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New York Catholic Church Priest & Clergy Sex Abuse List

New York Priest Sex Abuse List: A list of Roman Catholic Priests & Clergy members of the New York Diocese accused of sex abuse and/or sexual assault of minors.

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Merson Law has compiled a list of Roman Catholic Priests and Clergy members (the New York priest sex abuse list) accused of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault of minors. The Sexual Assault team at Merson Law specializes in Catholic Clergy and Priest Sex Abuse and Sexual Assault cases.

This information found in this list is compiled from the Database of Publicly Accused Priests and does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

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New York Priest Sex Abuse List

Merson Law’s New York Priest Sex Abuse List was compiled from accounts of sexual abuse by a member of the New York Catholic Church network. The names in this list are only those that have been found to be credible, however it is likely that there are names missing, due to the sheer number of accounts and the historical aversion to transparency by the Catholic Church.

This list is not endorsed by the Archdiocese, which has yet to release the names of priests found guilty through its own internal investigations.

Last NameFirst Name, MIDioceseStatus
AdamsAnthonyAlbanyDeceased 1995
BentleyDavidAlbanyRemoved 2002
BertolucciJohnAlbanyDeceased 2015
BoucherAnthonyAlbanyDeceased 1972
CaseyLiamAlbanyRemoved 2004
ConnollyJohnAlbanyRemoved 2003
CroninMichaelAlbanyResigned 1977
DicerboAlmericoAlbanyDeceased 2004
DiMaggioJosephAlbanyDeceased 2004
EitherRaymondAlbanyRemoved 2007
ErmlichFerdinandAlbanyResigned 1970, Deceased 1999
FitzpatrickJohnAlbanyRemoved 1996
GarciaAngelAlbanyRemoved 2010
GeorgeThomasAlbanyRemoved 1993, Deceased 2011
GilmourEdwardAlbanyDeceased 1977
GulleyAnthonyAlbanyDeceased 2013
GuzielekLaidslausAlbanyDeceased 1965
HaightMarkAlbanyRemoved 1997
JonesRichardAlbanyResigned 1986
KellyJamesAlbanyRemoved 2003
KeyrouzeJosephAlbanyRemoved 1999, Deceased 2005
KlebauskasJohnAlbanyRemoved 1980, Deceased 1981
KranchPeterAlbanyDeceased 2001
LerouxEdwardAlbanyRemoved 2002, Deceased 2005
MancusoJosephAlbanyRemoved 2002
MelfeFrancesAlbanyResigned 1979
MercureGaryAlbanyRemoved 2008, Incarcerated 2011
McDevittJamesAlbanyRemoved 2009
McDermottJamesAlbanyResigned 1997
McMahonSeanAlbanyRemoved 2003, Deceased 2017
McNerneyJamesAlbanyRemoved 2004
MillerMichaelAlbanyRemoved 2001
NunanJeremiahAlbanyRemoved 2018
O’ConnorJohnAlbanyDeceased 1961
PhillipsJohnAlbanyDeceased 2001
PrattEdwardAlbanyRemoved 2002
PurcellRobertAlbanyDeceased 2014
RodinoSamuelAlbanyRemoved 2009, Case on appeal in Rome
RomanoJosephAlbanyRemoved 2003
RoschJamesAlbanyRemoved 2002
ShinosRobertAlbanyRemoved 2004, Deceased 2019
SlavinWilliamAlbanyDeceased 1983
StarksDonaldAlbanyDeceased 1989
StarksMansfieldAlbanyDeceased 2004
StoneCarlAlbanyRemoved 1982, Deceased 2006
TaylorMichaelAlbanyRemoved 2014
WilsonDoziaAlbanyRemoved 1991
AurelioJohn R.BuffaloDeceased 2009
BeckerDonald W.Buffalo
BialkowskiDavid W.Buffalo
BiesingerRobert J.BuffaloDeceased 2012
CotterJames H.BuffaloDeceased 1991
FafinskiDonald S.Buffalo
FaraciDouglas F.Buffalo
FingerleFred G.BuffaloDeceased 2002
FreemanMichael R.BuffaloDeceased 2010
FrielJoseph P.BuffaloDeceased 1995
FrielMark M.Buffalo
GresockThomas G.Buffalo
HajdukJohn P.Buffalo
HarringtonMichael J.BuffaloDeceased 1989
HatrickBrian M.Buffalo
HayesJames P.BuffaloDeceased 1988
HendricksLouis J.BuffaloDeceased 1990
HigginsJ. GrantBuffaloDeceased 2016
HoganFrancis T.BuffaloDeceased 2010
IngallsFred D.Buffalo
JasinskiFlorian A.BuffaloDeceased 1983
JasinskiGerald C.Buffalo
JuddRichard P.BuffaloDeceased 1988
KelleyTimothy J.Buffalo
KempThomas L.Buffalo
KeppelerRichad J.BuffaloDeceased 2011
LewandowskiJohn D.BuffaloDeceased 1982
MachBernard M.BuffaloDeceased 2004
MartlockLoville N.BuffaloDeceased 2014
McCarthyThomas J.Buffalo
OrmsbyBasil A.BuffaloDeceased 1997
OrsolitsNorbert F.Buffalo
PavlockMartin L.Buffalo
RonaldRoy K.BuffaloDeceased 2013
SchiederJoseph E.BuffaloDeceased 1996
SmyczynskiGerard A.BuffaloDeceased 1999
SpielmanJames A.Buffalo
StachewiczChester S.BuffaloDeceased 2010
WalkerEdward J.BuffaloDeceased 2002
WardWilliam G.BuffaloDeceased 2008
WhiteWilliam F. J.BuffaloDeceased 2016
BirchmeyerRobert J.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
BrigandiPaul A.SyracuseDeceased
BroderickJohn W.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
ColosimoFelix R.SyracuseDeceased
DurrEdmund J.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
EckermannCharles H.SyracuseDeceased
FurfaroFrancis J.SyracuseDeceased
GuyderThomas F.SyracuseDeceased
HarroldJohn F.SyracuseDismissed from Clerical State
HayesJames C.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
HebertDonald J.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
HeizmanLeo J.SyracuseDeceased
JuttonDavid J.SyracuseDeceased
Keating, IIIThomas F.SyracuseDeceased
KlosterRobert J.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
Lane, Jr.C. VincentSyracuseRemoved from Ministry
LorenzWilliam A.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
MadoreEdward C. “Ted”SyracuseLaicized
Mattice, Jr.George F.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
MisercolaChester A.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
OursRobert A.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
PaceJoseph A.SyracuseLaicized
PichetteDavid A.SyracuseDismissed from Clerical State
ProudAlbert J.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
QuinnJames A.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
QuinnJames F.SyracuseDeceased
SewallH. CharlesSyracuseDeceased
SlavetskasPaul J.SyracuseDeceased
WagnerJohn P.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
WeberJerome F.SyracuseRemoved from Ministry
ZedarThomas J.SyracuseDeceased
ZederJohn M.SyracuseDeceased
CaseyDaniel W.SyracuseDeceased
CrosbyDonald J.SyracuseDeceased
KieleyEdward X.SyracuseDeceased
Litz, Jr.Steven J.SyracuseDeceased
SinnottWalter A.SyracuseDeceased
BayleyThomas S.SyracuseDeceased
BoganRobert F.SyracuseDeceased
BowenRoger A.SyracuseDeceased
DonovanJohn H.SyracuseDeceased
GallagherLuke V.SyracuseDeceased
GarstkaBernard A.SyracuseDeceased
GormanDonald L.SyracuseDeceased
HattalaFerdinand A.SyracuseDeceased
HolihanEdgar M.SyracuseDeceased
HumphreyEdward P.SyracuseDeceased
LynchWilliam J.SyracuseDeceased
McCarthyJohn A.SyracuseDeceased
MorrisWilliam J.SyracuseDeceased
MorseJohn J. “Jack”SyracuseDeceased
Neary, Jr.Thomas E.SyracuseDeceased
PowellThomas M.SyracuseDeceased
QuaidEdward GeorgeSyracuseDeceased
SammonsFrancis L.SyracuseDeceased
TracyMartin J.SyracuseDeceased
WalkerDavid J.SyracuseDeceased
EmoEugeneRochesterDismissed from Clerical State
SewarDennisRochesterDismissed from Clerical State
ShawDennisRochesterDismissed from Clerical State
AbramsJohn L.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 11/10/2004
Deceased – 7/5/2008
AcciaritoAnthonyBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 7/22/2002
AufieroLouisBrooklynDeceased – 5/24/2015
AuthenriethWilliam L.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 1980’s
Deceased – 6/24/2015
BedoyaHugo F.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 6/19/2012
BradyThomas F.BrooklynRestrictions made 2/25/2012
Deceased – 3/25/2013
BrennanEdwardBrooklynPlaced on restriction 2/19/1999
Deceased – 1/19/2000
ByrnsJoseph P.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 6/25/2004
Laicized 5/18/2013
CallahanBrianBrooklynDeceased – 12/15/2003
CapellupoFrancisBrooklynRemoved from ministry in 2001.
Laicized 06/04/2012
Deceased – 3/17/2017
CapilloJohn D.BrooklynDeceased – 5/31/2001
CapuaNicholas J.BrooklynRemoved from ministry June 15, 2007
Deceased – 8/2/2010
ColemanChristopher L.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 1/13/2010
Laicized 12/11/2013
CollinsJames P.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry – 7/22/2002
ConnollyEugene A.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 11/30/2004
Deceased – 12/19/2017
DwyerJohn R.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 7/1/2002
FaillaAnthonyBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 11/14/2002
Deceased – 3/31/2018
FerraroRomano J.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 1988
Laicized 12/16/2011
Incarcerated for life
FerroRobertBrooklynRemoved from ministry 9/23/2003
Deceased – 5/21/2004
FingerWilliamBrooklynLaicized 01/02/2002
FrostJames I.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 7/22/2002
GalloVincentBrooklynPermanently Removed from ministry 6/26/2018
GuiryRobertBrooklynLeft priesthood in 1991, Laicized 6/24/2006
HassanJosephBrooklynLaicized 06/11/1976
HauserJohnBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 5/20/2015
HuckemeyerEdward J.
BrooklynNo longer in ministry-status in process.
KayserGeorgeBrooklynDeceased – 6/3/2010
KellerBrianBrooklyn7/2002 placed on administrative leave. Permanently removed from ministry 10/28/2011.
LaraJames R.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 1992. Laicized 3/30/2007
LukianiukAndrezjBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 6/23/2011
ManginiCharles M.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 8/11/2003. Laicized 5/25/2007
ManzoFrancisBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 2/20/2003
MaurerEdward L.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 7/22/2002
Deceased – 8/20/2016
McCloudHenryBrooklynDeceased – 10/2/1979
McConninRobertBrooklynRemoved from ministry 2/15/2007
Laicized 04/24/2015
McElroyHerbertBrooklynDeceased – 1/3/2004
McLoughlinJohnBrooklynDeceased – 8/3/1994
McNicholasEdwardBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry May 9, 1994
Deceased – 8/4/2003
MinichelloArthurBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry June 21, 2018
MorrowThomasBrooklynRemoved from ministry 12/20/2004
Laicized 1/13/2012
MulhallFrancis X.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 2002
Deceased – 9/23/2009
NohillyThomasBrooklynRemoved from ministry 7/22/2002
Laicized 11/25/2011
Deceased – 1/25/2019
O’BrienJamesBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 2002
O’RourkeThomas J.BrooklynDeceased – 6/11/1998
OteroCorneliusBrooklynDeceased – 1/15/1998
PetekiewiczRobert P.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 9/10/2015
PlacaStephenBrooklynLaicized 11/25/2011
ProchaskiAdamBrooklynResigned from ministry October 1994
PuglieseJosephBrooklynRemoved from ministry 1996
Deceased – 5/6/1998
PurcellArthur D.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 8/30/2004
RaveneauRicardoBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 4/2/2002
RussoJames E.BrooklynLaicized by the Diocese of St. Petersburg, FL on 9/9/2016
RyanBarry J.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 1994. Laicized 10/28/2011
SalamoneMichaelBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 4/2/2002
SchuckJosephBrooklynRemoved from ministry 2003
Deceased – 4/22/2014
SextonPatrick O.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 6/25/2004. Laicized 4/7/2006
SforzaVincentBrooklynLeft priesthood in 1975, was laicized 1/14/1977
Deceased – 2/22/2010
SheehanDaniel J.BrooklynPlaced on restrictions 2/11/1998. Laicized 2/13/2012
SicklerJamesBrooklynDeceased – 10/13/1996
SmithJames TBrooklynRemoved from ministry in 2002
Deceased – 01/17/2012
StackGeorge J.BrooklynRemoved from ministry in 2002
TitoneRobert A.BrooklynDeceased – 08/14/2001
VazhappilyPaulBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 4/3/2006
VoilandGeorgeBrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 6/28/2004
Deceased – 12/04/2012
WeberJoseph J.BrooklynPermanently removed from ministry 6/27/2002
WicksKennethBrooklynDeceased – 11/20/1993
ZatargaGeorge F.BrooklynRemoved from ministry 11/30/2007
Deceased – 08/28/2011

Please note that this New York priest sex abuse list is not an exhaustive and complete list because new information of sexual abuses and sexual assaults by priests and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church becomes available daily.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for more up-to-date information on this priest abuse list as it becomes available.

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