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For decades, hundreds of female inmates were abused by correctional officers in New York.

This abuse almost certainly continues today.

Now, under new legislation in New York State, survivors of abuse by correctional officers can take legal action for any sexual abuse that occurred at any point in their adult life.

This legislation, known as The Adult Survivors Act, creates a one-year lookback window, starting November 24, 2022 and ending November 24, 2023. During this year, anyone who was sexually assaulted as an adult in New York State, and whose claim was previously outside the statute of limitations, will have one year to file a retrospective civil lawsuit.

Over 130 lawsuits were already filed under the act, and at least 750 individual lawsuits are already expected to be filed on behalf of former and current inmates from across the state’s correctional system.

Brad Hoylman, the New York State senator who sponsored the Adult Survivors Act, claims that there is no cap to how much the state may have to pay out to victims.

The money would come out of the $220 billion state budget, and possibly from the roughly $500 million reserved for unexpected expenses.

Senator Hoylman said the new law empowers women whose abusers evaded justice because of short criminal statutes of limitations, which were as short as just two years in some instances.

“These women are part of a vulnerable group of people who suffered under the system and those in power,” he said.

Female inmates are especially vulnerable, as nearly every aspect of their lives are controlled by external forces.

At the same time, the institutions that control New York’s prisons employ corrupt individuals who abuse power for their own gain. Allegedly, these institutions protect the predators amongst their ranks, in similar fashion to the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts of America.

Partly due to social stigma, women in corrections facilities are often overlooked by the media and the public.

Now, female inmates abused by correctional officers can take action against their abusers and the institutions that allowed this abuse to occur.

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