American model and TV personality Chrissy Teigen denies alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghilsaine Maxwell

Chrissy Teigen denies alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein
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The Alleged Chrissy Teigen Jeffrey Epstein Connection

Over the last few years, Chrissy Teigen has been the target of online harassment by Twitter users that claim the model has ties to the sex trafficking ring led by Epstein and Maxwell.

The accusations began in 2017, when one Twitter user claimed Teigen was involved in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory – a debunked online conspiracy that claims hundreds of celebrities are involved in an underground pedophilia ring.  

Users on Twitter have shared doctored photos of Teigen, along with her husband John Legend. The photos make it appear like the couple spent time on Epstein’s private island. 

Teigen is one of many celebrities targeted by the QAnon conspiracy. 

The alt-right conspiracy connects hundreds of celebrities to an alleged international sex ring trafficking children and young women. 

While human sex trafficking is very real, there is no evidence of Teigen’s ties to the Epstein-led organization. The model Tweeted on July 10, “I have never even met the man. Or been to the island. Or on the plane.”

John Legend Chrissy Teigen Jeffrey Epstein alleged ties

After acknowledging the Tweets she was receiving, Teigen was bombarded with accusations.

In an attempt to silence the mob, she claims to have blocked over one million users.

Chrissy Teigen tweets she blocked 1 million accounts

According to USA Today, “[Teigen] said she’s contemplated legal action and is even considering leaving Twitter, where she has more than 13 million followers, if the harassment continues.”

The Chrissy Teigen Jeffrey Epstein connection appears to be nothing more than the model claims – a wild conspiracy, but it is still unknown just how many high profile individuals participated in the sex trafficking ring led by the late Epstein.

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