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Have you suffered from stomach issues, intestinal problems, allergic reactions, or disordered eating because of F-Factor products?

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F-Factor Diet, Services & Products Complaints

As a result of F-Factor, you may have suffered the following:

  • stomach issues
  • intestinal problems
  • allergic reactions
  • disordered eating.

Or have you experienced hair loss, eye swelling and loss of menstrual cycle (complications of which may include infertility) in connection with the F-Factor products and diet?

Merson Law is investigating F-Factor services and products, and you may have a viable F-Factor lawsuit. You can help contribute to this investigation or pursue an F-Factor lawsuit by filling out the form on this page and telling us about your experience with F-Factor diet products and services. Tell us your story by filling out the easy, secure & confidential form below.

You can also learn more about product liability and what this could mean for you.

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Did You Suffer Health Problems Due to F-Factor?

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What is the F-Factor Diet?

The F-Factor diet is a dietary program that focuses on increasing the consumption of fiber-rich foods to promote weight loss and overall health. Developed by registered dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot, it gained popularity in the early 2000s. The “F” in F-Factor stands for fiber, which is a key component of the diet.

The cornerstone of the F-Factor diet is consuming a high amount of dietary fiber, primarily from foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. F-Factor also offers a line of branded foods and products, such as high-fiber cereal and protein bars, to help individuals meet their fiber goals conveniently.

While high-fiber diets are generally considered beneficial and healthy for most individuals, there have been many reports of people experiencing negative effects or challenges while following the F-Factor diet.

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