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Three women have brought  malpractice lawsuits against Dr. Paolo Bolognese, a Roslyn brain surgeon, for injuries stemming from recent surgeries. Each of the three women needs treatment for chiari malformation, a  congenital disease that causes a structural defect in the brain. “They were able to work and do activities of daily living until they went into the operation room with Dr. Bolognese,” said Jordan Merson, the attorney representing the three women. “Their lives have come to a crashing halt since that day.” Merson said the surgeries took longer than expected, each lasting approximately five to eight hours, also the cases focus primarily on the “deterioration of each woman’s condition that occurred from the moment they were done with surgery.” Dr. Bolognese is the director of the Chiari Neurosurgical Center at Neurological Surgery in Rockville Centre.

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