Howard “Howie” Rubin and High Profile Sex Abuse Victims

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Howard Rubin and High Profile Sex Abuse

Multiple allegations of rape and sexual misconduct have been made against Howard Rubin, the former Soros Fund portfolio manager.

On October 3, 2019, new accusations surfaced that Rubin and his lawyers reneged on a settlement with one of the victims.

In light of the #metoo movement, and the growing number of high profile sexual abuse cases, Merson Law is seeking to protect victims of sexual abuse from the predatory practices of high profile sex abusers and their legal teams.

Many victims don’t get the full compensation they deserve.

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Jordan Merson, Founder of Merson Law, New York’s top sex abuse law firm and winner of the largest sexual assault verdict in New York State History has helped numerous sexual abuse victims receive the compensation they truly deserve.

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Attorney Jordan Merson has been successful in helping numerous sex abuse victims get the compensation they need and deserve, with child sex abuse cases,Catholic Church sex abuse cases, and high profile cases including his representation of girls abused by the US Olympics doctor Larry Nassar.

Jordan Merson and his firm, Merson Law, have been featured on many prominent media outlets for championing justice for sexual abuse victims.

And now Merson Law is representing victims of Howard “Howie” Rubin.

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The Howard Rubin Scandal

What did Rubin do?

The first accusation against Howard Rubin surfaced in 2017, when three Florida women claimed they were victimized by Rubin in a sex trafficking scheme. Allegedly, Rubin employed select individuals to recruit women to his Manhattan penthouse under false pretenses. These “recruits” were told they would be participating in a private photo shoot, and were told of the possibility of shooting some “naughty photos, but nothing too extreme.”

The three women who first accused Rubin claim that they were brought to his penthouse and imprisoned in a “sex dungeon” where they were subjected to sexual assault, rape, and “beatings so severe they would lose consciousness.”

Howard Rubin Scandal in the News

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