Ghislaine Maxwell Expected in Court Friday

Ghislaine Maxwell
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After being charged last week with allegedly aiding Jeffrey Epstein in recruiting, grooming, and sexually abusing underage girls, Ghislaine Maxwell is expected to make an appearance in court this Friday in New York. Jordan Merson of Merson Law PLLC was asked by CBS News to comment on the news:

“Everybody was pleased that she had been apprehended. Seeing Ghislaine go through a court preceding and face justice… would really be very, very helpful to a lot of victims out there.”

Ghislaine was arrested in Bradford, New Hampshire last Thursday, almost a year after the death of Jeffrey Epstein, her partner and former boyfriend. She arrived in New York City today, according to senior law enforcement officials.

Francey Hakes, a former federal prosecutor, says that Ghislaine Maxwell is likely facing a minimum 10-year prison sentence for her alleged crimes, and many news outlets have reported up to 35 years.

“Ghislaine Maxwell is maybe the last person left in the Jeffrey Epstein co-conspiracy that we know about,” Hakes told “Fox & Friends.” “She has to do every day of that minimum 10 years and she’s grown up a pampered, spoiled woman. There is no way that she would even consider going to jail for that length of time.”

See Jordan on CBS News.

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