Texas Catholic Church Priest & Clergy Sex Abuse List

Texas Priest Sex Abuse List: A list of Roman Catholic Priests & Clergy members of the Texas Diocese accused of sex abuse and/or sexual assault of minors.

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Merson Law has compiled a list of Roman Catholic Priests and Clergy members (the Texas priest sex abuse list) accused of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault of minors. The Sexual Assault team at Merson Law specializes in Catholic Clergy and Priest Sex Abuse and Sexual Assault cases.

This information found in this list is compiled from the Database of Publicly Accused Priests and does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

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Texas Priest Sex Abuse List

Merson Law’s Texas Priest Sex Abuse List was compiled from accounts of sexual abuse by a member of the Texas Catholic Church network. The names in this list are only those that have been found to be credible, however it is likely that there are names missing, due to the sheer number of accounts and the historical aversion to transparency by the Catholic Church.

This list is not endorsed by the Archdiocese, which has yet to release the names of priests found guilty through its own internal investigations.

Last Name First Name, MI Diocese Status
Antle Nicholas C Galveston-Houston Retired 1990
Removed from Ministry 2011
Deceased 2016
Barzyk Robert R Galveston-Houston Retired 1993
Removed from Ministry 1994
Deceased 2007
Burn David E Galveston-Houston Retired 1992
Removed from Ministry 1992
Deceased 2003
Cabrera Moises Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1988
Doga Allen R Galveston-Houston Deceased 1999
Dougherty George P Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1996
Deceased 2002
Edelin Richard Galveston-Houston Removed from Public Ministry 2013
Guerra Carlos Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1984
Left Priesthood 1987
Guillermo Rodrigo J. Galveston-Houston Retired 1994
Removed from Ministry 1994
Deceased 2015
Hemond Alphonse R Galveston-Houston Retired 1990
Deceased 1990
Horn Stephen R. Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2008
Jimenez William Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1959
Leduc Joseph G Galveston-Houston Deceased 1981
Linam Jesse S. Galveston-Houston Retired 1998
Lynch Denis O. Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1993
Deceased 2015
Martin Christopher J. Galveston-Houston Deceased 1989
Neumann Donald A. Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2013
Peguero Galveston-Houston Retired 1993
Deceased 2000
Peterson Dennis L. Galveston-Houston Laicized 2005
Deceased 2007
Ramon Robert C. Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2002
Resigned from Priesthood 2002
Deceased 2014
Schoppe Charles K Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry & Retired 1992
Deceased 2014
Stredny Anthony G. Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1993
Deceased 2018
Turic Ivan Galveston-Houston Faculties Removed 1977
Gonzalez Antonio Galveston-Houston Left Priesthood 198
Hanna Jack Galveston-Houston Faculties Removed 2013
Keil Anthony Galveston-Houston Deceased 1969
Laroche Dennis Galveston-Houston Left Priesthood 1987
Lawe Pius Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2009
O’Loughlin Raphael Galveston-Houston Deceased 1998
Orlando Vincent Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2002
Salisbury Walter D Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1993
Retired 1993
Springer Christopher J Galveston-Houston Laicized 1990
Stavinoha Donald Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 1986
Convicted 1988
Weber Gerard M Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2011
Weber John B Galveston-Houston Removed from Ministry 2011
Willemsen Andrew Galveston-Houston Deceased 2012
Barton Claude Amarillo Deceased 1979
Blum Orville R Amarillo
Burke Thomas H Amarillo
Burke Terrance Amarillo Deceased 2016
Catalina Anthony Amarillo Deceased 1968
Connaughton Laurence Amarillo “Probably deceased”
Coppinger John W Amarillo
Daly James L Amarillo Deceased 1988
DiBenedetto Peter P Amarillo Deceased 1995
Graff Edward R Amarillo Deceased 2002
Gurzynski James C Amarillo Deceased 2013
Herrera-Hernandez Rosendo Amarillo
Hoffman Robert P. Amarillo Deceased 2005
Holley David Amarillo Deceased 2008
Howell Rodney C. Amarillo Deceased 1993
Howlett John A. Amarillo
Hutzler James D. Amarillo
Lang Richard W. Amarillo Deceased 1974
Lopez Joseph R. Amarillo Deceased 1979
Lynch Gerald V. Amarillo Deceased 1979
McGorry Cletus B. Amarillo Deceased 1992
Maguire Aiden Amarillo Unknown – Returned to Ireland in 1981
Morales-Martinez Guillermo Amarillo
O’Brien Michael D. Amarillo Deceased 1978
Prado Alfredo Amarillo Fled to Costa Rica
Salazar-Jiminez John A. Amarillo
Silva J. Amarillo Deceased 1999
Sullivan John Amarillo Deceased 1984
Wafula Peter M. Amarillo Removed from Ministry 2018
Wood Bruce E. Amarillo Deceased 2017
Fiala John San-Antonio Deceased 2017
Sieczynski Jerzy San-Antonio Removed from Ministry 2003
Aviles Jose San-Antonio Removed from Ministry 2004
Deceased 2008
Clerx Theo San-Antonio Deceased 2003
Davila John San-Antonio Laicized 1999
Lzano Carlos San-Antonio Laicized 2003
Orr James San-Antonio Deceased 2019
Ortiz Dietz Javier San-Antonio Deported to Mexico 2014
Ozzimo Anthony San-Antonio
Contreras Jose L. San-Antonio Location Unknown
Fernandez Baeza Federico San-Antonio
Garcia Richard San-Antonio Deceased 1985
Gomez Ramon San-Antonio Location Unknown
Gonzalez Zumaya Benigno D. San-Antonio Deceased 2013
Khoury James San-Antonio Deceased 2016
Martinez Mario San-Antonio Deceased 1994
Miller Charles San-Antonio
Pavlicek Edward San-Antonio
Prado Alfredo San-Antonio Dismissed from clerical state 2006
White Louis San-Antonio Laicized 1989
Wilwerding Albert San-Antonio Deceased 2004
Behnke Thomas San-Antonio Deceased 2008
Connell David San-Antonio Deceased 1995
Gomez Francisco San-Antonio Deceased 1998
Harrold Michael San-Antonio Deceased 2015
Hernandez Gonzalez Antonio San-Antonio Laicized 1987
Deceased 2016
Hernandez Lawrence San-Antonio Removed from Ministry 2008
Kenny Michael San-Antonio Removed from Ministry 2000
Pending Laicization
MacArthur Bruce San-Antonio Deceased 2012
Martin Alfred H. San-Antonio Faculties removed 2002
McMahon Jon San-Antonio Laicized 2002
McNulty Patrick San-Antonio Deceased 1984
McSwiggan Thomas A. San-Antonio Deceased 2014
Pantoja Segura Eusebio San-Antonio Removed from Ministry 2004
Sandoval Jose L. San-Antonio
Sprigler William San-Antonio Permanently Removed from Ministry
Angeli Joseph San-Antonio Deceased 1993
Flynn John San-Antonio Resigned 1997
Faculties restored 2008
Faculties removed post 2008
Jansky Edward J. San-Antonio Retired 1974
Madrid Jose A. San-Antonio Deceased 1982
Mokarzel Galeb San-Antonio Retired without Ministry 1997
Living under supervision at an Oblate retirement facility in San Antonio
O’Sullivan Michael J. San-Antonio Deceased 2013
Park Austin N. San-Antonio Deceased 2013
Rojas Jesus J. San-Antonio Location Unknown
Swize Marion T. San-Antonio Left Priesthood 1969
Gherman Marshall San-Antonio Deceased 1959
Hentrich Gabriel San-Antonio Deceased 1992
Janak Hubert J. San-Antonio Retired 1985
Deceased 1994
Keane John F. San-Antonio Deceased 2001
Lievens William San-Antonio Deceased 1972
Malone Emmet San-Antonio Deceased 1994
Romero Jose San-Antonio Deceased 1978
Storme Albert San-Antonio Deceased 1990
Van Houtteghem Paul San-Antonio Deceased 2001
Strobel Francis S. San-Antonio Retired 1958
Deceased 1969
Elizondo Virgilio San-Antonio Deceased 2016
Ruppert Donald San-Antonio Currently assigned to priestly ministry in the
Diocese of Victoria
Aguilar Ricardo Austin Laicized 2017
Clogan Paul M. Austin Deceased 2012
Delaney Daniel J. Austin
Drinan Daniel M. Austin Laicized 2014
Eggerling Milton Austin Deceased 2008
Faust Claude Austin Deceased 1973
Gallagher James Austin Deceased 2005
Garcia Jim C. Austin Dismissed from seminary 2011
Greenwell James H. Austin Deceased 2012
Hand Jr., Chester C Austin Deceased 2002
Kinder Conrad Austin Deceased 1978
Krol Michael F. Austin Deceased 1996
Muller Gerald Austin Restricted: 2017
Nowery C. Austin Deceased 2018
O’Connor James R. Austin Laicized 2018
Ozuna Rafael R. Austin Laicized 2013
Reyes Longinus J. Austin Removed from Ministry 2004
Robles Victor G. Austin Removed from Ministry 2002
Tijerina Alberto M. Austin Removed from Ministry 1993
Waiches Vincent Austin Deceased 1995
Willemsen Adrianus J. Austin Deceased 2012
Wozniak Louis J. Austin Removed from Ministry 2015
Acosta Humberto Brownsville Left diocese in 1994
DaCosta Lee Brownsville Faculties removed 2019
Dyer George B. Brownsville Deceased 2013
Escobedo Armando Brownsville Removed from Ministry 2002
Fowler Terrence Brownsville Faculties removed 1998. Laicization in process.
Gomez Frank Brownsville Deceased 2014
Jeffrey James Brownsville Deceased 2017
Onyia Basil Brownsville Laicized 2016
Fled the country
Ortiz Benedicto Brownsville Deceased 2011
Rangel Salvador Brownsville Deceased 2002
Rovira Ivan M. Brownsville Faculties removed 2002
Sandoval Salomon Brownsville Deceased (Date Unknown)
Zuber Marti G. Brownsville Laicized 2018
Chavez Ronaldo M. Brownsville Removed from active ministry 2012
Sullivan Joseph V. Corpus Christi Deceased 1982
Appleby Russell G. Corpus Christi Deceased 2005
Robert J. Bedrosian Corpus Christi Deceased 2014
Fiala John M. Corpus Christi Deceased 2017
Horan Edward J. Corpus Christi Retired 1996
Deceased 1997
Koch Patrick Corpus Christi Deceased 2006
Pantoja Eusebio Corpus Christi Removed from ministry in Diocese of Corpus Christi 1980
Expelled from Claretian Order 1980
Prado Alfredo Corpus Christi Suspended 1991
Springer Christopher J Corpus Christi Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1971
Caponi Jerome Corpus Christi Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1982
Deceased 2/27/2009
Clarke Hugh Corpus Christi Retired 1997
Deceased 12/16/2002
Daly William Corpus Christi Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1971
Deceased 11/9/1982
De Llano Domingo Corpus Christi Retired 1999
Deceased 5/4/2013
Dougherty Steven T. Corpus Christi Removed from ministry 12/16/2011
Criminal conviction: 2/28/2018
Feminelli John J. Corpus Christi Retired 4/16/2007
Francois Adelhard M. Corpus Christi Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1959
Gomez J. Frank Corpus Christi Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1965
Hageman Clement Corpus Christi Removed from ministry in Diocese of Corpus Christi April 1939
Deceased 7/2/1975
Heras Michael Corpus Christi Removed from ministry 6/24/2014
Hernando Jesus G. Corpus Christi Removed from ministry 9/15/1994
Herrera Flover Corpus Christi Removed from ministry 10/29/2007
Hughes Peter J. Corpus Christi Left Diocese of Corpus Christi 1963
Deceased 12/7/1990
Kelly William J. Corpus Christi Deceased 3/12/1983
Kinlough William C. Corpus Christi Retired 1999
Deceased 9/29/2000
Meany Thomas Corpus Christi Retired 2004
Deceased 7/20/2008
Trevino Robert Corpus Christi Removed from ministry 1995
Laicized 12/6/2012
Colella David L. Victoria
Prado Alfredo Victoria
Reyes Guido Victoria Deceased 2008
Cuello Gustavo Tyler Removed from priesthood 2006
Boardway Alphonse Lubbock Deceased 1997
Diaz Nelson Lubbock Permanently Removed from Ministry – 2011
Hoffman Patrick Lubbock Deceased 2005
Quezada Omar Lubbock Permanently Removed from Ministry – 2003
Guerrero Jesus Lubbock Permanently Removed from Ministry – 2008
Hanlon James Fort Worth Deceased 1990
Hoover William Fort Worth Deceased 1996
Magaldi Philip Fort Worth Deceased 2008
Pansza Gilbert Fort Worth Removed from Ministry 2006
Reilly James Fort Worth Deceased 1999
Renteria Rudolph Fort Worth
Scholl Gerald Fort Worth Deceased 2002
Teczar Thomas Fort Worth
Herrera Henry Fort Worth Deceased
Howlett John Fort Worth
Mitchel Bede Fort Worth Deceased 1983
Nguyen Joseph V. Fort Worth
Paiz William Fort Worth
Zimmerer Francis A. Fort Worth Deceased 1983
Detwiler Russell W. Removed from Ministy 2017
Pistone Tony Removed from Ministry 2005.
Deceased 2017
Frias Carlos El Paso Deceased, 2016
Garcia Sam El Paso Laicized, 2007
Gaynor Lawrence El Paso Deceased, 1978
Hay James El Paso Deceased, 1974
Islas Mario El Paso Inactive
Klister Irving El Paso Deceased
Luna Miguel El Paso Inactive
Madrid Jaime El Paso Laicized, 2007
Muñoz Jesse El Paso Deceased, 1988
Nesom Richard El Paso Deceased
Nieves Jose El Paso
O’Sullivan Arthur El Paso Deceased, 1973
Tejada Dennis El Paso Laicized, 2007
Tickle John El Paso
Holley David El Paso Deceased
Marin Miguel El Paso Living
Roure Emilio El Paso Deceased
Santiago Marcelino El Paso
Sierra Frank El Paso
Almaguer Santiago El Paso
Labate Ray El Paso
Madrid Alfonso El Paso Deceased, 1982
Maramba Manuel El Paso
Martinez Pedro (Pete) El Paso Deceased, 1996
Ochoa Aloysius El Paso Deceased
Quiroz Guido El Paso
Tentori Franco El Paso Living
Furches Stephen El Paso
Guillory Kerry El Paso
Martinez Sam El Paso
Bollich Ronald Beaumont Suspended 1994
Deceased 1996
Byrne John Beaumont Deceased 2014
Calhoun Dale Beaumont Faculties revoked 1986
Drouilhet Henry Beaumont Deceased 1988
Engle James Beaumont Deceased 1999
Geoffroy Albert Beaumont Deceased 2010
Mudd Earl Beaumont Faculties revoked 1996
Deceased 2019
Paduch Frank Beaumont Faculites revoked 2001
Pucar August Beaumont Faculites revoked 2006
Deceased 2012
Sivcoski Jude Beaumont Dismissed from clerical state 1996
Thibodeaux Roger Beaumont Faculties revoked 2002
Tulyl Joseph Beaumont Deceased 1982
Vincent Herman Beaumont Deceased 1985
Bagert Matthew Dallas Laicized 2005
Brown Richard Dallas Removed from Ministry 2002
Buitrago Alejandro Dallas Faculties revoked 2017
Crisp Robert Dallas Faculties revoked 2018
Detzel Paul Dallas Laicized 1977
Duesman John Dallas Deceased 1984
Fitzpatrick James Dallas Deceased 1973
Flanagan Michael Dallas Deceased 2008
Heines Timothy Dallas Suspended 2015
Hoover William Dallas Deceased
Hughes William Dallas Laicized 1989
Johnson Richard Dallas Removed from Ministry 2006
Deceased 2016
Kos Rudy Dallas Laicized 1992
Lane William Dallas Deceased 1968
Lucio Justin Dallas Removed from Ministry 2003
Deceased 2006
Lynch Patrick Dallas Deceased 2014
McGill Henry Dallas Deceased 1996
Myers Jeremy Dallas Removed from Ministry 2018
Paredes Edmundo Dallas Suspended 2017
Peebles Robert Dallas Laicized 1986
Deceased 2004
Reilly James Dallas Deceased 1999
Roberts Kenneth Dallas Removed from Ministry 1998
Deceased 2018
Saldana Jose Dallas Removed from Ministry 1998
Laicization Pending
Scott Raymond Dallas Deceased 2012
Barone Michael Dallas Removed from Ministry 2018
Behnke Thomas Dallas Deceased 2008
Hentrich Gabriel Dallas Deceased 1992
Koch Patrick Dallas Deceased 2006
Malatesta Vincent Dallas Removed from Ministry 2006
Deceased 2016
Nwaogu Anthony Dallas Removed from Ministry 1999
Smylie Benjamin Dallas Deceased 2004

Please note that this Texas priest sex abuse list is not an exhaustive and complete list because new information of sexual abuses and sexual assaults by priests and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church becomes available daily.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for more up-to-date information on this priest abuse list as it becomes available.

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