Info: New York-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns

Birth Center Description

“New York-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns is exclusively dedicated to the unique healthcare needs of pregnant patients and their newborn babies. The 246,500-square-foot facility is located on floors 12 to 18 of the New York-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center with single-bedded rooms for patients and accommodates more than 7,000 births a year. Home to leading physicians, surgeons, and specialists, the facility will offer the full range of services women and infants may need before, during, and after childbirth — including specialized prenatal care if needed and high-level neonatal intensive care for newborns in need of extra support.”


1283 York Ave
New York, NY 10065

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Highest Google Review

“We had a wonderful experience here! All of the nursing staff treated us so well and were very supportive during this experience. The facility is beautiful, and the view of downtown Manhattan from the laboring room was lovely (and all in a room bigger than many NY apartments). The nurses and doctor were flexible with my wishes to not have an epidural and to be able to move freely about the room during labor. Everyone was encouraging and made the experience really special for me. The postpartum care was thorough and helpful. I felt very supported during my two-night stay. I would only come back here to have my next baby!”

-Marlana Salmon-Letelier

Lowest Google Review

“Would not recommend giving birth here. My experience was terrible. We were bullied into an induction, our birth plan was mostly ignored, and interventions were performed without our consent. I felt the situation was borderline abusive. I was forced to push on my back although I was initially told I could try other positions, even with an epidural. This is not a baby friendly hospital by any means. We specifically asked the staff not to wipe the Vernix off the baby, and yet they literally pretended not to hear us and continued cleaning baby against our wishes. Our skin to skin was rushed because the nurse was in a hurry to finish her shift. She gave us attitude and snark during what should have been a peaceful and happy time. The lactation consultants are terrible, not helpful, and condescending. Because they have a contract with Similac, the staff pushes formula really hard. We were lured in with the promise of a private room, birthing tub, and squat bar. Don’t be fooled, the tubs are just for show. They have a set way of doing things at this hospital, so if you are hoping for any sort of flexibility or a natural birth, stay away. Definitely will not be returning.”

-Ashley Ricci

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