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The bustling borough of Brooklyn is a true gem of the concrete jungle of New York City. From the bustling streets of Williamsburg to the serene greenery of Prospect Park, Brooklyn offers something for everyone. Unfortunately medical malpractice is a common problem in Brooklyn. Brooklyn medical malpractice cases can range from surgical errors to misdiagnosis, medication errors, and more.

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Medical malpractice refers to any situation where a Brooklyn medical professional deviates from the accepted standard of care, resulting in harm or injury to a patient.

Victims of medical malpractice in Brooklyn may suffer from physical, emotional, and financial damages, including pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and even long-term disability.

Are You A Victim Of Medical Malpractice?
Here’s What You Need To Do Next.

If you believe that you are a victim of medical malpractice, here’s what you should do next:

Seek medical attention: Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority. If you are experiencing any negative symptoms or complications as a result of the medical treatment you received, seek immediate medical attention from a different healthcare provider or hospital.

Document everything: Documenting everything related to your medical treatment is crucial. Make sure to keep a detailed record of all medical records, bills, prescriptions, and any other relevant information related to your treatment. Also, write down your recollection of the events leading up to the malpractice incident, and note any conversations or interactions with the healthcare provider or hospital staff. Some doctors and healthcare providers may deny that they’re liable in case of an injury.

Contact the healthcare provider or hospital: It’s important to communicate with the healthcare provider or hospital to express your concerns and seek a resolution. You can try to speak with the provider or hospital directly, or file a complaint with their patient advocate or customer service department.

Consult with a medical malpractice attorney: Medical malpractice attorneys like Merson Law can help you understand your legal rights and options. They can review your medical records and help determine if you have a case. It’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible, as there are typically time limits for filing a medical malpractice claim.

Where Can Medical Malpractice Happen In Brooklyn?

Medical malpractice can happen in any healthcare setting where medical treatment is provided, including:

Brooklyn Hospitals: Hospitals are complex institutions with a wide range of medical services and treatments. Malpractice can occur during surgery, emergency room visits, medication management, and other aspects of hospital care.

Brooklyn clinics and Brooklyn medical offices: Medical malpractice can occur in outpatient clinics and medical offices where patients receive a variety of medical services, including consultations, diagnostic testing, and treatments.

Brooklyn Nursing homes and long-term care facilities: Patients in nursing homes and long-term care facilities may be especially vulnerable to medical malpractice, as they often have complex medical needs and require ongoing medical care.

Brooklyn Pharmacies: Medication errors and other types of malpractice can occur in pharmacies, where pharmacists and pharmacy technicians fill prescriptions and provide medication counseling.

Brooklyn Ambulances and Brooklyn emergency medical services (EMS): Malpractice can occur during emergency medical transport or other aspects of EMS care.

Brooklyn Dental offices: Malpractice can occur in dental offices, where patients receive a variety of dental services, including fillings, extractions, and root canals.

Any other Brooklyn healthcare setting where medical treatment is provided, including outpatient surgical centers, rehabilitation facilities, and home healthcare.

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List of Hospitals in Brooklyn (Alphabetical Order)

Source: Wikipedia

A list of active hospitals in the New York City Borough of Brooklyn. This list of Brooklyn hospitals includes the location and street address of each hospital as well as the naming history and ownership of the hospital.

Brooklyn Hospitals: A – I

Brooklyn Hospitals: K – M

Brooklyn Hospitals: N

Brooklyn Hospitals: O-Z

Brooklyn Hospitals: A – I

  • Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center, 555 Rockaway Parkway, now also 1 Brookdale Plaza, Brooklyn. Opened as Brownsville and East New York Hospital on April 11, 1921, renamed Beth-El Hospital in 1932, renamed Brookdale Hospital Center in 1963, renamed Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in 1971, then renamed Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center.
  • Brooklyn Hospital Center, 121 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn. Founded as Brooklyn City Hospital in 1845, renamed Brooklyn Hospital on February 10, 1883, merged with Caledonian Hospital and renamed Brooklyn Hospital-Caledonian Hospital in 1982, renamed Brooklyn Hospital in 1983, renamed Brooklyn Hospital Center in 1990. Its outpatient clinics include the site of the former Cumberland Hospital several blocks away.
  • Brooklyn V.A. Medical Center, 800 Poly Place, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Opened in 1950.
  • Coney Island Hospital, 2601 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn. Opened as a first aid station near West 3rd Street in 1875, moved to a rented building on Sea Breeze Avenue and named Reception Hospital on May 12, 1902, but also called Sea Breeze Hospital and Coney Island Reception Hospital, officially part of Kings County Hospital, and open only for seasonal care from April through October. Moved to its current location, opened full-time, and renamed Coney Island Hospital on May 18, 1910.
  • Interfaith Medical Center, 1545 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn. Formed in 1982 by merger and consolidation of Jewish Hospital and Medical Center and St. John’s Episcopal Hospital of Brooklyn in 1982. Former Jewish Hospital at 555 Prospect Place is now apartments.

Brooklyn Hospitals: K – M

  • Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, 585 Schenectady Avenue, Brooklyn. Opened on April 24, 1929 as the Jewish Sanitarium for Incurables, renamed the Jewish Sanitarium and Hospital for Chronic Diseases in 1933, renamed Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital in 1954, became an acute medical care hospital and renamed Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in 1968.
  • Kings County Hospital Center, 451 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn. Opened in 1837. In 1955 absorbed Kingston Avenue Hospital, which opened in 1891 as a Hospital for Contagious Diseases.
  • Maimonides Medical Center, 4802 10th Avenue, Brooklyn. Its constituent institutions were The New Utrecht Dispensary, which opened at 1275 37th Street in 1911 was renamed Israel Hospital when it became a hospital; Zion Hospital, which opened at 2140 Cropsey Avenue in 1911; and Beth Moses Hospital, which opened at 404 Hart Street on October 24, 1920. Israel and Zion Hospitals merged in May 1920 to form Israel Zion Hospital and opened at 10th Avenue and 48th Street on September 17, 1922. Israel Zion merged with Beth Moses Hospital to form Maimonides Hospital on July 30, 1947, and acute medical services were consolidated at the Israel Zion location. Renamed Maimonides Medical Center in 1996.
  • Mount Sinai Brooklyn, 3201 Kings Highway. Opened as Kings Highway Hospital in 1955, renamed Beth Israel-Kings Highway Division when acquired by Beth Israel Medical Center in 1995, renamed Beth Israel Brooklyn on February 27, 2012, renamed Mount Sinai Beth Israel Brooklyn on January 22, 2014 following the merger of Mount Sinai and Beth Israel, renamed Mount Sinai Brooklyn on July 20, 2015.

Brooklyn Hospitals: N

  • New York Community Hospital, 2525 Kings Highway, Brooklyn. Founded as Madison Park Hospital in 1929. Later Hospital of the Jacques Loewe Foundation. Renamed Community Hospital of Brooklyn in the mid-1960s. Became New York Community Hospital when it was acquired by New York-Presbyterian Hospital in 1997. By 2015 had dropped NewYork Presbyterian, affiliated with Maimonides. (NYTimes: One Address, Many Hospitals)
  • NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, 506 6th Street, Brooklyn. Incorporated on May 27, 1881, opened as the Methodist Episcopal Hospital in the City of Brooklyn on December 15, 1887, renamed Methodist Hospital of Brooklyn in 1939, renamed New York Methodist hospital upon its affiliation with New York-Presbyterian Hospital in 1993.
  • NYU Langone Hospital- Brooklyn, 150 55th Street, Brooklyn. Founded by Sister Elisabeth Fedde as the Norwegian Lutheran Deaconess Home and Hospital at 441 4th Avenue in 1883, moved to 4520 4th Avenue in 1889, merged with Lutheran Hospital of Manhattan to form Our Savior’s Lutheran Hospital in July 1956 and then renamed Lutheran Medical Center, moved to its current site in 1977, renamed NYU Lutheran Medical Center upon its affiliation with N.Y.U. in 2015 and then renamed again to NYU Langone Hospital- Brooklyn in 2017.

Brooklyn Hospitals: O – Z

  • SUNY Downstate Medical Center, consisting of three parts:
    • SUNY Downstate College of Medicine
    • SUNY Downstate at Bay Ridge, 9036 Seventh Avenue, an outpatient clinic, formerly Victory Memorial Hospital
    • University Hospital of Brooklyn, 450 Clarkson Avenue, Brooklyn. Founded as the Brooklyn German General Dispensary at 132 Court Street in March 1856, moved to 145 Court Street in 1857, renamed the St. John’s Hospital on November 6, 1857, renamed Long Island College Hospital on February 4, 1858, incorporated March 6, 1858, moved to the Perry Mansion on Henry Street between Amity and Pacific Streets May 1, 1858. The college and the hospital separated in 1930, the college was re-chartered as the Long Island College of Medicine in 1931 and merged into the State University of New York on April 5, 1950. The hospital opened in the 1960s.
  • Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center, 760 Broadway at Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn. Named for Richard M. Woodhull, the original owner of the site, by Victor Morales, a local student at Intermediate School 318, who traced his origins. Opened on May 24, 1982.
  • Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, 374 Stockholm Street, Brooklyn. Founded as German Hospital in 1889, dedicated at St. Nicholas Avenue and Stanhope Street on May 21, 1899, and opened later that year. Renamed Wyckoff Heights Hospital because of anti-German sentiment after World War 1, then renamed Wyckoff Heights Medical Center. The address has changed because of additional buildings, but it is still on the original block.

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