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Anesthesia is an inherently risky part of any major medical operation. While the risks of anesthesia are well known, this does not excuse errors on the part of your medical care professionals. If you suffered from an anesthesia error during a recent surgery, you may need to consult with an anesthesia error lawyer to receive compensation for your suffering or injury.

This is often a confusing and stressful situation. To help you out a little, we’re taking the time to answer a few common questions an anesthesia error lawyer receives.

How Do Anesthesia Errors Happen?

Anesthesia mistakes are relatively rare, but can be one of the most dangerous forms of medical malpractice. 

Because of the inherent risks associated with anesthesia and surgery, a specialist, known as an anesthesiologist, is required to administer and monitor the effect of anesthesia on you, the patient.

Anesthesia malpractice can happen either during the pre-operation medical review, or during the procedure itself.

Even a small error by the anesthesiologist can result in permanent injury, brain damage, or death.

Typical causes of malpractice by anesthesiologists include:

  •         Failure to investigate the patient’s medical history for possible complications
  •         Failure to inform the patient of necessary preoperative procedures
  •         Administering too much anesthesia to the patient
  •         Failure to monitor the patient’s vital signs
  •         Improper intubation
  •         Use of defective equipment

Prior to any medical procedure requiring anesthesia, the anesthesiologist will review your medical record, history, prior medications, allergies and time requirements of the operation to determine the best combination of drugs to use.

What Injuries can occur from an Anesthesia Error?

Anesthesia errors can result in a number of injuries and conditions, including:


  •         Heart function problems
  •         Vein, artery, and/or nerve damage
  •         Asphyxia
  •         Blood pressure complications
  •         Birth defects
  •         Dizziness, confusion, and/or blurred vision
  •         TinnitusHeart arrhythmia
  •         Brain or organ damage
  •         Cardiovascular collapse
  •         Spinal cord injury, which may cause paralysis
  •         Malignant hyperthermia, resulting in severe fever and muscle contractions
  •         Seizures and/or stroke
  •         Coma or death

What compensation can I receive with an anesthesia error lawyer?

If you suffered injuries or medical harm from an anesthesia error, an attorney can help you to earn compensation on several grounds, including:

  •         Medical bills
  •         Long term care
  •         Permanent disability
  •         Mental impairment
  •         Loss of wages and diminished future earning capacity

An experienced anesthesia error lawyer will determine which of these cases can work for you. Due to the devastating nature of injuries associated with anesthesia errors, financial compensation for survivors has the potential to be massive – sometimes in the millions.

An anesthesia error lawyer at Merson Law will litigate your case aggressively and comprehensively to achieve complete vindication for the harm that you have suffered. We provide a 100% free initial case evaluation that is done by our team of medical malpractice lawyers and a fully licensed doctor. Have your case reviewed today.

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