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Kentucky Catholic Church Priest & Clergy Sex Abuse List

Kentucky Priest Sex Abuse List: A list of Roman Catholic Priests & Clergy members of the Kentucky Diocese accused of sex abuse and/or sexual assault of minors.

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Merson Law has compiled a list of Roman Catholic Priests and Clergy members (the Kentucky priest sex abuse list) accused of sexual abuse and/or sexual assault of minors. The Sexual Assault team at Merson Law specializes in Catholic Clergy and Priest Sex Abuse and Sexual Assault cases.

This information found in this list is compiled from the Database of Publicly Accused Priests and does not state or imply that individuals facing allegations are guilty of a crime or liable for civil claims. The reports contained in the database are merely allegations. The U.S. legal system presumes that a person accused of or charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty.

Similarly, individuals who may be defendants in civil actions are presumed not to be liable for such claims unless a plaintiff proves otherwise. Admissions of guilt or liability are not typically a part of civil or private settlements.

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Kentucky Priest Sex Abuse List

Merson Law’s Kentucky Priest Sex Abuse List was compiled from accounts of sexual abuse by a member of the Kentucky Catholic Church network. The names in this list are only those that have been found to be credible, however it is likely that there are names missing, due to the sheer number of accounts and the historical aversion to transparency by the Catholic Church.

This list is not endorsed by the Archdiocese, which has yet to release the names of priests found guilty through its own internal investigations.

Last NameFirst NameDioceseNotes
ArbogastPaul M.Covington, KYRemoved 9/03 from duties as teacher at Covington Latin School after accusations of abuse. He had been headmaster of school until he left priesthood in 1980s to marry. He was identified as “Priest 32” in pending litigation. In pleadings in other pending litigation against Covington & Lexington Dioceses. Pleadings say he was part of a ring of priests in 1970s who held parties to which they brought boys as their dates. Sent for treatment in 1970s and disappeared until he came back as teacher. Died 10/1613.
BertkeMarleneCovington, KYA former student nun filed a lawsuit 10/02 alleging that she was abused in 1959 in her first year at St. Walburg Convent by Sister Christopher, whose real name is Marlene Bertke. She was 18 at the time. In the same suit, the woman also alleged that she had been previously abused at Villa Madonna Academy (a girls’ school) by another nun and that a third nun also fondled her. Still active nun in 2008. Lives in Erie PA area.
BiermanEarlCovington, KYFirst complaints received in 1961. May have have abused 100s of boys. Long time faculty member of Covington Latin School; diocese knew when he arrived at the school in 1968 that he had abused at least 50 boys. In and out of treatment, including Jemez Springs, NM in the Santa Fe diocese, where he was allowed to work at a parish and minor seminary. Assigned 1975-76 to St. Francis Seminary in the Altoona-Johnstown, PA diocese. Convicted of abuse of 6 boys in 1993; received 20-year sentence. Died in prison 6/13/05. Sued in both KY and NM. One case in 1995 went to jury verdict of $700K in punitive damages after diocese was accused of failing to reveal abuse of other victims. Another suit settled in 2003. New suit filed in Albuquerque 5/16 re abuse 1963-64 by Bierman of 15-year-old boy. Included on Santa Fe archdiocese list 9/12/17.
BrowneJoseph AloysiusCovington, KYAlso referred to as “James Aloysius” or “Jay” Browne. Sued 2003. Accused of rape of a girl ,ages 13-16, who was a resident of Diocesan Children’s Home in Fort Mitchell 1963-1966. He allegedly gave her alcohol, impregnated her and and forced an abortion. He left the priesthood in 1970, married, and moved to Canada. Browne died 1/13/13.
CiangettiPaul P.Covington, KYDied 1995. Named in 2002 employment suit by father & son. Son also alleged that, as an altar boy, he was physically and sexually abused in 1971-72 by Fr. Ciangetti and also that, as an adult, he was abused by Bp. J. Kendrick Williams when he was a priest. Suit settled 2003. Diocese paid $50K re the abuse. Also named as abuser in two additional suits filed in 2003.
FortnerDouglas F.Covington, KYPlaced on leave in 11/06 after “credible allegation” of sexual abuse of a child dating back at least 25 years. Fortner died January 30, 2015. Per his obituary, he was a “retired” priest of the diocese.
FrazierRichardCovington, KYRemoved 1/06 after allegations of abuse by Frazier in late 1970s-early 1980s prior to his ordination. Allegations were made as part of settlement of class action suit against Diocese. Frazier denied all the allegations. Initial reports show that at least one allegation occurred in late 1990s after his ordination.
FritschEdward J.Covington, KYAccused in 2002 suit of raping a girl age 13 in 1966. Complainant demanded release of diocesan file and 12/04 settlement revealed Covington diocese hospitalized Fritsch in 1965 after he had “contact with about 9 to 10 girls,” one age 15. Behavior continued in treatment. Fritsch was returned to work then suspended. Sent to Owensboro diocese. Complainant alleges abuse there and Evansville IN diocese. Left priesthood; married 1969. Then worked in NJ with delinquents and on school board.
GlocknerDavidCovington, KYRemoved from ministry in 8/19 and recalled to Glenmary headquarters in Cincinnati, after two teenage girls said Glockner “made inappropriate contact” with them at Emmaus Farm in Vanceburg on 8/6/19. The girls were volunteering on a construction project at the farm. Glockner had been assigned since 2012 to Holy Reedemeer parish in Vanceburg.
GoekeJohn “Jack”Covington, KYArraigned 8/94 on charges he abused two girls in early 1960s; removed by diocese. Criminal charges dropped when women did not want to pursue charges. 3rd woman filed a civil suit which claimed he took advantage of her when she sought marriage counseling. This suit settled in 1997. Permanently removed 2002 after Dallas Bishop Conference. Two women filed complaints 12/04 as part of class action alleging abuse in 1963 and 1971 when they were 11 and 15.
HoltzLouis J.Covington, KYMan told Diocese in 1995 that he had been abused in 1974-1975 by Holtz. Claims settled 1997 and Holtz agreed to be laicized. Another man filed suit 12/02 re 1970 abuse. One plaintiff alleging abuse by Holtz joined a 2003 class action suit against the Diocese but later withdrew and settled. Laicization announced 8/12/03.
KleinRobert P.Covington, KY12/03 civil suit allged Klein abused one youth at Sacred Heart Parish in 1964, just 3 yrs after Klein was told to investigate allegations against Earl Bierman. Klein told only then-Bishop Ackerman and nothing else done. Believe Klein was removed from active status in 2002. Died 6/05.
KlemanJames E.Covington, KYIn 12/03, one woman joined class action suit against Diocese and alleged that she was abused by Kleman in Northern Kentucky in 1959 when she was 10. She also alleged that Kleman abused her (now) deceased older brother when the boy was 12. 7/10 story reveals abuse of a teenage male at least 50 times between 1968-1971. This claimant was also included in the settlement. Kleman died 3/74.
MacPhersonDavid M.Covington, KYIn 2003 two women settled “claims” with Covington Diocese over allegations that MacPherson had molested them in 1960s at St. Patrick’s Parish. Diocese paid total of $750,000 to the two women and to a man who alleged abuse by Fr. Earl Bierman. Both women were part of a class action suit filed against the Diocese of Covington. Diocese said MacPherson left active ministry in 1978 and was laicized six years later.
MeyerDavidCovington, KYOrdained as a permanent deacon in 1999, Meyer was placed on leave in Feb. 2007 after recent allegation of abuse of a minor which occurred prior to 1999. He was at Blessed Sacrament Church in Fort Mitchell when he was removed.
MuenchJoseph N.Covington, KYRemoved 7/09 after Lexington diocese received complaint 3/09 from three men who alleged abuse in 1980s when Muench was at Good Shepherd in Frankfort. Indicted 10/09 re abuse of 2 f the accusers 1980-81 & 84-85. Frankfort was part of Covington at the time but has been part of Lexington since its creation. Named in 11/09 civil suit by one victim in criminal case. Entered Alford Plea 3/10. Sentenced to 2 1-yr terms in prison. Released 9/30/10.
ReinersmanGerald L.Covington, KYReinersman, the VG and Chancellor of the Diocese and former Moderator of the Curia, was removed 5/04 after man alleged Reinersman had molested him in 1979 at Mary, Queen of Holy Rosary Church in Lexington when he was a youth. Reinersman denied all allegations. Special civilian review board handled review of his case. He was cleared and reinstated as active priest in 2/05. Board said “it couldn’t rule out that his accuser simply accused the wrong priest.”
SchuhmacherGeorge J.Covington, KYPermanently removed 1/03 because of 1983 allegation that he provided alcohol to a 13 yr old boy and then sexually molested him during a campout. Boy was a resident at Campbell Lodge Boys Home (for troubled boys) run by Schuhmacher. He reported abuse to police in 1983 and Schuhmacher was removed. By 1986 he was back at the home and in 1996 he was given a parish assignment.
SteidleMark A.Covington, KYRemoved 5/04 after allegations received that he had inappropriately touched a minor in the fall of 1994 at Marydale Retreat Center. Steidle had replaced Gerald Reinersman (who was also just been placed on leave by the Diocese) as chaplain at Marydale.Steidle was placed in a parish in 2003 but the 2002 Catholic Directory shows him on a “leave of absence.” He denied all allegations.
Terrance (nun)unknownCovington, KYNun. In 10/02 former student nun filed a lawsuit alleging that she was fondled in 1959 or 1960 at St. Walburg Convent by a Sister Terrance, whose real name was unknown. In same suit, woman also alleges that she had been previously abused at Villa Madonna Academy (a girls’ school) by another nun and that a third nun also fondled her during her first year at St. Walburg. Plaintiff left the convent in 1971.
FeddersWilliam J.Lexington, KYMan reported to Diocese in 1993 that Fedders had abused him 3 times in the year he was a 14-yr-old 8th grader and altar boy in Lexington. Accuser suggested o settle for $200K in 1994, but diocese offered only to pay for counseling in 1995. Man rejected counseling offer. He then filed civil suit 6/02 and Fedders was removed. Permanently removed 9/04. Case dismissed by Court on SOL and appeals court upheld dismissal. Not reported to police until 2004.
GallensteinStephenLexington, KYPermanently removed from ministry in 2003. Accused of abuse of girl for 4 years, beginning at age 13, and then stalking her for another 10 yrs. Name was revealed in support of allegations in a court case re abuse by another priest. Diocese did not announce that it had credible evidence that the accusations were true until 3/06. Vatican has been asked to laicize him.
ModicaJohn B.Lexington, KYDiocese warned several times between 1975-1978 re Modica’s behavior. He was accused in 12/78 of smuggling marijuana to a 20-year-old male inmate at a State Reformatory. Pleaded guilty and received therapy in NM and brief jail sentence, then reassigned. Sued 2003. Accused of abuse of a teenage male in mid-1970s. Civil suit went up to Court of Appeals which denied plaintiff’s claim 8/5/11. Other cases have been settled with diocese. Died 10/30/15.
MurrayEdward FrancisLexington, KYSeveral plaintiffs allege abuse by Murray and other priests in 2002 civil suit. Suit also named the Covington Diocese and the Lexington diocese (which came into existence in 1988). 1993 Catholic Directory showed him “retired.”. He died, (possibly in 1996).
NienaberLeonard B.Lexington, KYIndicted in 1993 at age 86. Convicted in 1994 on 10 counts of sexual abuse on as many as 18 minors. Sentenced to 10 yrs (probated) and admittance to St. Jean Vianney Renewal Center, run by Servants of the Paraclete in Dittmer, Mo. 17 women and 1 man filed suit 2002 & 2003. 20 of 24 claims in 12/03 settlement with Covington Diocese were Nienaber victims. 97 and still living at center 12/03. Ordered by Diocese to remain there even after his 10 yr sentence was over. Died 11/06 at age 99.
PooleWilliam G.Lexington, KYCharged with public indecency in 1990 and 2001. Placed on leave by Diocese for 1 yr 9/02 when it learned of 2nd arrest. Reinstated 1/04 even after 2003 accusation that he had sexually abused a 15 yr old boy in 1972. Lexington Review Board said allegations not credible but Covington Board disagreed & paid settlement to plaintiff. Not reported to police until 2004.
SchafferCarl C.Lexington, KYRetired in 1989. Apparently committed suicide by carbon monoxide in 1993, a day after being questioned about decades-old abuse allegation. He was running a center for troubled teenage boys out of his home after his retirement.
AnthonySister JosephLouisville, KYNamed in 7/04 suit by one woman alleging abuse by Msgr. Herman J. Lammers and 5 nuns at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage or at local schools. Woman alleges that one of her abusers was Sister Joseph Anthony at the orphanage. Order has confirmed that nun by this name worked at the orphanage in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Sister Joseph Anthony left the order in 1972.
ArthurSisterLouisville, KYOne woman filed suit 2004 alleging abuse by Msgr. Herman J. Lammers and 5 nuns at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage or at local schools. Woman alleges that one of her abusers was Sister Arthur at Holy Spirit School. Order says that it did not have members working at Holy Spirit School.
AuerOrdericLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the Louisville diocese on its list in 2/19.
BohlRonald WilliamLouisville, KYAccused of single incident in 1986 in Toledo OH diocese in which he allegedly made a sexual advance to a minor. The 1993 settlement contained a confidentiality agreement. In treatment 1986-87 before being reassigned to parish work. Removed from Louisville KY parish in 6/02. Also worked in Dubuque and Indianapolis archdioceses. Died 1/19/12 in KY.
BooneBernard S.Louisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list in 2/19. Died 1983.
BormanRonaldLouisville, KYBorman was arrested 10/11/06 on charges of Internet child seduction. Employed by Louisville KY archdiocese as teacher 1978-85. Worked as priest 1992-98 in the Lansing MI and Toledo OH dioceses and the Indianapolis IN archdiocese. Left the priesthood in 1998. Taught in Louisville archdiocesan schools until 2001, and in Louisville public middle schools until his arrest. Pleaded guilty 2/09 to 1 count of possession of child porn. Sentenced to 30 mo. prison.
BowlingRobert A.Louisville, KYOrdained for the Archdiocese of Louisville. Transferred to Reno NV in 1969, where he y incardinated in 1972. In 2002 at least 9 women claimed that he abused them between mid-1950s and 1963 when they were minors in Kentucky. He is also accused of molesting adult women in Reno. Louisville settled with 11 victims 6/03 as part of $25.7M settlement. Bowling died 6/03. On Las Vegas diocese’s list 4/12/19.
BradleyJoseph EdwardLouisville, KYSuspended in 3/19 after an allegation to the diocese that Bradley sexually abused a minor in the 1980s while principal of Owensboro Catholic High School. Assigned to the school 1976-95, principal 1980-85. Pastor of five parishes. Retired in 2011. Volunteer chaplain at Owensboro Catholic High in retirement. Diocesan Review Board deemed the allegation substantiated. Bishop Medley to send report to the Vatican, recommending laicization.
BradunasErnest P “Br. Ernan”Louisville, KYWoman filed suit 5/03 against the Xaverians alleging that she was abused in early 1960s by Bradunas. He was a teacher at St. Xavier high school in 1951-61. Order denied any knowledge of past allegations. Bradunas died in 1985.
BrianBertrand J.Louisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list in 2/19. Died in 2005.
BronkPhilipLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the Louisville archdiocese on its list in 2/19.
CarbinWilliam/Br KentigernLouisville, KYBro. Kentigern. Joined the Xaverians in 1946. Left in 1963. Named publicly as accused by the order on its list 7/12/19. It notes allegations reported in 2004 and 2011 of abuse in Louisville, KY in the early 1960s.
CarneyMarvin A., Jr.Louisville, KYA deacon at St. Rita Parish, Carney was arrested after police questioned youth who said he was waiting for Carney in a car outside an adult bookstore. Youth gave police info & Carney charged with sexual abuse. Fr. J. Herp, himself later accused of abuse, may have intervened and charges dropped. Defense counsel responded saying that Carney had been tried before a judge and had been exonerated. Youth’s parents got an atty and officials apparently could not question him again.
CarricoJoseph E.Louisville, KYSued 2003 by 4 women who alleged that Carrico abused them as children. Carrico, who left the priesthood in 1973 after only 6 years, was working as a lay religious educator in the Louisville archdiocese. He was placed on leave with pay after the suits were filed. Laicized in 1974. Carrico denied the charges in the first two lawsuits but did not comment on others. He served in 3 parishes in the 6 years he was a priest. Archdiocese says no past allegations against him.
CasparThomas P.Louisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list in 2019. Died in 1991.
CasterWilliam PatrickLouisville, KYA woman filed suit in 2003 alleging Caster molested her in 1955 or 1956 at Holy Family Parish when she was about age 10. Caster retired for health reasons in 1988 and died in 12/89. On the archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
CharlesSisterLouisville, KYNun. One woman filed suit 7/04 alleging abuse by Msgr. Herman J. Lammers and 5 nuns at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage or at local schools. Woman alleges that one of her abusers was Sister Charles at the orphanage. Order has confirmed that nun by this name worked at the orphanage in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Sister Charles is deceased.
ClarkDaniel C.Louisville, KYConvicted of abusing 2 boys in 1988. Probation for 15 years and 90 days in jail. Removed from ministry but allowed to volunteer and wear clerical collar. Litigation settled 1989 and 1997. Named in 19 suits 2002-2003, of which 18 settled in 6/03 and 1 in 4/06. Found guilty in 2003 criminal trial and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Laicization announced 11/04. Sentence overturned 5/07. Pleaded guilty 11/07 in return for release from prison, with 5 years probation and 5 years court supervision.
ClarkThomas R.Louisville, KYIn 2002 it was revealed that Diocese paid $30,000 in 1998 to settle allegations against Clark. He was investigated & cleared by Louisville Co. Police. Based on that and psychological assessment of Clark, the diocese decided no abuse occurred but offered the alleged victim a financial settlement because of “difficulties he was facing in his life” and because Clark had cared for him for years after juvenile court placed boy in his custody.
ColeKevinLouisville, KYAt least five suits filed in 2002. Accused of abuse of girls. Died in 1990 or 1991. May have also abused in Ohio prior to arrival in Kentucky. On the Louisville archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
CreaghThomas P.Louisville, KYArchdiocese knew of abuse of a teenage boy in 1983 and contributed $10,000 to settlement with victim. Four suits filed in 2002 (including one by boy named above) alleged abuse 1983-1997; Creagh removed from parish. Spent some time in Florida parish after original settlement. Permanently removed from active ministry as of 10/02. Laicized 2004. Died in 2008.
CreedC. PatrickLouisville, KYDied in 2001. Accused in 2002 suit of making sexually inappropriate comments to teen in 1951 when the youth sought counseling after abuse by Fr. Louis Miller. In 2003 four or five other suits were filed by women claiming abuse by Creed when they were school girls.Three claims settled 6/03 as part of massive settlement by diocese. One other dismissed by court in 2004 on SOL.
CroninJames PatrickLouisville, KYNamed in 8/04 civil suit by woman said she was abused by Cronin, two other nuns, and Fr. Lammers at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage. Order confirmed that Cronin was at the orphanage between 1958-1961. Died.
CummingsCharles H/Br. LucasLouisville, KYBro. Lucas. Joined the Xaverians in 1933. Died in 1995. Named publicly as accused by the diocese on its list 7/12/19. Allegation reported in 2018 of abuse in 1968 in Louisville.
de Paul GalatineMadelineLouisville, KYSued 2004. Accused of abuse of 2 girls at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage. Deceased.
DearingCharles F.Louisville, KYChaplain in Air Force per 1960 Catholic Directory. Left priesthood in 1971. Woman filed suit 4/03 alleging abuse by Dearing when she was about 10 in 1966-68. Suit settled 6/03 as part of massive diocesan settlement. Criminal charges filed 7/03. He pleaded not guilty. Charges later dismissed after prosecutor said there was “insufficient evidence at this time” to proceed.
DevlinRaymond A.Louisville, KYPer 6/02 article, Devlin had been removed by his Order from the diocese at some point after allegations of sex abuse. He was given new assignments that did not involve contact with children. No prosecution. The 2002 Catholic Directory showed him assigned to the San Diego Diocese and living at Jesuit Center in Los Gatos. He was there in 2/98 per his brother’s obituary. Died 12/6/11. On Salt Lake City diocese’s list 12/4/18. It notes report to diocese in 1990 that Devlin molested a teenager in 1989. Faculties removed, returned to Jesuit house. On Las Vegas diocese’s list 4/12/19. Allegations noted to have been made in Louisville archdiocese.
DeWittRobert A.Louisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list in 2/19. Died in 1999.
DollingerRobert J.Louisville, KYFour civil suits filed 2002. Accused of abuse. Moved to Canada in 1983 and was active priest there until at least 1994, when two men complained to Louisville Bishop about past abuse. Dollinger “retired” but continued to live in a parish headed by his brother, also a priest. Permanently removed from active ministry 10/02. Ordered 10/05 by the Vatican to live a life of prayer and penance. Died 7/13/11 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.
DominicFrancisLouisville, KYBirth name was Anthony Salomone. Assigned to Conventual Franciscans’ Province of Our Lady of Consolation, based in Mount St. Francis, IN, 1969 -1980. Transferred to the Conventual Franciscans’ Province of St. Bonaventure, based in Chicago, before leaving the order in 1989. Named as abuser of at least six boys in suits filed in 2002 in KY. All accusers alleged abuse in early 1970s. On the Louisville archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
DonahueMary CamillaLouisville, KYName in at least 3 2004 civil suits. Accused of abuse of at least 4 girls at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage. Order confirmed that Sr. Camilla was at the orphanage. Deceased.
ElderJohnLouisville, KYAccused in three suits filed in 2002 of abuse of at least two minor females in 1959, and of abuse of a woman in 1973. A fourth woman filed suit in 4/03, alleging abuse when she was a minor in 1959. Elder died in 1993.
EmerineDanielLouisville, KYNamed in six lawsuits filed against the Louisville archdiocese in 2002. Allegedly abused five boys and one girl as grade school students. Several plaintiffs said they told church officials and/or teachers but no one believed them. Two additional suits filed in 4/03. Also worked in dioceses of Lansing MI, Cleveland OH, Grand Rapids MI, Fort Wayne-South Bend IN, and Indianapolis IN. Included in massive 6/03 settlement with Louisville archdiocese. Died in 1986. On Louisville’s list in 2/19.
EwingBruce O.Louisville, KYLeft priesthood in 1977. Civil suit filed 4/02; charged 2003 with abuse of plaintiff in early 1970s, beginning when she was age 14. He denied allegation. Civil suit settled through mediation 3/03. Criminal trial ended in mistrial 2004. New criminal trial held 3/07; jury found him guilty of one count on 3/22/07. Sentenced to 5 years probation 5/07. Laicized 2004. Led parish council in 2010; terminated 2/11. On Sex Offender Registry.
GallagherJohn DonaldLouisville, KYA woman filed suit in 2/02 alleging abuse in 1950 by Rev. “Bernard” Gallagher at Holy Trinity Church. Her attorney said this was actually John Donald Gallagher. She claimed she was a 4th-grader and confessed to the priest that she had touched herself, and that he responded by molesting her. The woman said she developed obsessive-compulsive disorders the next year, washing her hands as often as 20 times a day. Gallagher died in 1968.
GieslerLinus T.Louisville, KYA man filed suit in 6/02 alleging that he was abused at ages 7-11 by both Fr. Giesler and Fr. Thomas Casper. The man said he told his grandmother and she sent him to live elsewhere. Giesler died in 1999.
GishJeanLouisville, KYAccused in a 7/26/04 suit of sexually abusing a girl at Presentation Academy. Same plaintiff who alleges that she was abused by Srs. Mary Ann Powers, Joseph Anthony, Charles, and Arthur.
GrayRobert B.Louisville, KYAccused in 2002 civil suit of abuse of 1 youth. Placed on leave. Plaintiff said he told Archdiocese in 1994 and 1998. Returned to active status mid- 2002 because police could not substantiate. Per 2003 article, he was “retired” but still performed some parish ministry.
GreenwellGeorge R.Louisville, KYA woman filed suit in 4/03 alleging that she was abused by a “Fr. Greenwell” in 1951 in a school restroom when she was a first grader at St. Raphael the Archangel School. Greenwell retired in 1982 and died 9/95.
GriffithJamesLouisville, KYPassionist Deacon. Convicted in 1988 of abuse of a boy 1974-77 at St. Raphael, starting when the boy was age 11. Sentencetd to 60 days jail and 5 years probation. Sued by same victim in 1988; suit dismissed due to SOL. A 5/02 lawsuit alleged abuse in the 1970s. As of 2002 Griffith was “long removed from public ministry” and lived at a Passionist residence in Chicago. On the Louisville archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
GuntherFrankLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list in 2/19. Died in 1991.
HaganJames E.Louisville, KYAccused in a 2002 civil suit of abuse of an 11-year-old girl in 1956 at St. Leo the Great. The girl allegedly told her pastor shortly thereafter and he said he would take care of it. She also allegedly told mother, who did not believe her. Hagan left the priesthood in 1973, and was laicized in 1974.
HargadonJames E.Louisville, KYFour civil suits filed in 2002 by men accusing Hargadon of abuse when they were altar boys. Privileges removed in 2002 after suits filed. Twice convicted of abuse in 2004. Received separate eight-year sentences in two counties. Died 5/05 after one year in prison. In 10/05 Vatican ordered him (already dead) to life of prayer and penance. One man who lived in Texas said he reported the abuse to Bishop Tschoepe of Dallas in about 1990. Apparently nothing done.
HemmerleRaymond JosephLouisville, KYA man told archdiocese 9/01 Hemmerle molested him at age 11 in the mid-1970s at a summer camp. He wanted Hemmerle to get counseling and not work with youths. Went to police 1/02 when church did not act. Hemmerle placed on leave. Reinstated in mid-2002, church saying police had investigated and closed case. Later article said police had not completed investigation. Active until 5/14 when removed after a new allegation of abuse in 1970s. Had been pastor of St. Francis and Holy Cross parishes in Marion County, KY. Indicted 9/18/14 on six counts of sodomy and three charges of sex abuse on claims made 5/14. Found guilty in 11/16 in the first case. Sentenced 2/17 to 7 years prison. Pled guilty to reduced charges in second case 5/17 in plea deal; sentenced 6/29/17 to 2 years prison, in addition to the 7 years already serving. Denied parole 12/17. Appealed 3/20, said “no intent to abuse.” Appeal denied 1/19.
HerpJoseph T.Louisville, KYSued 2002 and 2003 by four men alleging abuse 1970s-80s. In 5/02, archdiocese admitted to other concerns about Herp in the 1970s. Police investigated in 1988 and 1990, while Herp was a police chaplain. Privileges permanently removed in 10/02. In 2003, diocesan review board substantiated the allegations. Laicization announced 10/05. Died 10/25/13.
HowardFrancesLouisville, KYIn a 8/3/04 addition to a suit, this nun was accused of sexually abusing a girl at St. Vincent Orphanage in Louisville, beginning in 1938 when the girl was 6 years old and continuing until she was removed from the orphanage in 1943. Complainant also accused Rev. Herman J. Lammers and Sr. Stanislas Kotska Willett, mother superior of the orphanage 1940-44. Order settled 8/06 with almost all plaintiffs with claims.
KilkennyJamesLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the Louisville archdiocese on its list in 2/19
KuntzLawrenceLouisville, KYPer June 2004 article, one man said that he was molested at age 7 in 1928 by a “Father Lawrence” at St. Cecilia Church. Archdiocese says that a Fr. Lawrence Kuntz worked at St. Cecilia from 1928 to 1935. He died in 1952. This plaintiff has not filed suit against Archdiocese but is one of three plaintiffs in a class action suit filed against the Vatican. Suit does not include allegations against specific priests. Case against Vatican finally dropped 8/10.
LammersHerman J.Louisville, KYLammers was director of Catholic Charities 1939-76. Numerous suits filed 2002-2004 name him as abuser. Accused of abuse by at least 34, much of it at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Home, an orphanage in Anchorage, KY. Retired 1982 and died 1986. Included in large settlement between Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, who ran orphanage, and numerous victims in 8/06.
MackanPatrickLouisville, KYAccused in a 2002 suit of sexually abusing a 17-year-old Canadian girl after she had been raped and impregnated by another man. The abuse is alleged to have continued 1972-75 and to have included oral sex and sexual intercourse. Some of the abuse occurred during trips to the US, where Mackan supervised other priests of his order in the Louisville archdiocese. His later career involved the education of children with special needs. Mackan died in 1990.
MagelJohn E.Louisville, KYRetired 1995. Placed on leave 6/02 when one man filed suit against Archdiocese which alleged that Magel exposed himself to a group of boys by preparing a meal in the nude while on a camping trip. Same Plaintiff also alleged abuse by a parochial school teacher. Magel was returned to active (retired) status 3/03 when Archbishop Kelly determined there was no evidence he had abused children.
MarieEvaLouisville, KYNun. Named as an abuser of one youth in 1960s and 1970s at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage per civil suit filed in 2004 by approximately 50 people.
Mary Jane (in Louisville)SisterLouisville, KYIn a 7/22/04 amendment to a suit, Sr. Mary Jane was accused of abusing a girl at Presentation Academy. Same plaintiff also alleged abuse by 2 other nuns: Sr. Caroline Mary Schneider and Sr. Jean. Order confirmed that there was a nun by that name at the school. Sister was removed from ministry pending investigation.
McCormackJames R./Br PierreLouisville, KYBro. Pierre. Joined the Xaverians in 1960. Named publicly as accused by the order on its list 7/12/19. It notes an allegation reported in 1984 of abuse in the early 1980s in Louisville. Removed from ministry with adolescents. Left the Xaverians in 1987.
MeisnerTheodoreLouisville, KYAccused in a 7/02 lawsuit of fondling a 13-year-old youth during a counseling session in 1981. Meisner served assignments in various other states and in Canada before leaving the priesthood in 1989. As of 2002 he was living in Georgia and working part-time for the state. On the Louisville archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
MichaelSister JosephLouisville, KYAccused in a 7/27/04 suit of sexually abusing 4 female minors in the 1950s and 1960s at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage. Also accused in a suit filed 7/14/05 of abusing a boy at the orphanage in the 1960s and 1970s.
MillerLouis E.Louisville, KYComplaints in 1961 but Archbishop Floersh refused Miller’s resignation. Civil suits in 1990 and 1999 alleged that Miller abused minors. Settled out of court. Not removed until 3/02 when earlier suits revealed. Named in at least 94 civil suits in 2002-2003. Many settled 6/03 as part of large settlement. Pleaded guilty 3/03 to abuse of 21 children. Sentenced to 20 years in prison. Pleaded guilty 6/03 to abuse of 8 more children and received additional 10-year sentence. Laicization announced 11/04. Incarcerated in 6/14 at Kentucky State Reformatory in Oldham County. Died 3/4/17.
MouserJoseph IrvinLouisville, KYPlaced on leave 5/02. Beginning in 6/02, five men filed separate civil suits accusing him of abusing them as minors. Mouser allegedly took several of the boys to drive-in movies at various times, gave them alcohol and assaulted them. Review Board found allegations to be true 6/04. Vatican ordered Mouser to live life of prayer and penance, per 10/05 announcement.
NeesonJoseph T.Louisville, KYAccused in a 2002 lawsuit of abusing an altar boy in either 1951-52 or 1954-55. Plaintiff filed the suit pro se. Neeson retired in 1965 and died in 1966. He had been a priest for 76 of his 99 years. He was believed to have been the longest-serving priest in the US. Plaintiff was in prison serving time for forgery, sexual abuse, theft, and being a persistent felon when he filed suit.
PereiraAnthony LouiseLouisville, KYIn 8/04 one man joined the multi-plaintiff suit against the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth, Fr. Herman Lammers and several nuns filed in summer 2004 re abuse at. St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage in Anchorage, KY. This plaintiff alleges he was sexually abused by Pereira and another nun. Order has confirmed that Pereira served at the orphanage from 1946-1965. Deceased.
PfalzerJuvenal CarlLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the Archdiocese of Louisville on its list in 2/19. Died 3/6/02. (Brother of accused priest, Roman Pfalzer, O.F.M who allegedly abused in New Mexico.)
PiperKentLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the Louisville archdiocese on its list in 2/19.
PohlStephen A.Louisville, KYPastor St. Mary Margaret. Rectory and parish office searched 8/12/15 by FBI and Louisville police after parents of 10-year-old boy reported Pohl took inappropriate photos of their son and other boys. Placed on leave. Arrested 8/21/15 in FL on federal charges of accessing child porn. Detective said Pohl viewed online images of nude boys, infants to mid-teens. In KY court 9/2/15, given house arrest at his mother’s. Indicted 11/3/15 by grand jury. Pled not guilty; trial scheduled for 1/12/16. Pled guilty 1/4/16 to access of child porn with intent to view. Sentenced 3/29/16 to 33 months in federal prison, to register as a sex offender, and lifetime probation. Also fined $7,500. Suit filed 3/16 vs archdiocese by parents of a boy victimized by Pohl at age 7 in 2014. Another filed 8/16 claiming photos taken by Pohl of a kindergarten boy in 2014 and again in 2015. Laicized 2/26/17.
PowersMary AnnLouisville, KYSued 2004 by 8 women and 1 man who alleged that Powers abused them at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage in 1950s-1960s. Deceased. Order said it was not aware of any previous allegations against the nun.
Rives (Reeves)Joseph J.Louisville, KYIn lawsuits filed 5/03 and 6/03, three women claimed Rives abused them as girls 1962-64. Rives died in 1971. His name was originally shown as “Joseph Reeves.” At least two suits were dismissed 12/03 for being filed too late (more than one year after 4/02 Louisville notice date).
RyanDonald L.Louisville, KYTwo men filed separate suits 4/03 alleging that they were abused by Ryan in the 1960s. Claims settled as part of massive 6/03 settlement. Diocesan Review board said that charges could not be substantiated and Archbishop Kelly returned Ryan to active duty 10/03. Retired in 2008.
SalamoneAnthonyLouisville, KYCalled Br. Francis Dominic. Five civil suits filed 2002 alleging abuse 1972-73. Transferred to Chicago 1980. Left Order in 1989. It is believed all five were settled in the massive 6/03 settlement with the archdiocese.
SavinoDominicLouisville, KYRemoved in 2002 from presidency of Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino after allegations of abuse of two brothers in 1979, and abuse of others in the 1970s. Police notified. He “acknowledged” some incidents and that he had sought therapy and counseling. Also accused of abusing five high school boys in Louisville, KY 1966-73. Named in civil suit. Claims by seven individuals included in $10M settlement 10/06 with Order and LA Archdiocese. On Louisville archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
ScherzerEdwin J.Louisville, KYRetired 1995. Removed from ministry 5/02 after lawsuit filed. Two more suits filed by 1/03. Chancellor 1966-82 admitted he had been approached by a parent claiming Scherzer had acted inappropriately with his son, but made no record of the complaint. A fourth suit filed in 4/03 alleged abuse 1963-64. Indicted 2005. Pled guilty 11/05 to abuse of four boys in late 1950s-early 1960s. Sentenced to five years house arrest. Claims included in 6/03 mass settlement with archdiocese. Ordered to life of prayer and penance. Died 8/13/17.
SchneiderCaroline MaryLouisville, KYIn a 7/22/04 amendment to a suit, accused of abusing a girl at Most Blessed Sacrament, a parish school. Same woman who also alleges abuse by 2 other nuns: Sr. Mary Jane and Sr. Jean. Order confirmed that Schneider was at the school during the relevant time. She is deceased.
SchookJames R.Louisville, KYRemoved 7/09 after allegation he sexually abused a male teen in 1985. Archdiocese said allegation did not involve parishes where he worked. Four more complaints of abuse in 1970s and 1980s. Permanent removal to life of prayer & penance 2/10 after review board found allegations credible. Former church worker sued 1/11 alleging termination when she turned him in. Suit dismissed 5/11. Appealed 6/11. Criminally charged 6/30/11 – two accusers. Convicted of 3 counts sodomy 4/16/14 in one case and one count of indecent or immoral practice in 2nd case. Formally sentenced 5/30/14 to 15 years prison; arrested. Terminally ill with skin cancer; to be housed at Kentucky State Reformatory in Oldham County which had nursing and hospice units. Appeal filed 5/12/14 included request he be allowed to stay out of jail during appeal. Early parole granted 11/17 due to medical status. Died 12/10/18.
SippellAnselmLouisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the Louisville archdiocese on its list in 2/19.
SpaldingLeon C.Louisville, KYWoman filed suit 4/03 alleging that she was molested as a minor by Spalding after confession in early 1970s. He denied the accusations. Per one article, Spalding retired in 3/03 after facing an unrelated accusation involving an adult woman. This information came from letter that Archbishop Kelly read to Spalding’s parishioners 3/03. Still shown as retired per 2009 Catholic Directory.
StoltzJoseph H.Louisville, KYSent for evaluation and treatment and placed on a restricted ministry in 1991 after allegations of abuse of a boy in 1970s. Archdiocese paid this accuser $200,000 in 1992, reportedly to “silence” him. Stoltz was placed on leave 6/02. Sued 9/02 by another man who accused him of abuse 1975-77. Permanently removed from ministry 10/02. Resigned from priesthood. Laicization announced in 8/04.
StueckerMary AlmaLouisville, KYSued in 7/04. Accused of abuse of one boy at St. Thomas-St. Vincent Orphanage in Anchorage, KY. Order denied any other allegations against Stuecker. She is deceased.
ThienemanHelenLouisville, KYWoman filed suit 8/03 alleging that Sister sexually abused her several times in the 1974-75 school year. Sister would take her out of class for counseling and abuse her. Woman told parents in 1983 or 1984 and a psychological eval. supported her claims.Her father went to the Order in 1984 but nothing done since there were no other complaints. Woman herself went to Archbishop Kelly in 1992. He said that Sister was assigned to hospital in controlled environment. Suit withdrawn 11/03. Died 1/21/13.
ThompsonJames W.Louisville, KYTwo men filed separate suits in 4/03 alleging abuse in the late 1960s or early 1970s by Thompson, who often took them on trips to theme parks, Florida and the Bahamas. Suits were directed to the archdiocese; Thompson was not named as a defendant. Retired in 1988. Died 2/1/06.
VesselsHenry G.Louisville, KYLawsuit filed in 10/02 named Vessels as an abuser. Suit said Vessels abused a 12-year- old boy in 1969-70 in Mount Washington. Vessels would allegedly take the boy to pornographic movies and on one occasion forcibly sexually molested him. Vessels spent several years as a teacher and administrator at parish schools. Died 1980 at age 55.
WaldieGeorge J.Louisville, KYNamed publicly as accused by the archdiocese on its list in 2/19. Died in 1996.
WillettStanislas KotskaLouisville, KYIn a 8/3/04 addition to a suit, accused of sexually abusing a girl at St. Vincent Orphanage in Louisville, beginning in 1938 when the girl was 6 years old and continuing until she was removed from the orphanage in 1943. Willett was mother superior of the orphanage 1940-44. Complainant also accused Rev. Herman J. Lammers and Sr. Frances Howard.
WilliamsJ. KendrickLouisville, KYResigned 2002 after accusations by three altar boys that he abused them a priest of the Louisville archdiocese. Accused of abuse of another altar boy while working in the Covington diocese. Bishop in Lexington at time of resignation. Archdiocese later settled with the three men as part of a $25.7 million settlement with 243 plaintiffs. No criminal charges filed. Removed from public ministry. On Louisville archdiocese’s list in 2/19.
WoodArthur L.Louisville, KYDied in 1983 at age 59. Accused in at least 39 lawsuits filed in 2002 and 2003. One person went to the archdiocese after Wood’s death with claim that Wood had abused him. The archdiocese paid this man $10,500 in 1995 and provided counseling, in exchange for the man’s promise of confidentiality. Many claims included in massive 6/03 settlement.
AlexanderJoseph J.Owensboro, KYPlaced on leave by Lafayette LA diocese 4/02 after allegation he abused a teen boy in the early 1960s, prior to ordination, when Alexander was a Benedictine brother. Alexander ‘acknowledged his involvement’ in the incident. At the time of the abuse, Alexander was a monk at St Maur’s Priory in South Union KY and the boy was a student, apparently at St Maur’s Preparatory Seminary. Alexander had joined the Benedictine order in 1955. Ordained a Benedictine priest in 1973. Arrived in Lafayette LA diocese in 1984. Allegation reported to Lafayette in 1/19 of abuse of a minor by Alexander while at St Anthony’s in Eunice, where he worked 9/88 – 4/02. Included in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations, which states that the St Maur allegation was ‘considered substantiated.’ On Lafayette LA diocese’s list in 4/19.
BakerGerald H.Owensboro, KYPastor of St Mary of the Woods in Whitesville KY since 6/12. Suspended after diocese received allegation 5/3/16 of ‘improper conduct of a sexual nature’ with a male minor from St. Mary’s. Kentucky State Police investigated. Allegations by two more people of sex abuse by Baker as minors. Baker worked in parishes across Western KY. At time of suspension was also pastor of St John the Baptist in Fordsville. Review Board found allegations substantiated; permanently suspended from ministry 10/18. Included in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations, which confirms that the Review Board deemed 3 allegations substantiated. Diocesan assignment list omits deanship 1996-2003 and other chancery positions.
ByrdFreddieOwensboro, KYPastor of St. Ann’s in Morganfield KY when suspended from ministry 6/16, due to allegations he sexually abused a 17-yr-old boy in 1983 (prior to ordination). In 2008 a 23-yr-old man shot and killed himself outside of Byrd’s then-parish, Blessed Mother; the man mentioned Byrd in a suicide note. He wrote that he had experienced “pain and torment” because of sexual abuse in the Catholic church, but did not name an abuser. Of Byrd, the man wrote, “I forgive you.” Reinstated 9/16. Per the diocese, “…the Diocesan Review Board further explored the information that has been compiled and counseled the bishop that there was insufficient information to substantiate the allegation.”
ClemonsDelmaOwensboro, KYClemons and 2 other priests accused of abuse in 1960s. Alleged victim settled with Diocese in 1999 for $41K. In 2003 she committed suicide. Family returned settlement and filed suit on her behalf, saying she didn’t have capacity to enter into settlement, She had been hospitalized several times. Diocese said she was 18 and relationship was consentual. Clemons was retired as of 11/09.
HancockWalter AOwensboro, KYFirst identified publicly as accused on 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list, which stated: ‘multiple allegations deemed substantiated.’ Assignment list published by Owensboro diocese omits assignment as pastor at St Charles church in Livermore, as listed in 1987 Official Catholic Directory. Died 3/2/12.
HenningerJ GilbertOwensboro, KYIncluded in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations, which stated: ‘multiple allegations received after his death, but deemed substantiated.’ Diocesan list of assignments omits his appointment as Chancellor (1938-1947) and Vicar General (1947-1982). Title of monsignor granted 1949. Died 3/5/90.
MeredithJohn ROwensboro, KYMeredith was originally placed on medical leave in early 12/13 before being removed later in the month for credible accusations of inappropriate conduct with a minor. Police decided 1/16/14 that alleged conduct was not a criminal offense. Also, the minor is now an adult and did not want to be interviewed by the police so case closed. Incident may have involved a violation of church policy. Will remain a priest but still on leave. Included in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations: ‘one allegation deemed substantiated by the Diocesan Review Board.’
PilgerJoseph J.Owensboro, KYPled guilty in 1995 to sexually abusing 3 brothers and their cousin in the 1960s. Received 5 years probation, beginning 1/95. Sued 2003 claimed abuse 1960-62. Suit settled 12/03 as part of $5.2M settlement with 27 accusers re 6 priests. Murdered 12/03 by 26-year -old man who had been living with him.
PiskulaLouis FrancisOwensboro, KYPiskula, who “retired” in 2002, was arrested 6/12 after Grand Jury indicted him on charges of first-degree sodomy, victim under 12, and first-degree sexual abuse. One man notified authorities in 2/11 about incidents dating back to 1979 when Piskula was at Blessed Mother Church in Owensboro. Reports say Piskula has not had any ministerial duties since 2002 in accordance with the Dallas Charter. He was in a restricted assignment with the Diocese from 1994-2002 after similar allegation. Pled guilty 6/4/14 to 1st degree sexual abuse shortly before trial. Charge of first-degree sodomy dropped in plea agreement. Sentenced 8/6/14 to 5 years prison, register as sex offender for 20 years and receive sex offender treatment while in prison. Died 10/11/18. Included in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations: ‘six allegations deemed substantiated.’
PowersRichard M.Owensboro, KYAccused with two other priests in 1995 of abuse of girl in 1960s. Alleged victim settled with Diocese in 1999 for $41K. In 2003 she committed suicide. Family returned settlement and filed suit on her behalf, saying she didn’t have capacity to enter into settlement, She had been hospitalized several times. Diocese said she was 18 and relationship was consenual. Powers denied all accusations. He was still active priest in 7/06; suit was still pending. Retired in 2007. Remains active in diocese in 11/15.
SpeaksJohnOwensboro, KYFirst identified publicly as accused in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations: ‘one allegation deemed substantiated.’
WheatleyRobert CarrollOwensboro, KYFirst identified publicly as accused in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations: ‘two allegations deemed substantiated.’ The Owensboro list of assignments for Wheatley is incomplete; e.g., it omits that he was Assistant Principal at Trinity High School in Whitesville 1976-1980; Principal of St Mary High School in Paducah 1984-1986; and Vice President for Student Affairs at Christian Brothers College in Memphis TN 1987-1988. Died 10/7/13.
WiederHenryOwensboro, KYFirst identified publicly as accused in 4/12/19 Owensboro diocesan list of priests with substantiated allegations: ‘one allegation of sexual abuse received in 2002 involving incident prior to ordination deemed substantiated.’ The Owensboro list of assignments omits Wieder’s chancery position of Director of Youth Ministry, as indicated in the 1996 Official Catholic Directory.
WillettJoseph Robert “Bob”Owensboro, KYWillett and 2 other priests accused of abuse in 1960s. Alleged victim settled with Diocese in 1999 for $41K. In 2003 she committed suicide. Family returned settlement and filed suit on her behalf, saying she didn’t have capacity to enter into settlement, She had been hospitalized several times. Diocese said she was 18 and relationship was consentual. He died 11/6/01.

Please note that this Kentucky priest sex abuse list is not an exhaustive and complete list because new information of sexual abuses and sexual assaults by priests and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church becomes available daily.

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