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Ghislane Maxwell arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested - Victim "Ecstatic"

Mythbusters host Adam Savage accused of sexual assault

Mythbusters Host Adam Savage Accused of Sexual Assault

Jeffrey Epstein Victims Lawyer

Sex Ring Victims of Jeffrey Epstein: Compensation Fund Now Open

Merson Law represents victims of Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein Victim Compensation Fund Opens

Harvey Weinstein sexual assault lawyer

Merson Law new civil lawsuit alleges Harvey Weinstein raped a 17-year-old in the 1990s

Merson Law represents victims of Jeffrey Epstein

Deal reached in Virgin Islands to compensate victims of Jeffrey Epstein

Jordan Merson Press Conference abc news fox news abc news

Merson Law Quoted As Parties in Epstein Case Work Toward Getting Settlement Fund Approved

Jeffrey Epstein aided Harvey Weinstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s Hollywood Pipeline Ran Straight to Harvey Weinstein

merson law corona virus update

Firm Operations Continue During Coronavirus Outbreak

Cuomo Supports Child Victims Act Passed

Child Victims Act Passed In New York Senate

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merson law pllc

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