Covered by Media: Attorney Jordan Merson settles child sex abuse claim against Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester

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A former Corning resident has reached a settlement for child sexual abuse he received at St. Mary’s Church in Corning in the 1960s. He settled for an undisclosed sum with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Rochester for the abuse he allegedly received from former priest John Gormley. Gormley is no longer affiliated with the church. He left the priesthood in 1971. The Diocese of Rochester confirmed that Gormley was with St. Mary’s Church in Corning from 1962-1965 as an assisting priest.

Steuben County District Attorney Brooks Baker said his office is aware of the accusations against Gormley, but cannot pursue charges due to New York’s existing statute of limitations. “We are aware of it,” Baker said. “We reviewed it, and unfortunately there’s nothing that happened within the statute of limitations for us to investigate.” “All of the allegations we received happened years outside of any applicable statute of limitations in New York,” he said. This is why Mclaughlin and his attorney Jordan Merson of Merson Law in New York advocate for the passage of the Child Victims Act. A panel put together by the Archdiocese of the five New York City boroughs and downstate counties has been set up to compensate church victims of sexual abuse, but Merson says the panel is a smokescreen.  Merson said. “What the panel seeks to do is stymie the momentum to pass the Child Victims Act, which would benefit everyone in New York, not just those in New York City.” “The benefit to people in your area would be absolute zero,” he said. “If the child victims act is not passed, the panel would do absolutely nothing for people in Rochester Oswego Syracuse. That seems to be the hotbed of where a lot of the worse sexual abuse that I have encountered is.”

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Media outlets applaud Merson Law spearheading child sex abuse cases against catholic entities

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