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New Jersey IVCP

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NEW UPDATE: Merson Law Investigates Catholic Priest of New Jersey Catholic Church, Trenton

Catholic Priest Michael P. “Iron Mike” McCorristin allegedly sexually molested students at St. Anthony’s Grammar School. The victims included children from kindergarten through 5th grade. One victim claims he took several students after class under the guise that they needed to clean up the basement of the school.

Merson Law is looking for more information about this case and is calling for those who may have been affected by these actions to come forward. If you know someone who was a victim or were a victim of the New Jersey Catholic Church, it is now safe to tell your story. All communication is confidential.

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Diocese of New Jersey IVCP (Independent Victims Compensation Program)

The five Roman Catholic Dioceses of New Jersey are preparing to join a growing movement in the United States by creating a compensation program for those abused by clergy as children.

What is the New Jersey IVCP?

The New Jersey Independent Victims Compensation Program seeks to pay reparations for victims abused on their watch.

Many children across the country have been sexually abused by members of the Catholic Church. After much pressure from the media and the public, many dioceses have begun to set up programs offering monetary compensation to victims.

It has been known for years that the Catholic Church has horribly mishandled this situation. Rather than address the plague of sexual assault occurring on their watch, the Church attempted to cover up the scandal for decades by moving priests to new districts. Because of this, thousands of priests have gotten away with terrible crimes and tens of thousands of victims have to live with the consequences.

Across the country, dozens of districts are attempting to come clean and repay those who have suffered.

The New Jersey IVCP (Independent Victims Compensation Program) establishes a fund to compensate victims for the trauma they have suffered.

If you were abused as a child by a member of the Roman Catholic Diocese of New Jersey, you may be entitled to compensation.

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And now Merson Law is representing church sex victims of the Roman Catholic Diocese of New Jersey.

The IVCP has begun, Contact Us!

Independent Victim Compensation Program (IVCP) for Victim-Survivors of Abuse Information

When does the IVCP begin?

The Catholic Church has announced that they will begin paying reparations this year. A draft of the New Jersey IVCP is set to be released on March 1, opening a 30-day comment period.  If all goes as planned, the IVCP will begin this April. If you were victimized by a member of the Roman Catholic Diocese of New Jersey, now is your chance to claim your compensation.

Why should I get a lawyer?

You may have heard that programs like the IVCP will provide a lawyer, but it is generally recommended that you have your own lawyer assist you when signing these documents.

Oftentimes, compensation programs are worded vaguely. The organizers may try to pay out as little as possible, or sign you into a contract that limits your rights. By hiring an experienced sex assault lawyer, you can assure that you will be fully compensated and that your needs will not be overlooked by the program’s administrators.

Who can receive compensation?

This program seeks to repay those who were abused as children. Adult victims may not be able to participate in this program.

Even if statutes of limitations have run out, there is still time to receive compensation. This program creates an opportunity even for victims who have lost the ability to pursue legal action under current laws.

This is not a lawsuit. The Roman Catholic Dioceses of New Jersey have agreed to pay reparations for the damage caused by their clergy.

Merson Law will continue to update you on the New Jersey IVCP as more information is released. Make sure to check back in and share this page if you or anyone you know may have been affected.

Helpful Links with Information & News about the New Jersey IVCP

Please visit this link for a full list of accused priests and clergy members in New Jersey.

New York Times: New Jersey Catholic Bishops List Names of Nearly 200 Priests Accused of Abuse

“Roman Catholic bishops in New Jersey on Wednesday named nearly 200 priests who have been found credibly accused of sexually abusing a child. The disclosure is just the latest reported in recent weeks by dioceses and religious orders across the country as law enforcement officials examine the church’s response to an epidemic of abuse.”

The Inquirer: Roman Catholic dioceses in N.J. announce victim-compensation funds

“The five Roman Catholic dioceses in New Jersey, some reeling from clergy abuse scandals, announced plans on Monday to establish a unified victim-compensation fund to provide money to people abused as children by clergy members.”

Catholic News Agency: New Jersey dioceses launch fund for abuse survivors

“New Jersey dioceses launch fund for abuse survivors. The five Roman Catholic dioceses of New Jersey announced on Monday the creation of the Independent Victim Compensation Program (IVCP) for survivors of sexual abuse as minors by clerics in the state. The program will not handle claims of sexual abuse involving adults, including seminarians.”

Diocese of Camden List of Accused Clergy

Diocese of Metuchen List of Accused Clergy

Diocese of Paterson List of Accused Clergy

Diocese of Trenton List of Accused Clergy

The IVCP has begun, don’t delay!

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