Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Postponed & Discovery+ Docuseries Announced

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The Ghislaine Maxwell trial was officially postponed and a new docuseries following this story will debut on Discovery+ this year. 

What does this mean for victims?

Ghislaine Maxwell trial postponed Merson Law PLLC sexual assault

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Delay

On Monday May 3, US District Judge Alison Nathan granted Maxwell a “short postponement” on, giving her until the 10th to decide on a new date. 

While an exact date has yet to be determined, the order was issued a day after prosecutors told the judge that both sides would be ready for trial in November.

Maxwell’s defense lawyers preferred it begin on Nov. 8, while prosecutors wanted it to start on Nov. 29.

Nathan said jury selection can occur the week of Nov. 15, indicating the trial will take place in late November.

The postponement comes after new sex trafficking charges were added to Maxwell’s indictment in March and after Netflix’s announcement of plans to film a Ghislaine Maxwell docuseries directed by James Patterson.

Ghislaine Maxwell with friends

Chasing Ghislaine

The streaming service Discovery+ announced plans to release a docuseries centered on Ghislaine Maxwell this year.

“The series, to be called Chasing Ghislaine, was announced on Monday, and will premiere later in 2021 on Discovery+. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will provide an inner look at Epstein’s “wealth and influence,” but also show how “Maxwell’s alleged role within this conspiracy threatens a shadowy cabal of international elite and world leaders who might do anything to keep their identities — and motives — hidden.” Chasing Ghislaine will feature more than 30 interviews conducted by journalist and author Vicky Ward, who apparently knew Maxwell socially.”

-Courtesy of Refinery29

While the series will likely garner a large audience, many are disappointed in this announcement. 

In an article titled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong With a James Patterson-Produced Ghislaine Maxwell Documentary,” Joan Summers claims she “still can’t help but feel a cold, sinking dread” about the series.

Summers also points to the series’ predecessor, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich and criticizes it for “ignor[ing] glaring connections between Epstein’s friends and the legacy of silence around the sexual abuse of women and girls.”

What this means for Victims of High Profile Sex Abuse

Maxwell seems confident that the trial will pan out well for her, despite the fact that she must stay behind bars for an additional four months.

Her family tweeted from her Twitter account, expressing their own high hopes about Maxwell’s trial.

“Ghislaine looks forward to a fair trial where she fully expects to be exonerated.”

“She has never been found liable in any civil litigation.”

“None of the allegations has ever been tested by cross examination with witnesses under oath.”

Maxwell’s confidence, the trial delay, and the docuseries are all just distractions from the core of this story. 

Merson Law PLLC urges victims to come forward and get justice for their suffering by contacting an experienced high profile sexual assault lawyer today. 

Our team has represented countless victims of high profile sexual assault and abuse in institutions like the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts of America. 

If you are a victim, we are here to help. Call today for an initial consultation and case evaluation.

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