your suffering or loss of quality of life.

Merson Law PLLC represents clients who have suffered from many different forms of malpractice and negligence.

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We Are The Top Medical Malpractice Lawyers In New York

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The team of medical malpractice lawyers at Merson Law PLLC has built a stellar reputation representing medical malpractice clients who suffered catastrophic injuries.

Our team has extensive experience litigating medical malpractice cases valued in excess of $1 million and much of their background includes prosecuting cases that have resolved for more than $10 million.

Here are some of the medical malpractice cases litigated by Jordan Merson of Merson Law*:

  • $17 million for failure to timely perform c-section on baby
  • $14.8 million for baby brain damaged when c-section was delayed
  • $14.4 million for Queens family whose child suffered brain damage
  • $12 million for burn victim
  • $11.3 million jury verdict for brain damage child
  • $11 million for Brooklyn woman who had untreated post-delivery bleeding
  • $9.5 million for paraplegic due to failure to timely perform spine surgery

*Please note that past results do not guarantee similar outcome

Mr. Merson was honored to be included in New York Law Journal’s first ever “Hall of Fame” for medical malpractice verdicts and settlements.

When New York Magazine published its top verdicts in 2014, Mr. Merson was included on that list as well.

In fact, Mr. Merson has had the largest single-plaintiff medical malpractice verdict in Westchester County for at least a five year period and he had the largest verdict in Westchester County for any type of case in 2014 — an $11.3 million verdict after the defendant that proceeded to trial refused to offer any money to settle the case.

Mr. Merson was also named in Super Lawyers and he has been quoted by the national and local media, including USA Today, the New York Law Journal and the Daily News.

What is Medical Malpractice?

What is Medical Malpractice? Medical malpractice is defined as any act or omission by a physician during treatment of a patient that deviates from accepted norms of practice in the medical community and causes an injury to the patient.

Medical malpractice law in the United States is derived from English common law, and was developed by rulings in various state courts.

Medical malpractice lawsuits are a relatively common occurrence in the United States. The legal system is designed to encourage extensive discovery and negotiations between adversarial parties with the goal of resolving the dispute without going to jury trial.

Medical malpractice is a specific subset of tort law that deals with professional negligence.

“Tort” is the Norman word for “wrong,” and tort law is a body of law that creates and provides remedies for civil wrongs that are distinct from contractual duties or criminal wrongs [24].

“Negligence” is generally defined as conduct that falls short of a standard; the most commonly used standard in tort law is that of a so-called “reasonable person.”

The reasonable person standard is a legal fiction, created so the law can have a reference standard of reasoned conduct that a person in similar circumstances would do, or not do, in order to protect another person from a foreseeable risk of harm.

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What to do if You've Been Hurt

Our medical malpractice lawyers must show that the physician acted negligently in rendering your care, and that such negligence resulted in injury.

To do so, four legal elements must be proven:

  1. A professional duty owed to the patient
  2. Breach of such duty
  3. Injury caused by the breach
  4. Resulting damages: money damages, if awarded, typically take into account both actual economic loss and non-economic loss, such as pain and suffering.

Mental Health Resources for Victims of Medical Malpractice

Merson Law PLLC can help you with all of your case needs, but your medical malpractice case is only part of the journey to recovery. It’s not uncommon for victims of medical malpractice or medical negligence to struggle with coping with their new reality. Below, we have provided contact information for New York’s many mental health clinics and access numbers to crisis lines across the state.

  • Albany County: (518) 549-6500 (crisis line) or (518) 447-4555 (Albany County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Allegany County: (888) 448-3367 (crisis line) or (585) 593-6300 (The Counseling Center)
  • Bronx County: (888) 692-9355 (New York City crisis and referral line) or (718) 519-3440 (North Central Bronx Hospital Adult Outpatient Services) or (718) 904-4434 (Montefiore Behavioral Health Center Outpatient Services)
  • Broome County: (607) 762-2302 (crisis line) or (607) 724-1391 (Greater Binghamton Health Center)
  • Cattaraugus County: (800) 339-5209 (crisis line) or (716) 373-8040 (Olean Counseling Center)
  • Cayuga County: (877) 400-8740 (crisis line) or (315) 253-0341 (crisis line and Cayuga County Community Mental Health Center clinic line)
  • Chautauqua County: (800) 724-0461 (crisis line) or (716) 661-8330 (Jamestown Mental Health Clinic) or (716) 363-3550 (Dunkirk Mental Health Clinic)
  • Chemung County: (607) 737-5369 (crisis line) or (607) 737-4711 (Elmira Psychiatric Center)
  • Chenango County: (877) 369-6699 (crisis line) or (607) 337-1600 (Chenango County Behavioral Health Services)
  • Clinton County: (866) 577-3836 (crisis line) or (518) 565-4060 (Clinton County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Columbia County: (518) 828-9446 (crisis line) or (518) 828-9446 (Columbia County Mental Health Center)
  • Cortland County: (607) 756-3771 (crisis line) or (607) 758-6100 (Cortland County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Delaware County: (315) 732-6228 (crisis line) or (607) 832-5888 (Delaware County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Dutchess County: (845) 485-9700 (crisis and access line) or (845) 486-2703 (Hudson Valley Mental Health, Inc.)
  • Erie County: (716) 834-3131 (Erie County crisis and service access line)
  • Essex County: (888) 854-3773 (crisis line) or (518) 873-3670 (Essex County Mental Health Services)
  • Franklin County: (518) 891-2280 (Franklin County crisis and clinic line)
  • Fulton County: (518) 842-9111 (crisis line) or (518) 773-3531 (Fulton County Adult Mental Health Clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital)
  • Genesee County: (800) 345-4400 (crisis line) or (585) 344-1421 (Genesee County Mental Health Services)
  • Greene County: (518) 622-3344 (crisis line) or (518) 622-9163 (Greene County Mental Health Center)
  • Hamilton County: (800) 533-8443 (crisis line) or (518) 648-5355 (Hamilton County Community Services)
  • Herkimer County: (315) 732-6228 (crisis line) or (315) 867-1465 (Herkimer County Mental Health Services)
  • Jefferson County: (315) 782-2327 (crisis line) or (315) 782-7445 (Community Clinic of Jefferson County) or (315) 493-3300 (Carthage Area Hospital Behavioral Health Clinic)
  • Kings County: (888) 692-9355 (New York City crisis and referral line) or (718) 245-2727 (Kings County Behavioral Health Center Adult Outpatient Program)
  • Lewis County: (315) 405-0696 (crisis line) or (315) 376-5450 (Behavioral Health and Wellness Center)
  • Livingston County: 211 or (877) 356-9211 (crisis line) or (585) 243-7250 (Livingston County Mental Health Services)
  • Madison County: (800) 721-2215 (crisis line) or (315) 366-2327 (Madison County Mental Health Department Outpatient Clinic)
  • Monroe County: (585) 275-5151 (crisis line) or (585) 922-7770 (Genesee Mental Health Center) or (585) 445-5310 (Endeavor Adult Mental Health Clinic) or (585) 922-2500 (Rochester Behavioral Health Network)
  • Montgomery County: (518) 842-9111 (crisis) or (518) 841-7341 (St. Mary’s Hospital Montgomery County Adult Mental Health Clinic)
  • Nassau County: (516) 227-8255 (crisis line) or (516) 377-5400 (South Nassau Communities Hospital Mental Health Counseling Center) or (516) 486-6862 (Nassau University Medical Center Ambulatory Mental Health Service)
  • New York County: (888) 692-9355 (New York City crisis and referral line) or (212) 562-4721 (Bellevue Hospital Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic) or (212) 432-6645 (Metropolitan Hospital Behavioral Health Pavilion)
  • Niagara County: (716) 285-3515 (crisis line) or (716) 439-7400 (Lockport Integrated Care Clinic) or (716) 278-1940 (Niagara Falls Integrated Care Clinic)
  • Oneida County: (844) 732-6228 (crisis line) or (315) 272-2723 (Utica Adult Behavioral Health Clinic) or (315) 272-2748 (Rome Adult Behavioral Health Clinic)
  • Onondaga County: (315) 251-0600 (crisis line) or (315) 426-3600 (Hutchings Psychiatric Center Adult Outpatient Services) or (315) 464-3165 (SUNY Upstate Medical University Adult Psychiatry Clinic
  • Ontario County: (877) 356-9211 (crisis line) or (585) 396-4363 (Canandaigua Clinic) or (315) 789-6706 (Geneva Clinic)
  • Orange County: (800) 832-1200 (crisis and information hotline) or (845) 858-1456 (Port Jervis Outpatient Clinic) or (845) 343-6686 (Rockland Psychiatric Center Middletown Mental Health Clinic) or (845) 562-7326 (RPC Newburgh Mental Health Clinic)
  • Orleans County: (585) 283-5200 (care and crisis helpline) or (585) 589-7066 (Orleans County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Oswego County: (315) 251-0800 (crisis line) or (315) 326-4100 (Oswego Hospital Outpatient Behavioral Health Services)
  • Otsego County: (crisis line): (844) 732-6228 (crisis line) or (607) 433-2343 (Otsego County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Putnam County: (845) 225-1222(crisis line) or (845) 225-2700 (Cove Care Center) or (845) 278-2500 (Rockland Psychiatric Center Putnam Clinic)
  • Queens County: (888) 692-9355 (New York City crisis and referral line) or (718) 883-2725 (Queens Hospital Behavioral Health Center)
  • Rensselaer County: (518) 270-2800 (crisis line and Unified Services information line) or (518) 463-8869 (Rensselaer Center)
  • Richmond County: (888) 692-9355 (New York City crisis and referral line) or (718) 818-6132 (Behavioral Health Services at Richmond University Medical Center, 4 locations) or (718) 667-2300 (South Beach Psychiatric Center Outpatient Clinics)
  • Rockland County: (845) 517-0400 (Behavioral Health Response Team and crisis line) or (845) 364-2150 (Pomona Mental Health Clinic)
  • St. Lawrence County: (315) 265-2422 (crisis line) or (315) 386-2167 (St. Lawrence County Mental Health Clinic) or (315) 541-2112 (St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center)
  • Saratoga County: (518) 584-9030 (crisis line and Saratoga County Mental Health Clinic line)
  • Schenectady County: (518) 243-4000 (crisis line) or (518) 243-3300 (Schenectady County Outpatient Mental Health Services)
  • Schoharie County: (315) 732-6228 (crisis line) or (518) 295-8336 (Schoharie County Mental Health Center)
  • Schulyer County: 211 or (877) 356-9211 (crisis line) or (607) 535-8282 (Schuyler County Mental Health Clinic and Counseling Center)
  • Seneca County: 211 or (877) 356-9211 (crisis line) or (315) 539-1980 (Seneca County Community Counseling Center)
  • Steuben County: (607) 664-2255 (crisis line) or (607) 664-2255 (Bath Clinic) or (607) 324-2483 (Hornell Clinic) or (607) 937-6201 (Corning Clinic)
  • Suffolk County: (631) 751-7500 (crisis line) or (631) 853-7300 (Brentwood Clinic) or (631) 854-2552 (Farmingville Clinic) or (631) 852-1440 (Riverhead Clinic)
  • Sullivan County: (845) 790-0911 (crisis line) or (845) 292-8770 (Sullivan County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Tioga County: (607) 687-4000 (daytime crisis line) or (607) 687-1010 (after-hours crisis line) or (607) 687-4000 (Owego Clinic) or (607) 565-9594 (Waverly Clinic)
  • Tompkins County: (607) 272-1616 (crisis line) or (607) 274-6200 (Tompkins County Outpatient Clinic)
  • Ulster County: (844) 277-4820 (crisis line) or (845) 486-2703 (Hudson Valley Mental Health) or (845) 340-4000 (Kingston Mental Health Clinic) (845) 339-4733 (Pine Grove Clinic)
  • Warren County: (518) 969-1140 (crisis line) or (518) 926-3200 (Glen Falls Hospital Behavioral Health Outpatient Center) or (518) 747-8243 (Caleo Counseling Services)
  • Washington County: (518) 969-1140 (crisis line) or (518) 926-3200 (Glen Falls Hospital Behavioral Health Outpatient Center) or (518) 747-8243 (Caleo Counseling Services)
  • Wayne County: 211 or (877) 356-9211 (crisis line) or (315) 946-5722 (Community Counseling Center of Wayne County)
  • Westchester County: (914) 925-5959 (crisis line) or (914) 345-0700 (Mental Health Association of Westchester, multiple locations) or (845) 359-1000 (Rockland Psychiatric Center Outpatient Clinics, multiple locations)
  • Wyoming County: (800) 724-8583 or (585) 283-5200 (crisis lines) or (585) 786-0190 (Wyoming County Mental Health Clinic)
  • Yates County: 211 or (877) 356-9211 or (crisis line) or (315) 531-2400 (John D. Kelly Behavioral Health Center Clinic)

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