Sarah Lawrence College: Larry Ray Sex Abuse Victims

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Lawrence Ray’s Sarah Lawrence College Sex Cult & Sex Abuse

The scandal surrounding Lawrence Ray’s sex cult at Sarah Lawrence College has made headline news, as the #metoo movement continues to unveil high profile cases of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

An untold number of young girls have suffered at the hands of this corrupt individual.

Many of these sex abuse victims won’t get the full compensation they deserve unless they speak to the best sexual assault attorney in the country.

Don’t suffer alone! Do not miss YOUR opportunity for justice & monetary compensation.

Jordan Merson, Founder of Merson Law, New York’s top sex abuse law firm and winner of the largest sexual assault verdict in New York State History has helped numerous sexual abuse victims receive the justice & compensation they truly deserve.

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Attorney Jordan Merson has successfully litigated high profile child sex abuse cases, Catholic Church sex abuse cases, and other high profile cases – including his representation of girls abused by the US Olympics doctor & sex offender Larry Nassar and most recently, ultra-high profile sex ring trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law, have been featured on many prominent media outlets such as Good Morning America for championing justice for sexual abuse victims.

And now Merson Law is investigating Sarah Lawrence College & Lawrence Ray.

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The Sarah Lawrence College and Larry Ray Sex Scandal

Who is Lawrence Ray & what did he do?

Lawrence Ray – the father of a Sarah Lawrence College student – allegedly moved onto his daughter’s campus at Sarah Lawrence College and started an abusive sex cult. He has been arrested and was charged with moving into his daughter’s dormitory at Sarah Lawrence College and targeting her friends for sexual exploitation.

Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan, announced an indictment against Lawrence V. Ray on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020.

Berman and William Sweeney, the head of the FBI office in New York, announced that Ray Lawrence was being charged with nine counts of sex trafficking, extortion, forced labor, and an array of other crimes.

Prosecutors claim that Ray, 60, subjected his victims to “sexual and psychological manipulation and physical abuse” over the course of 10 years. Ray was arrested Tuesday morning at his home in New Jersey.

Lawrence “Larry” Ray drew nationwide attention last year when an explosive New York magazine article detailed how he manipulated and allegedly abused his daughter’s classmates at Sarah Lawrence College.

Ray ensnared many of his victims when they were teenagers — a time of particular vulnerability for the young people he preyed on. Ray used physical, sexual, and psychological abuse to make his victims confess to alleged wrongdoing, then agreed to make substantial payments to Ray, payments that these young students did not actually owe and could not actually afford.

– Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney in Manhattan

His victims went to great lengths to pay Ray back, draining their parents’ bank accounts, soliciting money from friends, and participating in free forced labor, prosecutors said. In one case, federal prosecutors accused Ray of “sexually grooming” a victim, forcing her into prostitution, then taking $500,000 of her earnings.

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