Florida Catholic Church Priest & Clergy Sex Abuse List

Florida Priest Sex Abuse List: A list of Roman Catholic Priests & Clergy members of the Florida Diocese accused of sex abuse and/or sexual assault of minors.

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Merson Law has compiled a list of Roman Catholic Priests and Clergy members (the Florida priest sex abuse list) accused of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault of minors. The Sexual Assault team at Merson Law specializes in Catholic Clergy and Priest Sex Abuse and Sexual Assault cases.

This information found in this list is compiled from the Database of Publicly Accused Priests and does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

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Florida Priest Sex Abuse List

Merson Law’s Florida Priest Sex Abuse List was compiled from accounts of sexual abuse by a member of the Florida Catholic Church network. The names in this list are only those that have been found to be credible, however it is likely that there are names missing, due to the sheer number of accounts and the historical aversion to transparency by the Catholic Church.

This list is not endorsed by the Archdiocese, which has yet to release the names of priests found guilty through its own internal investigations.

Last Name First Name Diocese Notes
Arandia Arnulfo Miami, FL From the Guayaquil, Ecuador diocese. Accused of abusing youth, age 15, in Miami in 1988. Moved to Jackson MS diocese in 2000. Suspended in 6/02 when charges surfaced. Believed to have fled to Ecuador. Accuser said he told a deacon about the abuse in 1988; Arandia immediately transferred. Same man also accused Fr. Castellanos of abuse. Prosecutors decided in 1/04 not to file criminal charges because statute had run. On Jackson diocese’s list 3/19/19.
Calimari Joseph Miami, FL Accused in one civil suit filed summer, 2007 of abusing 1 youth and his older brother at Christ the King Church in Perrine in 1960s when they were both very young. Older brother committed suicide in 2006.
Carrera Francisco Miami, FL Former altar boy sued Carrera (a visiting priest from Spain) in 2002 alleging that Carrera molested him in 1981 at Our Lady of Divine Providence Church in west Miami-Dade when he was 13. Also says that Diocese transferred him back to Spain when Diocese learned of the abuse. Second suit filed 5/11 alleged abuse of a 10 yr old boy in 1976 at same parish. Appeals court upheld lower court’s dismissal on SOL 4/17/13. Carrera had lived in Spain since early 1980s.
Cassetta Charles Miami, FL Accused in a 2003 lawsuit of sexually abusing a female student at least ten times in 1971-72 at Cardinal Newman High School. Suit settled in May 2004 for $220,000. Cassetta left priesthood, married and was living in Maryland. Served in Buffalo, NY diocese prior to assignment in Florida.
Castellanos Ricardo Miami, FL Sued 2002. Man says that Castellanos sexually abused him between the ages of 14 and 16 at St. Kieran Church and LaSalle High School in Miami and during overnight trips to Disney World in the early 1970s. Criminal charges not pursued because of SOL. At least 4 civil suits named Castellanos. 2 claims settled 9/22/04. Retired 2005 when new suit filed. Another suit filed 5/12 claims Castellanos abused 1 youth more than 150 times in approx 1995 at San Isidro Church in Pompano Beach.
Castillo Rolando Miami, FL 10/07 civil suit alleged that Castillo sexually abused a 17 yr old youth in 2001. Castillo was placed on leave. He denied all allegations. In 4/09, Archdiocese investigation cleared Castillo and he was to be returned to active status and reassigned to different parish. Civil suit was unclear as to whether plaintiff was actually a minor at the time of the alleged abuse in 2001. Lawsuit was “mutually resolved.” Unknown if any payment was made.
Cinesi Joseph Miami, FL Sept. 1999 article says a man told police in July, 1998 that Cinesi had had sexual contact with him about 100 times when he was between 12 and 15 yrs old in late 70s – early 80s. Per 3/02 article, Diocese settled at least 5 claims and/or lawsuits against Cinesi between 1999-2001. Another civil suit filed in May 2004 by one man alleging abuse in 1978-1979. Settled 9/04.
D’Angelo Rocco Charles Miami, FL Miami Archdiocese knew in 1966-1967 that D’Angelo had molested at least 4-5 boys. Boys & parents confronted church which promised he would go away and never work with kids again. D’Angelo went for therapy and then on to new assignments in St. Petersburg Diocese. Numerous suits filed in Miami and Tampa. Several settled; others dismissed on statute of limitations. Died 2005. One man who settled in 1998 sued again in 2002 alleging fraud on part of Archdiocese. Settled 4/09.
Dennehy Thomas Miami, FL Ordained in Ireland. First public allegations against Dennehy made in civil suit filed 10/5/10. Plaintiff alleges that Dennehy abused him for 2 yrs (1967-68) at St. John the Baptist parish. In addition to masturbation, oral sex, and sodomy, plaintiff was forced to dress in girl’s school uniform during the abuse. Dennehy also Super. at Cardinal Gibbons H.S. Retired in 1993 and died in 1999. Miami said it offered counseling to Plaintiff in 2009 but he denies contact.
Doherty Neil Miami, FL Removed 2002. Sued 2003 re abuse of 4-5. Church knew of history from 1979 when 1st complaint made. One settlement in 1994 for $50K. New suit 2005 re abuse of 11 yr old boy for about 5 yrs starting 1997. Arrested 2006. Suit(s) settled 2006. Archbishop deposed 2/07 in 2005 suit. 2 claims settled 6/07. 3 more plaintiffs came forward 4/07. Multiple suits in 2007-2013. Back in jail 11/10. Trial awarded $100M 11/11; will never collect. Pled no contest in criminal matter 1/14/13. Sentenced to 15 yrs 1/28/13.
Eggleton Christopher T. Miami, FL Per 2002 articles, Eggleton had just been removed from his post in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Diocese after a civil suit filed in Miami alleging sexual abuse by Eggleton between 1990-1991 in Florida. Also worked in New Orleans in 1993. Found “innocent ofall charges by Miami court” per 7/04 article. Per 2006 website, he is working in Diocese of Raleigh.
Engbers Thomas J. Miami, FL Resigned from his parish in 4/02 citing health reasons. Archidocese confirmed in 6/02 that resignation was because of 22 year old sex abuse complaint in priest’s file. Man accusing Engbers said that his father reported the abuse to church authorities when it happened but nothing done. The man complained again spring 2002; Engbers retired. There were notes in Engbers’ file with the man’s name, age and a reference to Engbers’ treatment for a foot fetish.
Escala Rafael Miami, FL Ordained in Cuba. Expelled after the Castro revolution, spent some time in Dominican Republic, and ended up in the Miami area in 1977. In late 2011, man notified Archdiocese that he had been abused by Escala in late 1980s when he was 16. Escala caught him stealing $60 from collection plate. Threatened to tell boy’s father but abused him instead. Escala died 1/27/09. Claim settled 1/13 but not publicized until 3/13 when Plaintiff made it public. This is first allegation against the priest.
Fernandez Miguel A. Miami, FL Named as abuser of one youth in 2005 civil suit against the Archdiocese of Miami. In the suit, Plaintiff alleged abuse took place in the rectory of a West Palm Beach parish. He also alleged abuse by multiple other priests in the Archdiocese. and elsewhere. Suit settled in 2007. Fernandez died in April, 2004 per Necrology of Archdiocese of Miami accessed 11/4/12.
Flemming James Miami, FL Man filed suit in Jan. 2004 alleging that he was abused by James Flemming and his brother Neil Flemming (also a priest) at Boystown, a Miami-area orphanage, beginning in 1969. At the time of the alleged abuse, James Flemming was not yet a priest. Suit alleges that both men used him as their “personal sex servant.” James Flemming was a tutor at the school at the time of the alleged abuse.
Garcia Rolando G. Miami, FL From Cuba. Accused in 2007 civil suit of sexual abuse of 11 yr old boy in 1989 at St. John Bosco in Little Havana. Suit settled 2009. New suit filed 9/12 by one. Alleged abuse took place in 1980s when Garcia was in seminary. Suspended for 10 days before returned to active duty.. Archdiocese says Garcia passed polygraph test. Accused 10/12 of covering up abuse by another priest. New suit filed 10/23/12 re abuse beginning 1994. Denied all allegations. Removed w/o privileges 10/24/12. Resigned 11/30/12
Garcia-Rubio Ernesto Miami, FL Worked a year in Miami; moved to Cuba; expelled 1969 for “serious difficulties of a moral nature (homosexuality),” as Miami knew but took him back. Accused 1988 of sexually abusing 4 Nicaraguan and Salvadoran refugee boys 1983-88. Evaluated at St. Luke’s 1988; sent on sabbatical to Colombia; assigned in Honduras. Miami removed faculties 1989; defrocked 1999. 5th man sued 2004, alleging rape in 1984 when he was 13 & refugee.Some claims settled 9/04. New docs revealed 3/10. New suits filed 6/10 & 2/13.
Gonzalez-Abreu Hector Miami, FL Civil suit filed Nov. 2003 by one man accusing Gonzalez-Abreu of abusing him as a youth after he reported to the priest that he had been abused by Fr. Guichard. Accusations involved giving the youth a beer, showing him pornography and sexually abusing him. Gonzalez-Abreu placed on leave in Dec. 2003. Later cleared by the Archdiocese.
Griffin Gus (August?) Miami, FL Accued in civil suit filed summer, 2007 of sexually abusing a 16 yr old boy in 1970s at St. Bernard Church in Sunrise.
Guerrero Joaquin Miami, FL In Nov. 2002 man alleged that he came to Florida from Cuba in 1962 at age 14 under the Pedro Pan Program sponsored by archdiocese. He was placed in a camp where Guerrero raped and abused him for 6 months. Guerrero was ordained in Cuba and worked in the Archdiocese in 1960s with permission. He apparently left the archdiocese in 1965. Current status unknown. Claim settled 9/04.
Guichard Alvaro Miami, FL Sued May, 2002. Accused of abuse of 1 teenage boy in 1970s. Criminal charges not pursued due to SOL. Reinstated as pastor after 15 months on leave. Diocese could not prove allegations. Another civil suit filed 11/03 and Guichard placed on leave again.Named in total of 4 suits. In Sept. 2006 he filed suits against his accuser and family of a deceased accuser. He filed another suit in Oct. 2006. 5 Plaintiffs have settled claims. Church trial held 11/07.
Harris L. Yates Miami, FL Man filed suit in March 2003 alleging that he had been abused by Harris 20 years ago when he was 17. Harris was working as high school counselor and chaplain at the time. Man says the counseling office at the school was lined with pictures Harris had taken of shirtless male students. All had hand-written notes on the back on them. Died 1996.
Huck Joseph Miami, FL Man filed suit 6/03 alleging he was sexually molested by Huck when he was 12 and living at Boystown outside Miami. Says Huck took him on a fishing trip and abused him during the trip. Huck threatened the boy to keep him quiet. Man told his house parentand the director and was punished. Claims settled in 2004. Huck retired 2002.
Joan Marie Sister Miami, FL Suit filed 4/12/11 alleges that the nun groped and fondled a first grade boy during the 1978-1979 school year at St. James Catholic School in North Miami. She would pretend to tuck in his shirt and would rub his genitals under his clothing and fondlehim. Nun’s current whereabouts (if she is still alive) are unknown. Defendants are Archdiocese of Miami, the archbishop, the Dominican Sisters,and the school.
Jove Pedro Miami, FL Man filed civil suit in Oct. 2006 alleging that he was abused at age 14 in 1981 and 1982 by Jove and another priest at at a Palm Beach County seminary, a Miami rectory and a condominium in the Keys. Jove is referred to as “a former priest who runs a nonprofit Miami-Dade agency for senior citizens.” He left Archdiocese 20 yrs ago and “formally left the priesthood” 12 yrs ago.
Kershner Joseph J. Miami, FL Kershner, principal of Cardinal Gibbons High School, was suspended in June 2002 because of allegations of abuse in 1980s. Allegation was that he had grabbed buttocks of a student almost 30 yrs ago. 2 male teachers also complained that he groped them. Review Board cleared him 12/02 and returned him to active ministry. He then “retired” because of health problems. Named in civil suit filed late 2009 or early 2010 in FL.
LaCerra Gerard T. “Gerry” Miami, FL Accused in 2005 suit against Archdiocese of touching, fondling and sexually abusing one youth in early 1980s after the youth told him he had been abused by numerous other priests in Miami and other locations. Suit settled 2007. LaCerra was Chancellor of the Archdiocese during the time the abuse occurred. He died 7/00. He was also accused of destroying incriminating files regarding other priests and protecting Neil Doherty, a prolific abuser.
Malicki Jan Miami, FL 1998 suit accuses Malicki of abusing two women. One was minor (13) at time of abuse. Police investigated for 2 years; no charges filed. Civil suit dormant for 4 years until Florida Supreme Court ruled 3/2002 that churches not protected from negligent hiring and supervision claims. Malicki filed a suit in July 2002 against Archdiocese for publicly accusing him of wrongdoing. Suit dismissed in 6/2003. Malicki ordained in Poland in 1973; came to Florida in 1989. Women settled suit in 2005.
Mercieca Anthony Miami, FL Admitted in 10/06 that he fondled altar boy Mark Foley (later U.S. Rep for FL,) in the mid-1960s when the boy was age 11-13. John Doe 26 then filed suit, alleging that Mercieca performed oral sex on him in the late 1970s at age 12-13. Mercieca admits that he skinnydipped with Foley, gave him nude massages, and took him on trips to DC and NYC. Foley forced to resign in 2006 because of his behavior with pages. Civil suit against Mercieca settled 7/07. Another suit filed 10/08 re 1977 abuse.
Miyares Gustavo J. Miami, FL
Nickse Jose Pablo Miami, FL Nickse, originally from Cuba, had worked in Florida for at least 20 years. He was placed on leave in June, 2002 after lawsuit claimed he and Fr. Castellanos abused a 15 yr old youth in 1982. Addl complaints and/or suits filed. Some settled in 2004. Nickse died of heart attack in Dec. 2002 before allegations completely investigated.
O’Brien Kevin Miami, FL Suit filed in March 2005 alleging sexual misconduct by O’Brien involving a student at Mary Help of Christians School in 1978 and 1979. O’Brien was principal at the school at the time. He died 1981.
O’Farrill Juan Ramon Miami, FL O’Farrill, a native of Cuba, sought political asylum in US in 1959. He retired in 1983. 4/11 civil suit alleged that in 1988 O’Farrill sexually molested a 16 yr old boy from Nicaragua who sought counseling from him at St. Michael the Archangel Church in west Little Havana. O’Farrill gave him alcohol in OJ and performed oral sex. O’Farrill died in 1994. Just before death he was arrested and charged with giving an alibi to a robber in exchange for sex.
Parlangeli Anthony Miami, FL In 3/02 article, Man says that at 15 he was drugged and raped by Parlangeli on overnight camping trip. Parlangeli said he was too tired to camp and rented a hotel room. Drugs caused convulsions; Parlangeli had to take youth to hospital ER. Police notifed; he was arrested. Charges later reduced to administering drugs illegally and he spent a brief time in jail. Transferred to Baltimore where he also abused. 1994 civil suit settled.Left order and married prior to his death in 1997.
Puertas Cristobal de Jesus Miami, FL Civil suit filed in 2010 re abuse by Puertas of one boy. Archdiocese reports in 2012 that there was a settlement involving Puertas who is no longer a priest in the Archdiocese. Victim of this abuse says that Fr. Rolando Garcia knew about the abuse at the time and actually paid the victim to keep quiet about the abuse. .
Ringenberger Harry Miami, FL Accused in lawsuit filed 5/19/15 of sexual assault of 14-yr-old boy in 1989 at St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Church, Pembroke Pines FL. Allegations include his wrestling naked with boy, and that he abused other children similarly. Lawsuit claims archdiocese was informed of the allegations in 1989 but allowed Ringenberger to work at another parish after sending him away for a year.
Smith Trevor Miami, FL Smith is accused in 9/02 civil suit of sexually abusing a 10 year old boy in late 1990s. Smith was chaplain at nursing home owned by Arch. of Miami and boy’s grandmother was resident there. Settled 2003 for $500K. Also accusations of inappropriate contact with boys in 1970s. Sent for therary. In 6/04 Smith was arrested and charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious assault. Convicted 12/04 of abuse of plaintiff from 2002. Sentenced 2 yrs house arrest & 8 yrs probation..
Sokol Edward Miami, FL Sokol, a former Franciscan priest, was arrested 4/01 after arranging over the Internet to meet a 15 yr old boy for sex (it was a police sting). Pleaded no contest to computer pornography 12/01 and Judge allowed him to continue running a group home for disabled adult males, Finally ordered to leave the home 3/02 by Social Services. Also worked in Boston Arch. and at Perkins School for the Blind and in NH. Briefly had privileges in Miami after Franciscans withdrew his privileges.
Walk Donald J. Miami, FL Walk is named in 7/06 settlement with Miami Archdiocese as having abused 1 teenage boy in the 1970s-1980s. He had no particular assignment at the time and was still “absent on leave” per 1989 Catholic Directory. Served as chaplain of Miami Dolphins atone point. Named in 1 civil suit filed summer, 2007; accused of abusing 1 boy between ages of 14 and 16 in late 1970s. Another Plaintiff filed suit 12/07 alleging abuse from 1977-1982.
Walsh Bryan O. Miami, FL Accused in 6/9/06 complaint of sexual abuse of boy age 14 in 1964, including penetration and oral sex. Boy was ward of Operation Pedro Pan; Walsh was its founder and director. Pedro Pan brought 14,048 Cuban children to US in 1960-62; placed them in orphanages and foster care to remove them from Castro’s educational system. Walsh was born and trained in Ireland; ordained for St. Augustine diocese; became Miami priest when diocese was erected in 1958; retired 1996; died 12/20/01.
Ward Kenneth Miami, FL Former dean of students at Msgr. Edward Pace High School. Allegations reported to police in 2006 but Archdiocese says it did not learn of them until fall, 2012. In 8/13 civil suit, three men in their mid-20s allege that Ward abused them in the early 2000s. He worked at Pace from 2000-2006. Spent two more years at Christopher Columbus High in Westchester. 4th man sued 9/13. Left order in 2008 and got state license as registered nurse in 2012. Worked in Psychiatric Hospital.
Bendixen Arthur Orlando, FL Chancellor of Diocese of Orlando from 1984-91 and Rector of Seminary 1991-1993. Seen nude in bed w/ nude boy by priest 1978. Former priest and a church activist claim they asked for investigations in 1986 and 1992 but nothing done. Sued 1994. Accused ofabuse of several boys. Several settlements in 1995. Since 2009, Bendixen has been vice president for programs and partnerships for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.
Coyle James M. Orlando, FL Coyle accused of series of sexual molestations over 5 years in 1980s at St. Peter’s Church in DeLand and of plying boys with marijuana and alcohol. Accusations made in 1996; he was suspended & sent for treatment. News not released to public by Diocese until 2/97. Bishop Dorsey promised in 1997 that Coyle would never be returned to diocesan duties.
Emerson Richard A. Orlando, FL Litigation alleges Gary, IN diocese knew of Emerson’s abusive history when he was allowed to begin work in Orlando in 1986. In 1992 he was ordered to return to Gary after allegations in Orlando. In 2004 a man from Orlando filed a civil suit . A second civil suit filed 2/08 in Florida alleged a long-term ‘relationship’ with Emerson, beginning at age 9. Suit filed in IN 12/08 alleging abuse after Emerson returned to Gary. Laicized in 2006. New FL suits filed 5/10 & 7/10. He filed bankruptcy 2/11. Included on Gary diocese’s list released 8/27/18.
Garcia Emilio Orlando, FL Woman has accused Garcia, a Spanish priest, of molesting her, beginning at age 14, and then raping her when she was 16. Abuse occurred at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Largo in 1960s. Woman began having flashbacks in 2000. When she confronted Garcia, he admitted the abuse. He was removed from his post and returned to Spain.
Honc Kathleen Francis Orlando, FL Per 6/07 article, Sr. Honc has recently been accused of molesting a girl sometime between 1962-1971 at Melbourne Central Catholic school. She left the area in 1971. She was removed from her current assignment in Seminole, Florida when the allegation was received.
O’Dowd Eamon Orlando, FL O’Dowd involved in two incidents. Investigated in 1977 for fondling 2 girls; no charges filed after he apologized and said he meant no harm. In 1983 he was arrested for fondling a girl. Those charges dropped after he agreed to psychiatric treatment. One article says that he also had an affair with the girl’s mother. 1983 (?) civil suit settled in 1986 for $250K and files sealed. Still active priest until he “retired” without privileges in 1995 after news of the 1983 incident became public.
Pagni, III Thomas James Orlando, FL 1995 suit alleges Pagni molested young people in seminary and at several assignments. Diocese put him through school for mental counseling career in 1986 in exchange for leaving priesthood. Suit says diocese lied to state about background. Diocese agreed it helped him change careers but denies deceiving state. 2 more suits filed in 1996. Arrested 1995; sentenced to 10 yrs prison 1996. Released 7/2000. Still on sex offender registry 12/09 but not in 1/12..
Redmond Lawrence “Larry” P. Orlando, FL In 8/95 Diocese settled with at least six men who claimed abuse by Redmond when they were youngsters. After accusations became public in 12/94, Redmond placed on leave and later retired. In 8/95, another man’s suit dismissed because of statute of limitations. Other victims are expected to file. Redmond served as one of Orlando’s vicars general as well as a pastor for 4 yrs before the accusations. Died 2/06. New suit filed by 1 man 10/11.
Salazar Oscar Orlando, FL Accused of groping a 17 yr old boy in 1996 at Our Lady of the Lakes Church in Deltona. Not charged because boy and family declined to do so. Removed from assignment and sent to St. Luke’s for treatment. Diocese made no public announcement until 2/97. Bishop says Salazar will never be assigned in Diocese and will not be recommended for assignment in another diocese.
Sheedy Patrick J. Orlando, FL On 5/12/10 attorney for minor plaintiff announced he would file suit against Sheedy shortly. Sheedy has emphatically denied the allegation in public news conference. On 5/13/10 Plaintiff’s attorney said he had agreed to delay filing suit at request of diocese who didn’t believe allegations.. .
Sykes Thomas Orlando, FL Sykes believed to be the “Fr. Thomas S.” cited in San Jose Mercury News article of 12/31/87. Thomas S. removed from Orlando Diocese in 1976 after parents of 16 yr old complained that he had molested their son. Father S was transferred to Richmond, VA parish. Thomas Sykes was laicized and married. He testified in Authenrieth matter. Settlement w/ 1 in early 1990s. Diocese announced 2/07 that a new credible allegation of abuse in 1970s had recently been received. Civil suit filed 7/20/11. Sykes is dead.
Uhran Vernon Orlando, FL Accused of abuse of at least two boys in early 1970s in two lawsuits settled 7/05. Both plaintiffs claim that diocese knew of abuse by 1969 and did nothing except transfer Uhran. Removed from duties in 1992 after an allegation of abuse.Two suits filed 9/05 and 3 more in 12/05. 2 suits settled as of 7/06 for $250K. He pled 5th Amendment 90 times in 8/08 deposition. Uhran also worked in Alaska and Dominican Republic. New case filed in FL 5/10. Multiple victims.
Uniowski Peter Orlando, FL Placed on leave from his parish assignment in 2003. This was same day the Diocese received an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior involving a 12 yr old girl. Police notified. No criminal charges filed. In July 2003 he was permanently removed from parish assignment. Bishop said that while there was not enough evidence regarding child’s accusation, there was clear evidence of inappropriate conduct with regard to sexual affairs with adult women.
Collins Edwin Palm Beach, FL In 1998, Collins, a retired priest from Rockville Centre, NY, made advances toward a teenager in Palm Beach. Boy fought him off and immediately told Diocese and Collins resigned. The vicar general wrote a letter and placed it in Collins’ file. Also notified the Diocese of Rockville Centre. Name not released to public in 2002 with other accused abusers. Family immediately complained to diocese about omission. Diocese said it “missed” the file.
Flynn Frank Palm Beach, FL Accused of seducing at least 3 women and of kissing and groping a young girl from ages 12-18. Police closed investigation 9/02. Diocese was notified at least 4 times between 1982 and 1997 that Flynn was seducing women. Flynn left diocese in 1997 and returned to native Ireland because of “weak heart”. Working at seminary in Dublin in 2002 but retired by 2004. Diocese paid at least 2 settlements re Flynn. Named in 1 suit.
Guimaraes Elias Francisco Palm Beach, FL Guimaraes, a Brazilian priest working in Palm Beach Diocese since 2001, was arrested 9/02 when he arrived on beach for sexual rendezvous with detective who had been posing as a 14 year old boy on the Internet. Guimaraes sent many sexually explicit messages and bragged of having sex with a 14 yr old boy and a 16 yr old boy. Pleaded guilty 2003; sentenced to four years and 3 months in Federal prison. Released 5/23/06. May have been deported to Brazil when he was released.
Maloney Francis F. Palm Beach, FL Started career in Stubenville Diocese. Moved to Florida. Removed from Florida parish in 2002 after 17 yr old accused him of acting inappropriately around him. Youth said he found Maloney in bed with another man and that the priest would walk around his home nude while the youth was there. No criminal charges filed. Youth filed civil suit 3/03. Suit settled in 5/04 for less than $1 million. Maloney admitted to a long-term, “sporadic” sexual relationship with the other priest.
Palimattom Jose Palm Beach, FL Arrested, charged with obscenity in 1/15 for showing child porn to a 14-yr-old boy. Admitted behavior. Served 6 mos. jail then deported to native India 6/15. Boy’s father alerted police. Priest sought help of a 4-yr-old boy to help delete the photos. Palimattom worked at Holy Name of Jesus, West Palm Beach FL since 12/14. Police said Palimattom had gotten in trouble in India for involvement with a boy. Diocese says background check prior to Palimattom’s arrival showed no prior misconduct. Holy Name Administrator, Rev. John Gallagher, told police he was instructed that when Palimattom arrived he was to have no contact with minors without adult present. Gallagher, who also alerted authorities re Palimattom, claimed demotion/poor treatment by diocese as a result in 1/16. Diocese refuted claim. Gallagher filed suit vs diocese 1/11/17. Appeals court dismissed the suit 5/18, saying court cannot get involved in church administrative issues.
Symons (Bp) Joseph Keith Palm Beach, FL Served as Bishop of Palm Beach Diocese from 1990 until resignation 6/98 when it was revealed that he had molested five young men during the early years (1958-1960s) of his ministry in Miami Diocese. News came out after one victim reported the abuse to a church official. Symons admitted abuse and also the abuse of the other 4 youths. Bishop of Pensacola-Tallassahee knew of abuse in 1995 but did nothing. Leading spiritual retreats for adults in MI by 1999.
Bhaskar Godugunuru Vijaya “Vijay” Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Bhasker, a priest from India, was visiting friends in Florida and assisting a local parish when he was accused of sexual abuse of a 15 yr old girl at Blessed Trinity Church in 6/06. Arrested. Later pled guilty to aggravated assault. Did not serve prison time but was forced to return to his home country of India as part of his plea deal. Civil suit filed 2/08 by girl’s parents. He was working as priest in Sarteano, Italy until 4/18/10.
Castillo Richard “Rick” Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Castillo admitted to abusing 4 boys. Reported to Police in 1996 but statute had run. Parents had to file a release saying they would not file civil suit to get diocese to pay for ongoing therapy. Two brothers saud they had previously told Diocese of abuse but were ignored. He was permanently barred from ministry, sent for treatment, and barred from contact with children.
Cherup, Jr. Michael A. Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Diocese learned 7/19/13 of allegation of sexual abuse of a 15- yr-old youth in 8/93 when Cherup was assigned to Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Pensacola. Conduct was described as lewd and lascivious in nature, like “groping.” Review Board found allegation credible and he was removed without privileges from St. Mary Parish in Fort Walton Beach 8/29/13. Cherup denied all allegations.
Crandall Thomas Anthony Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Active priest when he was arrested 1/02 for dealing drugs and taking money from parish. Sentenced to 51 months in fed. prison. Out on probation in 2005 when he was arrested on child porn charges. Convicted by jury 6/06 and sentenced to 10 yrs prison. Article refers to him as a “former priest.” On Sex Offender Registry.
Jones Edward T. Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Pastor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Crawfordville and Sacred Heart in Lanark when removed 8/18 due to allegation of ‘inappropriate contact’ by Jones with an underage girl in 2004 while assigned to Blessed Sacrament in Tallahassee. State’s Attorney to investigate.
McCreanor David Pensacola-Tallahassee, FL Native of Ireland. Ordained for Diocese of St. Augustine. In 10/97 3 sisters accused him of seducing them in 1980s when they were teenagers. The sisters claimed they told current Diocese at least 14 months prior to the time they went to the newspapers. McCreanor not removed from parish until they told the paper. Per diocese, at least 5 more women have come forward to claim that he had made sexual overtures to them. He denied all allegations. No charges ever filed.
Bowles Richard J. St. Augustine, FL Bowles resigned in 2003 after admitting he molested a boy 34 years before. Someone had contacted Diocese in 8/03 and Diocese began investigation. A psychiatrist examined Bowles shortly after the abuse of the victim in 1969. A 2nd victim came forward toallege abuse in same time-frame on out-of-state trip. His parents complained to Diocese in 1971 when abuse occrred. Same person filed suit 5/05 and settled 10/05 for $30K.
Malone William J. St. Augustine, FL Named publicly in 3/19 as credibly accused of the sexual abuse of a minor in the early 1980s at Sacred Heart in Jacksonville. Worked in the Diocese of St. Augustine 1/82 – 3/92. Went to live with with his Order on Long Island, NY 3/92, then returned to its Ireland Province, where he died in 2003.
McNamara Thomas St. Augustine, FL In 2004, McNamara was accused of inappropriate contact with 3 minors in late 1960s. He was a visiting priest from Ireland assigned to Christ the King and St. Patrick’s parishes in Jacksonville from 1966 to 1968. Irish Bishop confirmed 12/04 that he continued to abuse boys for many years after his return to Ireland before he retired in 1993. Bishop denied knowledge of abuse in U.S. McNamara died in Ireland in 1997. 5/14 report on Killaloe Diocese in Ireland says there were 26 complaints against him in that diocese.
Mena Jose St. Augustine, FL Named in 2005 suit as having abused a youth many times during the 1965-66 school year while Plaintiff was in 5th grade at Incarnation Catholic School . Suit settled by St, Agustine Diocese for $150K. Mena is retired and lives in Jacksonville as of 2005. Two 2008 suits allege abuse in 1960s & 1970s in Orlando Diocese. May now be living in Spain. Another suit filed 12/09 but plaintiff had already settled w/ diocese.
Weinheimer William St. Augustine, FL In civil suit filed 2/08, man alleges that Weinheimer sexually abused him in 1954. Plaintiff has “love” letters that Weinheimer wrote to him at the time, beginning when the man was 9 yrs old. Petition claimed Diocese knew of other allegations against Weinheimer who died 1/20/86. Diocese is investigating the allegations.
Acosta Jorge St. Petersburg, FL Joined seminary at age 18 and left religious life in 1983. Named as abuser “Br. Jorges Acosta” in 2005 civil suit by 2 men against Salasian Order and Mary Help of Christians School in Tampa. Admitted in 02/07 deposition to sexual relations with three students in1983 when he was teacher and cleric at school. He told the principal about 2 of the incidents but was never reported to law enforcement. 2nd suit filed by 1 4/07. One settlement announced 7/08. Amount confidential. No criminal charges due to SOL
Allen Richard J. St. Petersburg, FL In 2002 man notified diocese of accusations of abuse by Allen when the man was 12-13 yrs old. Went on for 2 years. Allen resigned from position and privileges suspended by Bishop 4/02. Diocese denied any prior knowledge. No criminal charges were filed.In 5/02 Diocese acknowledged that Allen’s file did not raise any red flags during the Diocese’s review of files of 240 active priests.
Appleby Russell Gerald St. Petersburg, FL Also known as Gerald Russell Appleby. In 1994 young man accused Appleby of molestation over a 2-year period. Suit filed in 1996; later dropped. Appleby left St. Petersburg in 1979; diocese said no knowledge of complaints until 1994. Order paid the accuser $4,800 for therapy in 1995. Removed by Order in 1990 or 1991; laicized in 1995. Arrested in TX on FL abuse charges 3/03. Pled guilty 2004; sentenced to 12 years prison and 20 years sex offender probation. Died in prison 2005. On Corpus Christi diocese’s list 1/31/19. It notes removed from ministry in the diocese 1983.
Balthazar Norman G. St. Petersburg, FL Initially charged in 1991 in Tampa with soliciting lewd act from a male, undercover police officer. Charges dismissed by court. Sent for therapy and returned to duty. Diocese paid $75K in 2010 to man who said he was abused by Balthazar at Christ the King in Tampa in early 1980s when he was 17. Settlement not revealed until 1/11. Tampa police say in 2002 a man accused Balthazar and another priest of sexually assaulting him in 1971 at age 9. State did not press charges.
Berko Matthew St. Petersburg, FL Berko, a member of Ukrainian Catholic Diocese of St. Josaphat of Parma, was working in Toronto, Canada when he abused a 14 yr old girl. Pleaded guilty 1985 to molestation charge and served a year of probation in Connecticut. Girl and family sued and won judgment (never paid). Berko turned up as pastor of Ukrainian Catholic church in St. Petersburg FL. Removed from these duties in 4/02 when Ukrainian Bishop was informed of his past. Died 5/08.
Bernabe Polienato St. Petersburg, FL Ordained by Lingayen-Dugapan archdiocese in the Philippines. Worked in St. Petersburg diocese 1975-89. Accused of repeatedly raping girl there 1978-86, starting when she was 8 years old. Listed as Army chaplain in Ogdensburg NY diocese 1989-91. Listed inPalm Beach FL diocese as parish priest 1992-94. Fled country after allegations became known in 2002. In 1/03 the Diocese of St. Petersburg reached $33,500 out-of-court settlement with the woman. Announcement 4/06 that Bernabe died in 2004.
Burke (St. Petersburgh, FL) William Michael St. Petersburg, FL 2002 civil suit alleges abuse in 1986-1987 while Burke was a religious brother. Reported in 1989 yet Burke ordained as priest in 1993. Was working in New York religious center until suspension in 2002. Order dismissed from suit 11/02. At least one other victim has since come forward. May be living in Virginia as of 7/05.
Casula John St. Petersburg, FL Accused in a 3/16 lawsuit of sexual abuse of boy, age 12-14, at Mary Help of Christians boarding school for disadvantaged children in Tampa FL, 1976-78. Per the suit, another student accused Cosula in 1977, but the Salesians did not call police. Cosula joined the order in 1941 and died in 1994. Between 2002-16, about 10 other former students have alleged abuse by priests and brothers at the school, which closed in 2006.
Clementi Innocente St. Petersburg, FL Accused of sexually abusingf at least two boys at Mary Help of Christians school, East Lake, FL (boarding school for troubled boys). Claim vs Eastern U.S. Province of Salesians said to be quietly settled. Died 1999.
Hernandez Ramon St. Petersburg, FL Hernandez. originally a priest in Cuba, moved to US in 1980. He removed himself from ministry 2/06 after man accused him of abuse in 1999 when the man was 16 and Hernandez was assigned to St. Rita’s in Dade City. Hernandez denied all the allegations. Police investigated but did not file charges. Diocese conducted an investigation and submitted matter to Review Board. Diocese announced it would him to active ministry as of 8/30/06. Unable to locate him on diocesan website as of 7/19/08.
Hidding Thomas J. St. Petersburg, FL Hidding was removed from his assignment at Miami parish 5/02 after “credible” accusation that he molested a student at Jesuit High School in Tampa some time 1980-1982. Transferred to the Jesuit high school in Dallas, TX where he worked 1982-1983. This was while he was a Jesuit brother, prior to ordination. Died 10/12/05. On the Jesuits Central and Southern Province list 12/7/18.
Lara James C. St. Petersburg, FL Per 4/02 article, Lara was accused in 1987 of abusing daughter of Church’s former music directors, beginning when she was 14 and continuing for 5 yrs. The parents also accused Lara of slandering them and of hitting and pushing the wife just before church fired them. Suit was “amicably resolved” in 1990 per court records. Lara, however, continued at his church and did not retire until 1999.
Lau William A. St. Petersburg, FL Accused spring of 1996 of sexual incident involving an older teenager boy that had taken place years earlier. He left his position as priest and went to rehab. program. Bishop Lynch waited several months before telling Parish why Lau left. 4/02 article says Lau “was removed from the ministry and sought employment elsewhere.” 2002 Catholic Directory shows him “absent on leave.”
Luka Ronald John St. Petersburg, FL In two 2002 civil suits Luka is accused of abusing 3 male students at Catholic school in Ft. Lauderdale. Luka left the school in 1978 after one mother went to the head priest of the parish. Additional allegations of abuse reaching back more than 20 years to service in New York surfaced in 1999. Resides at Wounded Brothers Project in Missouri. Judge ruled 2/03 that the latest suit against Luka could go forward. At least 1 claim settled 9/04 for $150K.
McLoughlin Nicholas St. Petersburg, FL Priest of the Diocese of Venice, formerly St. Petersburg diocese territory. Suspended from ministry in 11/18 after the Diocese of St. Petersburg notified Venice of an allegation of inappropriate contact with a minor. Incident alleged to have occurred in the 1970s when McLoughlin was pastor of Corpus Christi in Temple Terrace. (His brother, Fr. Ed McLoughlin was accused of abuse of teen boys in the 1980s and 1990s. Fr. Nick McLoughlin was accused in lawsuits of covering up for for Fr. Ed.)
Mulryan Thomas St. Petersburg, FL Mulryan was accused in 1994 of abuse of 3 boys at Notre Dame International School in Rome in early 1960s. He was a religious brother at the time but left the order in 1970s. He had worked for Catholic schools in MA and NY before coming to work as teacher at Jesuit High School in Tampa in 1988. Became prinicpal in 1992. Placed on leave 12/94 when allegations became known. He denied all allegations. No known victims located at any of the U.S. schools. Mulryan retired 6/95.
O’Donnell Terence (Terry) St. Petersburg, FL Sued 2003 & 2004. Accused by 3 of abusing them at Mary Help of Christians Catholic School, a boarding school in Tampa in early 1990s. When parents complained, he was reassigned to Salesian Boys and Girls Club in Boston, and the Salesian Provincial Housein New Rochelle. Placed on leave in 2003 after suit filed. Had been investigated in 1993 by Florida’s Dept of Health and Rehab. Services for the same type of allegations. No charges filed.
Reason Hubert John St. Petersburg, FL In 2002, “several individuals” came forward with credible accusations that they had been abused by Reason as minors. 12/02 article says that two brothers had come forward to allege abuse by Reason and Gerry Appleby, and an Episcopal priest and an Episcopal seminarian. Men said that in effect the 4 traded them around. They said that Reason would also give them and other altar boys money and alcohol and take them to Tampa for professional wrestling. Died 1984. 3 claims settled for $1.5M 7/05.
Rhodes Michael St. Petersburg, FL Per 2004 article, Rhodes accused of sexually abusing two minor boys in late 1970s when he was a seminary student. One man came forward in late 2003 and second victim was located by church investigators. Rhodes left the ministry in 1993. May be still living in Florida and working as a clinical hypnotherapist.
Rogge Norman J. St. Petersburg, FL Pled guilty in FL in 1967 to one count of contributing to delinquency of minor. Sentenced to three years probation and psychiatric counseling. Charged in FL in 1985 with one count of sexual battery or lewd and lascivious act on boy under 14 in 1984. Sentenced to one year in jail. Also worked in TX, CA, KS, AL, LA. Living in LA in 2002. complaint 2004 of 1962 abuse. Died 2/04/09. On Mobile archdiocese’s list 12/6/18. On Alexandria diocese’s list 2/6/19. On Jesuits Central and Southern Province’s list 12/7/19.
Schaeufele Robert L. St. Petersburg, FL Diocese knew in 1994 that he was bringing boys to rectory Placed on leave 4/02 after allegations surfaced. Several civil suits 2003-2004. In 2004 Diocese agreed to pay $1.1M to 12 men abused by him. Others refused to settle. Found not guilty 5/03 of some charges but convicted 6/03 on other charges of abuse in 1980s. Received two 30-year concurrent sentences. Also sentenced in Pasco County 7/03. At least 22 accusers are known. Abused in parishes now part of Venice Diocese. Still in jail 1/10.
Spillane Jeremiah M. St. Petersburg, FL Spillane, a chaplain at a Catholic high school in Sarasota (Venice Diocese), was charged in early 1997 with Internet solicitation of boy, age 13, actually an undercover policeman. Pleaded no contest to charges and sentenced to 2 yrs house arrest and 2yrs probation. Also admitted abuse in prior assignments in Mexico. Also worked in Spain and Rome.
Tuoc Ignatius St. Petersburg, FL Tuoc came to the St. Petersburg Diocese 4/76 from a diocese in Vietnam. In 2003, Tuoc was temporarily removed from his assignment after a female parishioner accused him of abuse in early 1990s when she was a minor. After investigation by review board,he was asked to step down from assignment pending a more in-depth investigation. May have been returned to ministry because allegation could not be proved. He is an active priest per diocesan website accessed 7/08.
Anglim Thomas M. Venice, FL Anglim was pastor of St. Francis Xavier from 1966 to 2004 when he retired. Anglim died in Ireland in 1/10. In 4/10 civil suit, he was named as an abuser of at least one youth in 1967-1968. Plaintiff also believes there were other victims. Suit names Miami Archdiocese as well as Venice since it was part of Miami at the time of the abuse. He also supervised two other known abusers.
Baier Donald Venice, FL Per 7/02 articles, Baier, who retired in 2000, had his ministerial rights permanently revoked by Bishop after anonymous letter with documentation of alleged abuse received by Diocese in May, 2002. Investigation found evidence of at least 2 victims in separate locations but no victims came forward so Diocese did not report to law enforcement.
Bartholomew Carl Venice, FL In 2002 Bartholomew was accused by woman of molesting her 16 year old son in 1994 when Bartholomew was a chiropractor in Bradenton, FL. Venice Diocese is not investigating because he is order priest. In Oct. 2002 a committee of Lay persons investigatedand cleared Bartholomew. He was returned to full active status.
Brennan George Venice, FL Civil suit filed 11/05 accuses Brennan of abusing an 11 yr old boy in early 1980s when Brennan was seminary student at Incarnation Catholic Church. Brennan pleaded no contest in 1991 to exposing himself to undercover deputy at a highway rest stop. Retired 9/08 but continued to assist at Incarnation Parish. Died 1/20/11.
Cikovic Charles Michael Venice, FL Placed on leave in 1993 after accusations of sexual relationship with 13 yr old girl. Pleaded guilty in 1993 on 4 counts of sexual battery and/or lewd acts; sentenced to 6 mo in jail and 20 yrs probation with mandatory treatment and forced retirement.Released from jail in Dec. 1995. Civil suit filed and settled out of court in 1997. 2002 article says settlement was $550,000. Previous accusations in 1980s. Lives in MO. 2010. On Sex Offender Registry.
Flemming Neil (brother of James) Venice, FL Placed on leave in 2002 after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor. Incident was alleged to have occurred more than 30 years previously. Permanently removed in early 2004 after man filed civil suit alleging Flemming and his brother James abused him at Boystown. At least 1 suit settled 9/04 as part of large Arch. of Miami settlement. Two new suits filed 9/30/09 against Arch. of Miami and settled 2011. 3 new suits filed by 3 men 8/11.
Joseph Jean Ronald Venice, FL Accusations first made 8/08. Joseph, a native of Haiti who was ordained for the Diocese, agreed to a leave of absence 12/08 pending an investigation of allegations that he had sexually abused a 16 yr old boy in 1993 at St. Frances Xavier parish in Ft. Meyers. Joseph has denied all allegations. Canon law trial held in 2013 found denials not credible. Settlement of claims announced 08/20/14. It is believed he was laicized in 2013. Apparently case was only settled after secret 2013 documents were given to plaintiff showing the Catholic Church knew the priest was guilty of abusing him as a child and that other victims were also known. The decision to laicize has been appealed to Rome and will not be enforced until a final decision is made.
McLoughlin Edward Venice, FL Diocese knew in 1983 that McLoughlin had boys sleeping overnight at rectory. Sued 1997 alleging abuse of 1 youth after boy sought counseling because of prior abuse by choir director. Settled 1999 for $599K. Laicized 11/21/00 per 2002 article and livingin Ireland. (McLoughlin’s brother, Fr. Nick McLoughlin, also priest of diocese and accused of helping to cover up his history. Nick suspended in 11/18 after allegation dating to 1970s.)
Romero William Venice, FL Per 7/02 article, during the 1975-1976 school year, Romero would sexually exploit students by forcing them to undress in his bedroom, after which they would share wine from the chalice and take the Host wafer. Romero would also take nude pictures of some children. Several suits filed. Some settled 2004-2005. Left priesthood in 2003. New civil suit filed against Miami AD 3/22/12 re abuse at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Coral Gables in 1970s.

Please note that this Florida priest sex abuse list is not an exhaustive and complete list because new information of sexual abuses and sexual assaults by priests and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church becomes available daily.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for more up-to-date information on this priest abuse list as it becomes available.

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