Hawaii Catholic Church Priest & Clergy Sex Abuse List

Hawaii Priest Sex Abuse List: A list of Roman Catholic Priests & Clergy members of the Hawaii Diocese accused of sex abuse and/or sexual assault of minors.

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Merson Law has compiled a list of Roman Catholic Priests and Clergy members (the Hawaii priest sex abuse list) accused of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault of minors. The Sexual Assault team at Merson Law specializes in Catholic Clergy and Priest Sex Abuse and Sexual Assault cases.

This information found in this list is compiled from the Database of Publicly Accused Priests and does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

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Hawaii Priest Sex Abuse List

Merson Law’s Hawaii Priest Sex Abuse List was compiled from accounts of sexual abuse by a member of the Hawaii Catholic Church network. The names in this list are only those that have been found to be credible, however it is likely that there are names missing, due to the sheer number of accounts and the historical aversion to transparency by the Catholic Church.

This list is not endorsed by the Archdiocese, which has yet to release the names of priests found guilty through its own internal investigations.

Last Name First Name Diocese Notes
Alexander Marc R. Honolulu, HI Held many key positions in the Diocese of Honolulu, including Vicar General, before leaving to accept position as Governor’s homeless coordinator in 02/11. Bishop withdrew his priestly privileges at that time. He resigned from homeless position in 1/12 after admitting that he had a sexual relationship with a woman while he was a priest. Allegations were made that he was involved with numerous women and that Diocese had sent him to St. Luke’s Institute for treatment before he left his priestly duties. He was sued 4/23/14 by woman who alleged he abused her as a minor while he was at St. John Vianney in Kailua in the 1980s. Case settled in 2016. Appointed by Honolulu mayor in 2/17 to lead Housing Office.
Batoon Roberto Honolulu, HI Extern priest from Philippines working in diocese since 1997. Removed 1//03 after he was accused of abuse of a minor while working in home diocese in Philippines. Supposed to return to Philippines but had not arrived there as of 2/21/03. By 5/03, he had agreed to be voluntarily laicized.
Blazek Eugene E. Honolulu, HI Man filed civil suit 3/08 accusing Blazek of sexually abusing him for over a year “during or after 1979.” Suit also mentions abuse of other youngsters. Blazek, although still part of Honolulu Diocese, had been serving as a military chaplain for over 20 years. He retired 6/1/07 and lives in Houston, TX per Catholic Herald.
Boumeister Alphonsus Honolulu, HI Accused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of 11-yr-old boy in 1961. Case dismissed by Judge 3/05 who said plaintiff had presented no evidence to support his claim. No other accusations known. Boumeister died in 1972 (30 yrs before suit) at age 84. He took his vows in Belgium and arrived in Hawaii in 1915.
Bukoski, III Joseph Honolulu, HI Placed on leave 5/02 after allegations of sexual abuse of 1 youth in 1970s. 2nd accuser also came forward. He was a brother in the Sacred Heart Order at the time. 2 civil suits filed in 2003. At least 1 suit says Order knew of the abuse but still allowed him to be ordained. This suit settled 11/05 after Bukoski admitted to the abuse. Immediately after settlement, criminal charges filed against this Plaintiff on behalf of woman who said she was assaulted by Plaintiff at age 14. He was acquitted 1/07.
Daubert Francis J. Honolulu, HI Spent career in China, Hawaii, New York, Missouri. Accused in a lawsuit settled in 3/16 of raping a 12-yr-old altar boy at Good Shepherd in Honomu HI in 1967, while filling in for pastor. Daubert was said to have tied the boy with ropes in a “game”, then sodomized and assaulted him for 6 hrs. Accuser said he told his mother that night; she called the parish and a priest came to speak with her and the boy’s father. Daubert was moved from the parish. He continued in ministry. Same lawsuit alleged sexual abuse of the boy yrs. later by Rev. Anthony Pascale and Rev. William Queenan at St. Stephen’s Diocesan Seminary in Kaneohe. Daubert died 5/22/83.
de Otero Roberto A. Honolulu, HI Accused in 5/17/02 suit of abusing 2 altar boys in late 1980s in Honolulu; settled 6/04. Accused in 8/30/04 suit of abusing boy at same parish in 1985. On leave 1987-89; Navy chaplain 1989-93. Admitted in 1993 to abusing a boy at a CA Marine base and resigned. After DiLorenzo came to Honolulu in 1993 he removed de Otero from public ministry. Had begun career in Portland OR archdiocese where in 1977-81 he had 2 parish assignments and sick leave before being loaned to then excardinated to Honolulu.
DeCosta George Honolulu, HI Two men filed claim in NY court as part of Irish Christian Brothers bankruptcy. Order runs Honolulu’s Damien Memorial School. DeCosta taught there in 1960s when abuse allegedly occurred. Worked in Honolulu until transferred to St. Mary Gate of Heaven in Hilo in 1973. There until 2002 when Bishop reportedly forced him to retire. As of 2012, he was pastor of Hale Lokahi in Hilo and worked with teens as part of Music Ministry Alive. He denied allegations. Civil suit filed by 2 men 3/12. Accused in a lawsuit of raping a 5-yr-old male preschool student at Hale O Kamalii School in Hilo in 1991. As of 4/16, accused of abuse of 9 children. Suit filed 2013 by 2 men vs diocese settled 3/17.
Ferrario (Bp) Joseph Honolulu, HI Ordained a priest of the Sulpician order in in 1951 and started his career in Mountain View, CA. Moved to Hawaii in 1957 and became bishop in 1982. Accused in 1985 of abuse of 15-yr-old -boy beginning in 1975. 1991 civil suit dismissed due to SOL. Allegations “found to be groundless by an internal church investigation.” Retired in 1993; died 2003. New civil suit filed 2012 re abuse in 1973. He reported to Diocese in 1991 but nothing done. Named in three suits filed in 2013. Also named in new 2014 suit re abuse of one in 1968 or 1969 after youth told him he had been abused by Fr William Queenan.
Gonsalves James Ronald Honolulu, HI Ordained as deacon 1987. Accused in 2005 of abuse of 1 boy beginning in 2002 when boy was 12 and lasting for 3 yrs. Placed on leave 2005. Pleaded guilty 5/06. Sentenced to 1 yr prison and 20 years probation 7/06.
Graff Donald Honolulu, HI Accused in a lawsuit filed 4/13/16 of sexual abuse of a 13-yr-old boy in 1964, while Graff was assigned to the Cathedral of Her Lady of Peace.
Henry Joseph M /J Michael Honolulu, HI Native of Ireland. Assigned to Bedford MA, Manchuria, Cincinnati OH, Hawaii 1949. Arrived in Hawaii in 1949, for one year at a Honolulu parish, then named pastor of St. Anthony’s in Oahu in 1950, where he remained until his death 11/13/74. In a 1991 petition against Bishop Joseph Ferrario, a man named Fr. Henry as the priest who first sexually abused him as a child, during 1964 -1972. Allegedly, the boy told later told Ferrario, (Henry’s successor) of his abuse by Henry, then Ferrario began abusing him, too. Henry was named as abuser in a 2012 civil suit by another man who alleged abuse by both Henry and Ferrario. Also named in 2013 suit re abuse in 1950s. At least six allege abuse at St. Anthony’s from 1952 to 1974. Two more complaints vs Henry filed 4/13/16.
Jackson James A. Honolulu, HI Accused 6/02 by at least three men of abusing them when they were children. Jackson worked in Hawaii 1948-1992. No criminal charges filed due to age of case and there were no records of complaints in his personnel file with the Order. Admitted abuse of boys, said was due to a surgical procedure he’d had on a testicle. Reportedly abused boys for over 25 years. Treated by Psychiatrist Robert Browne, who was later found to be pedophile. Died 3/05. Protests in 2013 about scholarship offered in his name at Maryknoll High School on Honolulu. Lawsuit filed in 2018 by man alleging repeated abuse as a boy at Sacred Heart in Makiki by Jackson 1980-1981. Sixth known accuser, at least, per news.
Mannetta Andrew Honolulu, HI Assigned to Aiea and Pearl City HI parishes and on Guam. Sued 2003. Accused of abuse of a 19-year-old, mentally-challenged youth 1997-98. Parents of 2 altar boys complained in 1994 but diocese said behavior not sexual in nature. Reassigned 2002 to NY prior to civil suit filed. Civil trial settled for $375K in 1/07 just before trial. Underwent treatment for sexual issues and alcohol abuse. Admitted giving alcohol to boys. Accused of abuse on Guam during seminary and 1st assignment. Lawsuit in 2017 alleging abuse 1985 altar boy age 9-10 on Guam. Suit in 10/17 claimed abuse in 1985 of 14-year-old boy in Talofofo, Guam. On Las Vegas diocese’s list 4/12/19 (name misspelled “Manetta”).
Medvit John Paul Honolulu, HI Named by one plaintiff in civil suit filed 12/4/12 against the Order and the Diocese. Man alleged that Medvit abused him in 1986 when he was a freshman at Damien Memorial School on Oahu and Medvit was his teacher. Suit alleges that acts included caressing, rubbing, groping and hugging the student, The youth reported the abuse to school and diocese at time. Medvit was temporarily removed and later returned to the school where he again physically attacked the student. Died in Aug. 2012.
Mueth Edward V. Honolulu, HI Ordained 1924. Spent 26 yrs as priest in Kongmoon, China. Then spent another 7 years in Hong Kong. Served in Hawaii between 1957-1964 before retiring due to ill health. Died 7/23/83. Named as abuser, along with Fr. Joseph Henry, of at least one personat St. Anthony’s Church in Kailua, HI in 1950s per 2/2013 civil suit. Alleged to have exposed his genitalia and rubbed his exposed genitalia on the altar boy’s face in an effort to force oral sex.
Niland Jack Honolulu, HI Capuchin Franciscan Friar of the Province of St. Mary, ordained in NY. Worked on Guam 1976-99 then Pearl City, HI 1999-2008. Teacher, counselor, pastor, vice-provincial. (First Guam assignment was assistant parish priest under Rev. Anthony Apuron who later became bishop, and in 2017 has many accusations against him of child sex abuse.) Nilan died 8/5/09 in New York. He was accused in a 6/17 lawsuit of molesting a 14-yr-old boy in the rectory of Our Lady of Mt Carmel parish in Agat in 1982. The boy aspired to be a priest and was living at the rectory. Suit filed 10/17 by man alleging rape as a 10-yr-old altar boy by Niland, in about 1979, during confessions.
Pascale Anthony Honolulu, HI Accused in a lawsuit settled 4/16 of sexually abusing a 14-yr-old boy, who was a student at St. Stephen’s Diocesan Seminary in Kaneohe, HI. Plaintiff also claimed abuse by Fr William Queenan and, in earlier yrs, by Fr Francis Daubert, MM. Pascale died 1/9/03, age 85.
Queenan William J. Honolulu, HI In civil suit filed 4/4/14, one man alleges he was abused by Queenan as a student at St. Stephen’s Seminary in Hawaii in 1968 when he was 14. Queenan was a teacher at St. Stephen’s. When he told then-priest, later-Bishop Joseph Ferrario, the future Bishop also abused him. In same suit, man says he was abused by Br. Robert Brouillette and Br. Thomas Ford (both known abusers) in 1970 when he transferred to Damien Memorial School which was run by Irish Christian Brothers. Another man received settlement 3/16, claiming abuse by Queenan and Fr Anthony Pascale at St. Stephen’s, and by Fr Francis Daubert years earlier.
Sabog Henry B. Honolulu, HI Sued 2005 by woman who accused her of molesting her when she was 12 and he was assigned to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in 1964. Sabog denied the allegations.
Stone Dominic Honolulu, HI Man filed suit 7/03 alleging that Stone, a religious Brother, molested him for over a year in 1970s. Same man alleged in the suit that he was also propositioned by abuser F. Joseph Bukoski. Died 4/06.

Please note that this Hawaii priest sex abuse list is not an exhaustive and complete list because new information of sexual abuses and sexual assaults by priests and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church becomes available daily.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for more up-to-date information on this priest abuse list as it becomes available.

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