Pedestrian Accident Lawyer: 3 Steps You Must Take

Pedestrian Accident lawyer
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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer at Merson Law explains 3 crucial steps you must take if you are ever struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian

City commuting can be a dangerous activity, especially if you are a pedestrian walking across the busy city streets of New York city. Every day, pedestrians are struck and hurt by motor vehicles and many times they have a strong lawsuit against the driver. But there are a number of steps that need to be taken quickly:

  1. Make sure to get medical treatment.  Trying to “tough it out,” will jeopardize your health!
  2. Obtain the police report or the officer’s name.  Make sure to provide as much detail to the police as you can, so that the report is as thorough as possible.  Your lawyer can obtain the report, which can be critical evidence.
  3. Make sure to file a no fault claim.  This insurance will cover your initial medical care and lost earnings. At Merson Law, we can assist with this, as well.

A recent example of a tragic pedestrian accident happened in Manhattan’s Upper East Side as an innocent 73 year old woman was killed when she was struck by a car.

For more information on what happened to Ms. Pagan, please click here.

Merson Law has been retained in high profile cases where cars and trucks have hit pedestrians.  Just recently, Merson Law was retained by Dana Smolen, who was hit by a taxicab while crossing the street.

“This wouldn’t have happened if I was left alone,”

A deranged taxi driver purposely gunned his engine and struck a 31-year-old woman crossing a Chelsea street because he was tired of being bullied and wanted to be “left alone,” officials said Friday.

Adam Hernandez, 30, of Brooklyn, was charged with vehicular assault for striking Dana Smolen, 31, on Sixth Ave. and W. 19th St. around 10 a.m. on July 27.

Smolen, who lives on the Upper East Side, was in the crosswalk when Hernandez rammed into her, briefly pinning her between the cab and a parked car he slammed into.

Witnesses saw the cabbie blow through a red light as he charged Smolen. When cops arrived, Hernandez freely admitted he targeted the woman. “He intended for his taxicab to strike the person,” an investigator wrote, according to court documents.

Hernandez’s reasoning, however, had everyone hitting the brakes. “This wouldn’t have happened if I was left alone,” he said, according to police sources.

Bronx mom sues Uber driver, school, crossing guard in son’s death
He also told investigators that he was tired of being bullied, the sources said.

For more information, click here.

Merson Law has built a trusted reputation representing people who have suffered catastrophic injuries. The team at Merson Law has extensive experience litigating cases valued in excess of $1 million and much of their background includes prosecuting cases that have resolved for more than $10 million. If you need our help, contact us now for a free consultation and medical evaluation. 

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