What is a Catastrophic Tort?

Catastrophic Tort is defined as an area of law that deals with any accident that results in death or a serious permanent injury to the victim. Sometimes the victim can suffer serious injuries that irrevocably change their lives, sometimes the victim suffers the ultimate finality, death.

A recent example of a Catastrophic Tort proceedings is 32 year old Ian Richard Nicholson, who was killed Oct. 9 after he was hit by a box truck on S.C. 315 near U.S. 17. The civil suit — filed late last month by Devon Hassan, the mother of Nicholson’s daughter and representative of his estate — claims Nicholson “was alive and … trapped underneath the box truck” when Levy Volunteer Fire Department personnel, including Fire Chief Doug Graham, arrived on scene. “Upon his arrival at the scene of the collision, (Graham) ordered … the truck be driven off (Nicholson’s body) while he was alive, thereby causing catastrophic injuries to (Nicholson), which caused his death,” the lawsuit contends. Graham “knew or should have known (Nicholson) was alive,” the suit says. Ordering the truck driven off the body was “reckless … and grossly negligent.”

Jordan Merson represents victims of MSU doctor Larry Nassar

The team at Merson Law has extensive experience representing individuals who are quadriplegic, paraplegic, paralyzed, have brain damage, cerebral palsy, burn or other catastrophic injuries.  We are sensitive to all of the difficulties that these injuries cause you and your families and we will work with you to develop a legal strategy and potential resolution that makes sense for you particular situation.

We have litigated cases against the biggest hospitals and corporations and top doctors that have resulted in many recoveries in excess of $10 million.  Contact us today for a free consultation, including free review for you by a medical doctor.

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