Notable Sex Abuse Cases Litigated*

$500 Million

Representing Larry Nassar sex assault survivors in Michigan State University scandal – largest amount of money in history settled by a university for a sexual abuse case.

$14 Million

Summary jury verdict for a child victim of unspeakable sexual abuse.

$100 Million+

Representing a growing number of victims of child sex abuse in the Independent Reconciliation Compensation Program (IRCP).

$8 Million

Settlement for inhumane acts of race discrimination and sexual harassment.

$28 Million

For the largest sexual assault verdict in New York State history.

$5 Million

For a victim of horrendous sexual harassment.

Notable Medical Malpractice Cases Litigated*

$17 Million

For failure to timely perform c-section on baby.

$11.3 Million

Jury verdict for the brain damage a child suffered.

$7.3 Million+

Verdict in case of Queens woman over-prescribed medication who suffered burn injury.

$5 Million

After trial for woman who required multiple bowel surgeries.

$14.8 Million

For a baby suffering brain damage when a c-section was delayed.

$11 Million

For a Brooklyn woman who suffered an untreated post-delivery bleed.

$6.25 Million

Jury verdict for woman who underwent needless hip surgery.

$14.4 Million

For a Queens family whose child suffered brain damage.

$9.5 Million

For paraplegic due to failure to timely perform spine surgery.

$5.8 Million

For quadriplegic who suffered from a botched valve repair.

Notable Personal Injury Cases*

$265 Million Settlement

Quoted by USA Today in raising the cap of Amtrak train accidents for the victims of Amtrak Train 188.

$28 Million

For burn victim.

$11 Million+

Total settlement including structure for construction accident survivor.

$21 Million

Product liability settlement.

$8 Million

One of the lead counsel for victims of a bus overturn accident.

*Please note that past results do not guarantee similar outcome

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