Father John Gormley: Sexual Abuse Admitted by Catholic Priest May Now Have Long Overdue Consequences

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In New York, Assemblywoman Margaret Markey is sponsoring a bill that would eliminate sexual abuse statute of limitations outright in both criminal and civil cases and would provide for a time window provision where people are able to file civil lawsuits in past cases. Those who oppose the window provision or eliminating statute of limitations outright include the Catholic Church, the insurance lobby and other religious institutions who say they can’t afford to defend themselves against lawsuits that are old and difficult to prosecute.  The time window would either be one year or six months.

If the bill passes, former Catholic priests such as John Gormley who admitted to sexually molesting John Hayes in 1966 and other boys in the 1950s and 1960s will have to answer for their actions.  As New York Assemblywoman Margaret Markey and Sen. Brad Hoylman gear up for a two-day lobbying effort in Albany to support the Child Victims Act — which would eliminate statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases — the people responsible for changing laws in other states are demanding that New York follow their lead.

The story of John Gormley goes back many years and his actions have been safe from prosecution because the statute of limitations (otherwise known as the time limit a person or group of people have to bring a legal complaint against somebody or some organization or company) afforded cases like these in the State of New York is shamefully short; under New York law, victims of sexual abuse have until the age of 23 to bring either criminal charges or file a civil lawsuit against their alleged abusers — one of the shortest windows in the country that activists say isn’t enough time for traumatized victims to come forward.  Many victims are not comfortable coming forward until they are older and more established in their life.

Sexual abuse is a life-scarring, traumatic event that has no place in our society. It is an extremely sensitive matter for anybody who has ever been victimized by someone they thought they could trust — by someone they rightfully should have been able to trust.

Have you ever experienced sexual abuse or assault by a person whom you should have been able to trust as a child? Have you ever experienced sexual abuse as a minor by priests such as the former Father John Gormley? Merson Law can help you regain your stolen dignity and take back the power in your life.

Merson Law’s Principal Jordan Merson has represented and consulted individuals who have been subjected to sexual abuse, with a breadth and depth of experience that includes going up against the largest organizations, top law firms and at the biggest corporations in the world.  We are understanding of how hard it is to come forward in situations like this and do everything possible to give you the protection that you deserve.

Merson has successfully assisted in recoveries of millions of dollars to victims of sexual harassment and sexual abuse.  Call today for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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