What are Construction Accidents?

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You slip and fall off a steel girder, breaking your leg on impact.

You throw out your back carrying materials to the job site.

Or worse, you are not given proper safety equipment, but do the job anyway, and receive a devastating injury that could have been avoided.

Construction accidents are devastating, no matter the cause, nature, or severity of the injury. As a construction worker, your body is your livelihood, and when your body is compromised, you’re out of work.

An accident on the job can lead to more than unemployment. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs, or even permanent injury are not uncommon. If any of this has happened to you, it might be time to get a lawyer and take back what you have lost.

Construction Accidents Law deals with the personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from construction accidents, as well as the safety laws, regulations and standards governing the construction industry. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the governing regulatory body for construction site safety. Most states have also adopted some form of safety regulations.

A recent example is  The steel arm of a balky mini-crane killed a construction safety coordinator Friday as horrified hardhats helplessly watched the freak accident on a Manhattan street.Trevor Loftus, 40, was pinned between the boom crane and his flatbed truck while checking a mechanical malfunction around 11:45 a.m., according to city officials and witnesses.

Merson Law has built a trusted reputation representing people who have suffered catastrophic injuries. The team at Merson Law has extensive experience litigating cases valued in excess of $1 million and much of their background includes prosecuting cases that have resolved for more than $10 million. If you need our help, contact us now for a free consultation and medical evaluation.

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