Were You Sexually Abused by Lawrence (Larry) Gerard Nassar While Attending Michigan State University (MSU)? 

Lawrence Gerard Nassar is a convicted serial child molester who was the USA Gymnastics national team doctor and an osteopathic physician at Michigan State University. Contact Merson Law today to learn your options now and start your compensation application. You can still be compensated for what you went through. You will likely NOT have to file a lawsuit.  Time is limited.  

It is one of the biggest sexual abuse scandals in sports history. If you are a victim, you must contact us now to start your application for compensation. Limited time to act!


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Michigan State University has agreed to pay $500 million to 332 alleged victims of Lawrence (Larry) Gerard Nassar, settling lawsuits filed by the victims. It’s the largest amount of money in history settled by a university for a sexual abuse case.


More than 300 women and girls who say they were sexually abused by former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar have reached a $500m settlement with the university where he worked.

Michigan State University (MSU) announced the settlement along with lawyers for the 332 alleged victims, hoping to tie up one chapter of what has become one of the biggest sports scandals in American history.

In January 2018, more than 100 gymnasts and athletes that Nassar had sexually abused, including members of the 2012 gold-medal winning U.S. national team, provided victim impact statements over several days at Nassar’s sentencing hearing. Lemke was one of them. And while she sees the settlement as a first step, she says MSU still needs to go further to redress wrongs when it comes to sexual abuse.

“That is a good start,” she says. “[MSU] thinks that’s enough. And it’s not enough. No amount of money can ever change what we had to go through.”

The settlement will go to more than 300 victims. It allows for $425 million to be paid to current claimants, and $75 million to future claimants who may come forward. If you are a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar, contact us now so that we can help you. The caring team at Merson Law has extensive experience and success with sexual abuse cases and will help you with yours.

MSU Sexual Assault: Larry Nassar Sex Abuse Settlement FAQ

How do I know if I have a claim?

If you were touched inappropriately by Dr. Nassar, you should contact a lawyer immediately so it can be assessed.

If I have not come forward yet, is it too late?

Absolutely not.  MSU has put aside money in a fund for people who come forward who have not yet done so.  You should not wait though, as this fund will not stay open forever and your opportunity to get help and financial assistance may be limited.

What is the time period to pursue a claim for monetary damages?

The time periods vary widely based on when and where it happened, but MSU appears to be considering these cases regardless of the limitations periods.

Will I need to file a lawsuit or go to trial?

Very unlikely. The fund is designed to compensate victims without litigation or a trial.

Can I remain anonymous?

You can receive financial assistance without filing any public documents.

What is the deadline to file a claim?

Claim filing deadline is September 1st, 2018, but the best thing you can do if you want to try to get financial assistance is to pursue it now. There are many risks to waiting and for many people, this is the only chance they will have to get the help they need and civil justice against Nassar and MSU.

What experience do you have in these types of cases?

Merson Law has represented sexual assault victims from across the country and around the world and has helped survivors get millions of dollars in compensation.  Merson Law has been named one of the leading firms in personal injury and sexual assault cases. Look at our reviews from past sexual assault survivors that we have represented and helped.

How much do you charge?

Zero.  Nothing for a free consult.  We will tell you your options and provide you with information at no charge.  In the event that you do have a case, the firm operates on a contingency fee arrangement, which means that we only get a fee if you win.  There are no bills to you, hourly charges or any amounts you have to pay until you are successful.

What is the best way to contact you?

Whatever is best for you.

Telephone: (212) 603-9100.

Email: info@mersonlaw.com

Or simply use the convenient contact form below to directly contact us.

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