When will the Adult Survivors Act Become Law?

Brad Hoylman sponsoring the NY Adult Victims Act
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The Adult Survivors Act will create new opportunity for survivors of sexual assault as an adult… if passed. 

So when will this happen? And how?

How do Bills Become Law in New York?

Remember this guy?

I'm Just a Bill - Adult Survivors Act

Apologies for getting the song stuck in your head, but Schoolhouse Rock really explains the process of lawmaking in the United States better than anyone else. 

In the New York State Legislature, lawmaking works in a similar fashion. 

The Adult Survivors Act, like Bill, was originally just an idea. Many senators saw the benefits of the Child Victims Act and wanted to create a similar act that benefits survivors of adult sexual assault. 

These ideas were fleshed out and drafted into Bill S66, the Adult Survivors Act. 

In order for a bill, like the Adult Survivors Act, to begin its journey to becoming law, it must be sponsored by a senator.

Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from the 27th Senate District of New York, sponsored the Adult Survivors Act, as well as the Child Victims Act, alongside many co-sponsors.

Senator Brad Hoylman speaking on the Adult Survivors Act

In this process, Hoylman is in charge of bringing the bill along this journey. 

First, the bill was introduced and referred to the judiciary. This happened on January 6, 2021 for the ASA.

During this time, bills often undergo significant changes, as many politicians look it over and add or remove things from the bill.

This took four months for the Adult Survivors Act. On May 26, 2021, it was placed in committee, meaning under review by politicians. 

During this process it was again scrutinized and edited, until it was entered into the Floor Calendar, which is like an agenda for the legislature. 

After this, the ASA was reviewed by the Senate, which passed the bill 63-0. Now, the Act must undergo a similar process and pass in the Assembly. The Senate delivered the Adult Survivors Act to the Assembly on June 3.

Where is the Adult Survivors Act Now?

Even though the Adult Survivors Act has been delivered to the Assembly, it is unknown exactly when the Assembly will have the chance to review the bill. Currently (as of June 8, 2021), the Adult Survivors Act is not scheduled in the Assembly calendar. 

In order to become law, the Adult Survivors Act must pass in the assembly, then get delivered to the governor, where it will be signed into law or vetoed. 

These last few steps can still take a long time, so it is unclear when survivors of sexual assault will be able to benefit from the legislation contained in the ASA. 

It is promising that this bill will pass however, especially given the unanimous agreement in the Senate and the enthusiasm seen for Hoylman’s previous bill, the Child Victims Act.

Merson Law PLLC is preparing for the bill’s passage and making sure our team of sexual assault lawyers are ready for the opening of the one-year window. 

If you were sexually assaulted over the age of 18 in the state of New York, you should prepare too. You will only have one year, starting six months after the ASA passes, to bring forward a lawsuit against your assailant or another related party. 

Now could be your opportunity for financial compensation that you will never be able to obtain otherwise.

Contact our office today for an initial case evaluation and to start your journey toward justice.

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