Ken Thompson’s widow files wrongful death suit against doctor

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The widow of Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against her husband’s doctor, claiming ineptitude led to the prosecutor’s sudden death in 2016.

“When Brooklyn lost Chief Thompson, it was an obvious and shocking tragedy,” LuShawn Thompson’s Brooklyn Supreme Court suit reads. “To make matters worse, his death was entirely preventable.”

“Chief Thompson died due to a failure to timely diagnose his colorectal cancer, which ultimately spread to his brain and the rest of his body. He did everything his doctors asked of him and yet, he died because his doctors did not comport with accepted medical practice,” the papers allege.

The lawsuit, which was filed in July, names gastroenterologist Dr. Asher Kornbluth and Mount Sinai Hospital as defendants. A lawyer for Kornbluth and Mount Sinai did not immediately return a request for comment.

Thompson publicly announced his cancer diagnosis Oct. 4, 2016, while still under Kornbluth’s care. Just five days later, he was dead.

The 50-year-old’s death was quickly mired in scandal, as Thompson’s mother, Clara Thompson, sued to challenge his will.

In court papers filed a few months after he died, she accused LuShawn of being a “spendthrift” who manipulated her sick husband into signing a deathbed will that cut out the rest of his family. That case is still pending.

The latest suit requests unspecified damages.

Original article written by Emily Saul & published in the New York Post.

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