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Charles Goode Child Sex Abuse Victims Claims

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Were You A Sexual Abuse Victim Of Charles Goode?

You are not alone. Former public school teacher Charles Goode, through his role as a dance teacher at New York City Public School 85, victimized an untold number of children and adolescent boys.

Do you want justice? Your ability to claim financial compensation and finally get closure on a painful chapter of your life is going to soon come to an end.


With the signing of the Child Victims Act, survivors of childhood sexual abuse have a path to justice, including the ability to file a case which had already been time-barred or expired for a one-year period.


You have until August 14th, 2021 to file a claim for justice & compensation.

FILING DEADLINE: August 14th, 2021

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Merson Law is one of the top sex abuse law firms in the nation. Founder of Merson Law, Jordan Merson, is the winner of the largest sexual assault verdict in New York State History. His firm has helped numerous sexual abuse victims in many high profile cases.

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With child sex abuse cases against the Catholic Church with the New York IRCP, the Syracuse IRCP, the Buffalo IRCP, the Philadelphia IRRP and many more, as well as high profile sex abusers such as Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein, Attorney Jordan Merson has been successful in helping numerous sex abuse victims get the compensation and closure they need and deserve, .

Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law, have also been featured on many prominent media outlets for championing justice for sexual abuse victims.

Deadline August 2021


Charles Goode was a dance teacher at New York City Public School 85. In 1979, Goode sexually abused a male student who was only 9 years old at the time. The abuse began when Charles Goode unjustifiably sent the student to detention, which he supervised. During detention, and eventually at all hours of the school day, Goode would hug,
kiss and grab the student’s body. Eventually, Goode moved past mere inappropriate kissing and groping. Goode would repeatedly sodomize his student and force the boy to perform oral sex on him. From the student’s recollection, Goode abused him on school grounds more than fifty times.

The abuse escalated even further. Charles Goode would often force his student to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol in an attempt to condition and groom the student into acceptance of his abuse.

The abuse was repeatedly reported to school officials, yet nothing was done to help this poor victim.

Merson Law PLLC has reason to believe that this student was not the only victim of Charles Goode. In fact, there are likely dozens more victims still out there.

We are searching for these victims in hopes that they come forward now to claim the justice they deserve, as there is limited time to act.

How the Child Victims Act can help Victims of Charles Goode

New York State passed a law known as the Child Victims Act, which created a one-year window for civil suits brought by former child victims, allowing them to make cases against their abusers.

The one-year window was supposed to end in 2020, but due to court strains during the COVID-19 pandemic, the window was extended an additional year.

The Child Victims Act Look-Back Window ENDS on August 14, 2021

Because of this deadline, we are urging all victims of childhood sexual abuse by Charles Goode to come forward by contacting our offices through the number at the top of the page or by filling out our contact form.

Filing a claim takes time and effort, and time is running out.

As experienced sexual assault lawyers, we understand how troubling it is to relive past trauma and how difficult it is to take action.

Your pain and suffering is not lost on us, but this may be your only opportunity for monetary compensation for your anguish.

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