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Sex Abuse Victims of The Diocese of Oakland

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Diocese of Oakland

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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland has announced the creation of a new program to compensate victims of sexual abuse by priests of the diocese.

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Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland Scandal

In light of the #metoo movement and the scandals regarding the Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland announced a new compensation program, along with a list of priests credibly accused of sexually assaulting children.

Many of these priests have committed multiple offenses. Some fled the country, and others were moved to new locations by the Church itself. Thousands of children have suffered at the hands of these men. Many of these children are now grown, and many may not know what to do or how to deal with the trauma that comes with sexual assault of this nature.

Many of these victims don’t get the full compensation they deserve.

Do not miss your opportunity for monetary compensation.

Jordan Merson, Founder of Merson Law, New York’s top sex abuse law firm and winner of the largest sexual assault verdict in New York State History has helped numerous sexual abuse victims of the Catholic Church receive the compensation they truly deserve.

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Attorney Jordan Merson has been successful in helping numerous sex abuse victims of the catholic church get the compensation they need and deserve, with child sex abuse cases with the New York IRCP , the Syracuse IRCP, the Buffalo IRCP, and the Philadelphia IRRP.

Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law, have been featured on many prominent media outlets for championing justice for sexual abuse victims.

And now Merson Law is representing sexual assault victims of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland, CA.

Act fast! Program starts soon.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland:

The Diocese of Oakland is just one of 12 Roman Catholic Dioceses in California – each with its own list of credibly accused priests. In total, the names of 128 priests have been disclosed by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Churches across the country have begun to create programs to financially compensate victims. Most of these programs follow a similar structure, like that of the Philadelphia Archdiocese.

The church allocates a set amount to the program fund, and opens up a window of time for victims to sign up. At the end of the program, the money is divided among those who have signed on. Programs like this are NOT a lawsuit, and often they require you to waive your right to sue.

The Diocese of Oakland is on track to begin a program of its own, especially if pressure from the public continues.

What is the Diocese of Oakland?

The Catholic Diocese of Oakland encompasses the counties of Alameda and Contra Costa.

The Diocese of Oakland contains a total Catholic population of 550,000. Michael C. Barber, SJ is the bishop of the Diocese of Oakland.

“The diocese has suffered from Catholic sex abuse cases which were brought forward by parishioners against some of its priests. From 1994 through 2009, the diocese paid $60.5 million to its victims of sexual abuse, the largest payments being made in 2004 and 2005.

At least 64 Roman Catholic clergy members accused of molesting children have served in 61 of the 86 parishes in the Oakland diocese, and in all seven of the diocese’s male-run high schools. The Diocese has only acknowledged 12 of the molesters, according to a 2008 MediaNews analysis of court and church records.”

-Taken from Wikipedia

Can I receive compensation?

If you were sexually assaulted in any way as a child by any member of the Diocese of Oakland, whether or not they were listed in the document, you can receive monetary compensation.

In many cases, victim compensation programs have their own vetting process to determine who they will accept. People often wonder if they have enough evidence, or if the church will believe them. Only you know the truth, and if you were the victim of sexual assault, we can help you to take care of the paperwork.

When will the program begin?

Time is of the essence for the Diocese of Oakland. They must act fast before massive lawsuits against them break out.

After years of letting this plague of sexual abuse run unchecked, the Catholic Church is finally cracking down on its own. Currently, the Diocese of Oakland has only announced that a compensation program is in the works.

As pressure from the public continues, the Catholic Church is being forced into finally addressing the scandal. It is in the Diocese of Oakland’s best interest to create a compensation program.

Additionally, there’s power in numbers. As more victims speak out, the church is left with fewer and fewer options.

Merson Law will continually update you on any news regarding Diocese of Oakland’s compensation program.

Why Should I get a Lawyer?

Victims programs often advertise that you do not need a lawyer to sign up, and that one will be provided for you when you do. This is true, but misleading. The lawyer provided to you by the church will not be YOUR lawyer. He or she works for the interest of the church, not for you, and is mostly retained for the church’s own legal protections.

Like in most legal matters, you’ll receive more compensation if you have a lawyer. Additionally, as mentioned before, victims’ programs often require you to sign away your right to sue, among other things. We do not want you to get “tricked” by the church’s lawyers. Having your own lawyer present assures you that you completely understand the process and that you do not inadvertently sign off on things you didn’t mean to.

As an experienced sexual assault lawyer, Jordan Merson understands that not everyone can afford costly lawyer fees. Despite this, it is incredibly important for victims to have proper representation in these matters. Merson takes no out of pocket fee from the client for this reason.

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If you have any further questions about the Diocese of Oakland, compensation programs, sexual assault litigation, etc, don’t hesitate to call our offices.

Act fast! Program starts soon.

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