Did You Lose A Loved One In a Nursing Home Due to COVID-19?

You may be entitled to monetary compensation.

MAXIMIZE Your Compensation By Calling An Experienced COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawyer.

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Contact COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawyer

Do you suspect your loved one died in a nursing home due to COVID-19 because of negligence?

Contact New York’s Best COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawyer to fight for you and your family.

You Need to Get the Help Your Family Deserves

You Deserve Justice. Get The Best Representation.


COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawyer

At Merson Law, we understand how devastating a wrongful death or negligence case can be. As cases of the novel coronavirus continue around the world, the safety and well-being of millions is at risk, and it is more important than ever for medical personnel and assisted-living facility workers to take proper care of your loved ones.

Sadly, thousands of nursing home residents across the country may not be receiving the care they deserve.

If you believe that a loved one has died of Covid-19 due to improper care at a nursing home or long term care or assisted facility you may need a coronavirus nursing home lawyer.

Do not miss your opportunity for monetary compensation.

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Attorney Jordan Merson has been successful in helping numerous victims of medical negligence get the compensation they need and deserve, including a $200 million negligence lawsuit against the city Of New York, and an $11 million lawsuit for a girl who suffered permanent brain damage.

Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law, have been featured on many prominent media outlets for his work in medical malpractice and negligence, and for championing justice for sexual abuse victims.

And now Merson Law is representing victims of nursing home negligence of the during the COVID-19 crisis.

Contact a COVID-19 nursing home negligence lawyer

The COVID-19 Crisis and Nursing Homes

Background Information:

The CDC has made it clear that the elderly and those with underlying health conditions are at a higher risk of severe illness due to the novel coronavirus.

Despite this knowledge, many nursing homes across the country, during the beginning months of the pandemic, neglected to implement proper procedures to mitigate the spread of the disease among those they are supposed to care for.

New York health officials were warned in writing that a Brooklyn nursing home where 55 patients have died of coronavirus was overwhelmed — weeks before it began topping the state’s official list of resident COVID-19 deaths.

Cobble Hill Health Center CEO Donny Tuchman sent a desperate email to state Health Department officials on April 9, 2020 asking if there was “a way for us to send our suspected covid patients” to the hospital built inside the Javits Convention Center or the US Naval hospital ship Comfort — the under-utilized federal medical facilities on Manhattan’s West Side.

In instances like these, where a nursing home is ill-equipped and irresponsible, hundreds of residents may suffer serious illness.

To this day, an estimated 16,000 residents of nursing homes and long-term healthcare facilities have died from the virus.

Safety in Senior Living Facilities

People with loved ones in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other types of senior living facilities may be understandably concerned about their loved one’s risk of illness from COVID-19.

To protect these vulnerable friends and family members, CDC advised that long-term care facilities

  • restrict visitors,
  • regularly check healthcare workers and residents for fevers and symptoms, and
  • limit activities within the facility to keep residents safe.

In March of this year, these restrictions were lifted, provided both parties (resident and visitor) are vaccinated or test negative for COVID-19.

Even assisted-living facilities that follow these CDC guidelines may not be properly handling the situation. It is crucial if you suspect negligence to contact an experienced attorney to assist you in proving your case.

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Contact a COVID-19 nursing home negligence lawyer

A COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawyer Can Help You

You Deserve Justice. Get The Best Representation.

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