Update: Adult Survivors Act Passes in NY State Assembly

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After passing in the State Senate, the Adult Survivors Act has just passed in the state Assembly.

Last year, the Adult Survivors Act passed in the Senate but stalled in the Assembly when the legislative year ended.

Now, the Adult Survivors Act has been delivered to the Governor’s desk, where Governor Kathy Hochul has final vote on securing the Adult Survivors Act as New York state law.

The Adult Survivors Act, if enacted, will give adult survivors of sexual assault the opportunity to sue their assailants, no matter how long ago it occurred, by opening a lookback window for victims.

This means that for one year, civil statutes of limitations on sexual assault and rape in New York state would be lifted. Anyone who was sexually assaulted after the age of 18 in the state of New York could take civil action against their assailant, no matter how long it’s been since this occurred.

It’s similar to the Child Victims Act, which is targeted at victims of child sex abuse, and created a similar lookback window.

The Adult Survivors Act will also enable victims of Robert Hadden and other high profile individuals the opportunity for immense financial compensation.

The attorneys at Merson Law have been hopeful since the Adult Survivors Act was first drafted that victims will be given such an opportunity, and we urge others to come forward now, as to not miss out on the opening of the lookback window.

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