NYC worker flies drone into Queens native man’s face riding Citi Bike: Nathan Werksman lawsuit

NYC worker flies drone into Queens native man
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A drone has blown up this man’s wedding plans.

Amit Kumar, 36, a Queens native, was in town to tell his family he was getting married — but then was smashed in the face by a drone allegedly flown by a city employee, and had to postpone the nuptials, according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit.

He was riding a Citi Bike near Madison Square Park on May 26 “when out of nowhere, a drone hit me directly in my left eye, slicing through it,” he told The Post in a statement. “Having been through several surgeries and with more to come, my vision is still significantly impaired. It has been devastating to me and my family.”

Kumar, a senior tax accountant who now lives in Chicago, was to meet his fiancee the next day and give his family invitations to their wedding.

The drone, which Kumar contends is owned by the city, was being operated by Steven Blanco, 47, who, according to SeeThroughNY, works as a city health inspector.

It’s unclear whether Blanco was operating the device as part of his job, or why he would have needed to.

The bizarre incident forced Kumar and his fiancee to postpone their wedding indefinitely, said his lawyer, Nathan Werksman.

“How does something this horrific happen in New York City? At this point, we have more questions than answers,” he said. “We look forward to getting to the bottom of it with this lawsuit and obtaining justice for Mr. Kumar.”

The city did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Blanco didn’t return messages.

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