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Jeffrey Epstein

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The Jeffrey Epstein Investigation Continues After His Death. Here’s Who Else Could Be Investigated

Prosecutors have vowed that Jeffrey Epstein’s death will not stop the child sex abuse investigation that led to his arrest.

The new sex trafficking and conspiracy charges alleged that he paid girls as young as 14 for sex and used them to recruit other girls between 2002 and 2005. Federal prosecutors in New York filed new charges in the case amid growing anger over the 2008 deal that allowed Epstein to plead guilty in Florida to lesser charges and serve just 13 months in prison, during which he was allowed to leave custody for 12 hours a day, six days a week to work from his private office.

Epstein’s associate and confidant Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested

Nearly one year after Epstein’s death, his former girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested. She was charged with enticement and conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts, transportation and conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity, and two counts of perjury. According to federal prosecutors, Maxwell worked with Epstein to “recruit, entice, groom, and abuse” underage victims.

Ghislane Maxwell arrested

Former President Bill Clinton also knew Epstein…

According to a 2002 New York profile. Per a statement from Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña, Clinton traveled to Europe, Asia, and twice to Africa in Epstein’s private jet. The statement said they hadn’t spoken in “well over a decade.”

In court documents that were part of the defamation lawsuit unsealed Aug. 9, Giuffre said that Trump never had sex with any of the women, but that Epstein told her they were friends. Giuffre also noted that she remembered Maxwell telling her that she and Clinton flew in a “huge black helicopter.”

Chrissy Teigen denies alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Chrissy Teigen denies ties to Jeffrey Epstein

Chrissy Teigen has blocked over 1 million Twitter accounts in an attempt to distance herself from alleged rumors that she flew on Epstein’s private jet.  According to Teigen, her Twitter account was bombarded with accusations after the arrest of Ghilsaine Maxwell.

Teigen denies these allegations: “I have never even met the man, or been to the island. Or on the plane.”

The allegations began after her name appeared on unsubstantiated flight logs supposedly belonging to Epstein. These claims have yet to be confirmed.

In response, Teigen tweeted that “When pedo ghislaine (Maxwell) sings like a canary (if she doesn’t die) and we have nothing to do with this, I know for a fact it won’t go away. They’ll just think of another excuse. It is extremely disheartening. I don’t know how to stop this. i don’t think anyone quite gets it.”

Epstein was also connected to Britain’s Prince Andrew…

…whom he reportedly met in the 1990s through Maxwell. In the court documents, Giuffre said Maxwell directed her to have sex with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, billionaire Glenn Dubin, since-deceased MIT scientist Marvin Minsky, modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel and Prince Andrew. She also said she was sexually trafficked to former Maine Sen. George Mitchell. Giuffre also alleged she was forced to have sex with “another prince,” an owner of a “large hotel chain,” and a “well-known prime minister.” In the documents, Giuffre also alleges that she was directed to have sex with lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

Epstein Didn't Act Alone

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Jeffrey Epstein and High Profile Sex Abuse

The scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest has made international news, as the #metoo movement continues to unveil high profile cases of sexual assault and sexual abuse.

An untold number of young girls have suffered at the hands of this corrupt individual, many of whom were denied the closure they need by a plea bargain in 2008, created by current US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta.

Many of these victims didn’t get the full compensation they deserve.

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Attorney Jordan Merson has been successful in helping numerous sex abuse victims get the compensation they need and deserve, with child sex abuse cases,Catholic Church sex abuse cases, and high profile cases including his representation of girls abused by the US Olympics doctor Larry Nassar.

Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law, have been featured on many prominent media outlets for championing justice for sexual abuse victims.

And now Merson Law is representing victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Who is Jeffrey Epstein?

Epstein, financier and founder of the Jeffrey Epstein IV Foundation, has been a registered sex offender in the state of Florida since 2008.

Epstein’s case brings to light major issues in our criminal justice system. In 2005, the parent of a 14-year old girl sought the help of police, claiming her child had been molested. This brought forward an investigation which culminated in which Epstein plead guilty to soliciting a prostitute and procuring a 17-year-old girl for prostitution. For this horrific crime, Epstein served only 13 months of “custody with work release.”

Alexander Acosta, current U.S. secretary of labor, was responsible for this lenient sentence. Acosta made a plea deal with Epstein, in which 36 other individuals were identified. For identifying these victims, Epstein received his light sentencing as well as immunity from all federal criminal charges.

11 years later, on July 6, 2019, Epstein was arrested at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on sex trafficking charges. He was detained, awaiting his hearing on July 24.

What did Epstein Do?

The story behind exactly what Jeffrey Epstein did to an untold number of innocent girls is still unfolding.

Allegedly, Epstein paid many girls, some as young as 14, hundreds of dollars each to come to his Manhattan and Palm Beach residences to give him nude “massages” that became “increasingly sexual in nature.”

Allegations against Epstein began to surface in the early 2000’s, claiming that Epstein controlled a “vast network of underage victims.”

Epstein got away with these crimes in 2008, until July of 2019, when suspicions arose that Epstein was still engaged in sex trafficking of minors. Federal agents raided his Manhattan residence to discover thousands of nude photos of underage girls.

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